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  1. GALex

    Heating in automatic mode

    That’s true, I’ve had the car for 16 months and only ever had it out of auto mode when defrost/demisting. I only found this behaviour when I was ‘playing’ and thought I’d check it out.
  2. GALex

    Heating in automatic mode

    Many thanks to both of you for confirming that all is working as expected. Just in time for this weeks cold snap, I expect I’ll be using the directional button this week!
  3. GALex

    Heating in automatic mode

    Hi, thanks for your reply, that makes sense. I just assumed that if you select maximum, it would open up the stops to heat as quickly as possible. The output from the lower vent is not that strong even in the ‘HI’ mode.
  4. Hi all, I think I may have a problem with the automatic heating mode of the NX air conditioning. Wondered if someone could try theirs. I’ve noticed that with all manual vents open and mode selected to auto, I can turn down the temperature until it shows ‘LO’ and at about 17 degrees, the fan is at high speed and the air is blowing strongly from the centre and side vents. Now I increase the temperature and before the display shows 19 degrees, the front and side vents close. Carry on increasing the temperature setting and most hot air is from the lower vents and a little from the windscreen vent. It is like this all the way up to the ‘HI’ setting and it doesn’t feel like the fan is at the maximum setting. I was expecting at some point for the front vents to open and blow the hot air into the cabin but this isn’t happening. If I select the air direction button, it exits the auto mode and then I can get the hot air from the front vents. Any ideas if this behaviour is normal? many thanks
  5. Hi all, yes, I've just had the letter about the software update relating to the brake too.
  6. GALex

    One sleep to go

    If the NX was as cheap to run as a Qashqai then everyone would want one and we wouldn't want that would we?
  7. GALex

    One sleep to go

    I've driven a few Qashqai and they're good but as you say, it's just not a Lexus. I don't drive enough miles to worry too much about poor mpg and the Lexus is simply a nicer place to be.
  8. GALex

    One sleep to go

    I'm still on the tank of fuel which came with the car but after 334 miles the computer is saying 35 mpg. I need to fill it soon so will calculate the next tankful manually to see how accurate the computer is. Even at 35 mpg, it's much better than the IS250 so I'm happy with that.
  9. GALex

    One sleep to go

    Hi Dan, like you, I've been very happy with the service from Hedge End. My trade in was due an MOT so I was hoping that the NX would be available before the MOT ran out. They didn't guarantee that it would be available but when the NX was delayed there was no problem in taking the trade in early and loaning me the IS300h in the meantime. I also agreed a deal with the F-Sport wheels which shouldn't be an option on the Luxury trim. It's these points and a competitive price which persuaded me to buy new rather than a year old example. This is now the second car I've bought from Hedge End so despite not being my nearest dealer, it made the extra miles worthwhile.
  10. GALex

    One sleep to go

    Hi all, many thanks for your replies, it's really appreciated. That's great that Lexus appear to have sorted the alloy corrosion problems but I'll keep them clean and looking good. Being somewhat particular about wheels, I've gone for a Mercury Grey, NX in Luxury trim with pan roof but I've had it fitted with the F-Sport alloys. Just back from a grand tour of the southern counties. Somerset to Southampton to Bristol to Somerset. That's 200 miles on the NX's first day and I'm really happy with it. Just thinking about where to take it tomorrow!
  11. Hi all, Off to Lexus Hedge End tomorrow to pick up the new NX. After 7 happy years with my IS250, I've taken the plunge and not gone for the obvious replacement, I really hope it's the right choice. I've had quite a few hire cars through work and been given mainly X-Trails or Qashqais and enjoyed the higher driving position so I thought I'd take a chance on the NX. My NX was a little late in arriving so I've had a loan of an IS300h F-Sport for a week which has got me worried as it's been great. Just hope the NX isn't a mistake! Anyway, the reason for my post is regarding alloys. My IS250 and IS200 before, suffered badly from the alloy corrosion issue. Lexus were great and replaced quite a few while under warranty but I was wondering if this problem had finally been sorted and if corrosion had started to appear on any of the NX alloys. I know that it's still early days for the NX but I had alloys replaced within 1 year on the IS200 so I just wondered if anyone had experienced any problems so far. One sleep to go!
  12. Hi, I've just had the corrosion on my IS250 alloys inspected by Lexus Hedge End. Although the fronts have just started to bubble, I was concerned that they may reject my claim for the rears as the only obvious evidence was roughness on the inner corners of some spokes. I need not have worried as they confirmed that there was sufficient evidence to replace rears as well. Good news as the warranty runs out in September even though the car's only done 15K. Interestingly, I was advised that they don't have the refurbishment programme which I used with my IS200 but instead the IS250 gets new alloys with the same insufficient lacquer on the inside of the wheel. I was wondering if I should arrange for the new alloys to be re-lacquered before I go to have them fitted. Does anyone know if this has been tried before to curb the problem in the future? Is it a simple over spray or does the current finish have to be stripped back first? I'm assuming that I'll have to pay for this but it may be worth the cash if it prolongs the finish. Thanks in advance.