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  1. Paul Reece


    Hello and welcome to LOC, hope you enjoy your stay. All the best Paul.
  2. Hello Danny, welcome to LOC. Hope you enjoy your stay, looking forward to seeing pictures All the best Paul. :)
  3. Hello mate, my system is the JBL 7 Speaker. You won't lose your speakers all you need to do is find the wires leading to the amp from existing system. Then from the Amp find the wires going to the speakers. Remove amp and cut plugs off and match/join wires from system to amp wires, thus cutting out amp. I made a note of wires etc I will find them out for you. All the best Paul.
  4. Hello and welcome to LOC Regards Paul
  5. Hello Mate Yes you do need to buy a install kit, got mine from the states. simple to fit but you have to bypass the amp in the boot. Have a look below I have got the instructions - I think I can find them out and e-mail across if this will help. All the best Paul.
  6. Hello and welcome to LOC :) Enjoy your stay. All the best Paul.
  7. Very nice, like your dials. Had my N95 about a month now. Got a 4gb card for it of ebay. wicked phones All the best Paul.
  8. Yes i like them have been thinking about getting some. When i emailed seller they didn't have any in stock, delivery would be about 4 weeks.
  9. Sorry to hear the trouble you are having mate, hope you get it all sorted soon. Coil covers, wheels and car looking very smart :winky: All the best Paul.
  10. Hello and welcome LOC :) Regards Paul
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