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  1. Thats the type of Tech which if Far out :D Wonder how long it will take to hit the shops? Especially the part which projects the infor of the person you are meeting, I can abouse that one :P Diblpg
  2. Thanks a lot guys, i have emailed him to see what he can do and will place an order. Cheers :D Dibs
  3. Hi Again, :D I have a new set of alloys 17" and was wondering where to get the centre Stickers for them please I do not want the original ones has they are the manufactures. Any ideas or links please? Cheers Dibs
  4. I've got the elm327 matey, works well with proscan software thats free to download :) this is the one i have mate ELM327 OBD Is it for your is200 matey? as you've posted in the aristo import section? :D Oops, you are right it is for my IS200 2000 model. and Thanks for the Link. Cheers guys for the support. Dibs
  5. Hi guys doe anyone know where i can get hold of an OBD2 data coder reader? i remember seeing a ELM code reader which you can hook up to the Laptop but can not locate it on ebay at mo.. Any links please? Cheers Dibs
  6. Cheers for the link and, i will give them a bell in the morning :D mate to see what they can do. Dibs
  7. Hi people need you invaluable experience once again, Looking for the TRD front bumper TRD Lip please Need one rather urgent and ideally in Plat silver :winky: but not fussy . Any guidance or links greatly appreciated. Cheers Dibs B)
  8. Help me decide the right 18" Alloys for my Baby Please Hi people I need your help in choosing the correct type of alloys for my baby please? I have a budge of max. £500 and need help in find a good supplier local if poss? Ideally what will suite my Lexus, I do not like the red-line look or anything that stick outs since the mrs’s will end up kerbing them. I like the look of the Khans style alloy’s or the new Lexus style alloys too, basically flat ones. Any site or suggestions please? Appreciated for any help and tips. Dibs
  9. Cheers for the ebay links, :D I have emailed the shipping cost questions and awaiting replys. Has anyone bought anything from them before and any good? Has far as the insureance, they didnot mind the mods, since they did not affect performace and were only minor cosmetic (not the full bodykit). But when it came to replacing the parts they were rejected :tsktsk: . So not to bad considering they did not charge anything extra and thus not replacing them . Know the mission is to find a suitable set of Alloy wheels for the baby :winky: . Hopefully i can get them fromthe back off the insurance :winky: Explained: front Alloy wheel is damaged (minor) so was listed to be replaced. Insurance agreed at a cost of £238 + VAT . So had a chat to the technician and said if i was to get a set of alloy wheels very simillar to the new Lesus ones will they mind replacing them set instead of the 1? He said get me the company and i will see what i can do for you :) . i will pay the difference and hopefullly i can get a set of alloys. So what i need is any suitable set which will go nice with my baby nothing to crazy and a budge around £300 or so. I like the sytle of the 9 spoke alloys from the newer lexus models and perhaps the 18" will suite it better. I am aware that there a massive selection of alloys but i need to get this done quick time. So here were go again and many thanks for all your pointers and tips. Cheers Dibs
  10. Any Ideas where to find the Curvy Eye-brows please? Fleebay has a pair but they are Carbonfiber-black so will be wasted if i have to colour code them. Cheers Dibs
  11. Cheers mate i guess i will carry on looking.. Dibslpg
  12. Hi mate like the progress so far. Realy need some advise or link please, please? I have a pair off the same ones, but one corner came in contact with the central barrier due to black ice. So mine is about to go through the same proccess as yours but i can not find one eye brow and corner spat. Can you please tell me where you got them eye brows from? (i now they come in pairs so i do not mind in buying the set). any links or sites etc is appriciated mate. cheers Dibs
  13. Cheers kam05 for the Bradford Autolocks guys i think i now where they are and will pop down once i pick up the motor from the bodyship. :D SpokesT, the problem with the key is just a blade with cut-out groves hence a special tools required, and not many key-cutters have invested in them tools. Dibs
  14. good work :) I have the Flip out key fob thingy too but i can not find a key cutter who can cut the Key blade in Leeds the dealers do not cut keys so cannot help either :tsktsk: . Any ideas who can do the job in the West Yorkshire area please? Dibs
  15. OOuch just been on the G Holdcrofts website and they are £382 for the pair :duh: Guess i will contine lookng then.
  16. Its the Curvy ones, I think they are the Toms ones but not too sure I will search Tg parts for the Spats even if i have to buy the pair, cheers edeath. :winky: Cheers and keep the info coming please? Diblpg
  17. Hi fellow members, Need urgent help in locating a Driver side Corner Spat and a Eyebrow for my Is200 . My baby found black ice and the central barrier to stop it from going off the bridge, ( the mrs's was driving at the time :tsktsk: ) all fine luckly, just shaken up, and she was only doing about 20mph The insurance are sorting it all out but not replacing the Driver side Corner Spat and the Eyebrow hence the urgent appeal, the engineer is willing to fit it on for free if manage to get hold off them. I had a scan on feebay but no joy. Any links (trustworthy) or any guys here selling one or even 2 please? Any help is greatly appreciated. Dibs
  18. Hi peeps, My master Key is faulty, the point where the screw goes in is busted hence wabbles and loose. I saw youe link for the ebay flick key and placed an order at £12.49 is worth the shot if it beats me buying a second hand key. Have any of you used this key and can it be cut to the Lexus size etc.? Any guidance is appriciated. Cheers Dibs
  19. RESULT :D :) Finally got to the bottom of the problem Thanks to Leeds Lexus. great Service must say :D Booked it in for a check up after chatting to the service guy who said pop down over lunch time and he will take it up the ramp to take a look. Parked up and left the key in his hand, waited, was offered tea, coffee or biscuits etc.. by the very nice (fit) receptionist.. ;) 45mins later a report was written out and handed over identifying the problem and the cost of the repair’s. Said thank you and left before looking at the price and the faults found. Braised my self and open the sheet. Both Front Lower Ball Joints excess play & Anti Roll bar bushes worn. :o Advised to replace both sets and the cost for parts and repair: £465.82 + VAT. Luckily I was sitting in the car at the time. Poped across to the parts section and inquired about the parts Ball joints are £45.84 each and the Bushes £10.77 + VAT So left with a smile and ordered the Ball Joints from a local parts shop for £38 inc. (same as dealers since the supplier is the same) delivered with-in 3 hours. But the bushes are Dealer part only so order them in and 2 days to deliver.what the hell they never keep anything in. :duh: Booked it in to the mechanic and hopefully all done over the weekend for £50 + parts. Cheers for the suggestions and hopefully this will help others in the same boat. :) Dibs
  20. I have tried that and no noise. so not the stearing or the CV joint me thinks.. Thied the smooth road test too and no diff, still make a noise when moving or going over bumps.. Keep the advise coming please.. Cheers Dibs
  21. Right 2 mechanic gave it the once over. :winky: 1st had it on the ramp and poked and prodded looked at he wishbones, the ball joints the bearing etc.. pulled and spun the wheels etcc.. and not a creek or grind out of the car.. :tsktsk: Puzzled he said bring it back when it gets worse. :shutit: Nothing to worry about since they is nothing serious under the car so safe to drive. 2nd mechanic.(20+ years experience with Jap cars) wife takes it in and he heard the notorious creaking noise and then tries the steering and it creeks and grinds etc.. so bring it back in the morning for a through inspection. She drops it off and after three hours or so rings back and CAN NOT FIND THE FAULT. he had it up on the ramp and tested everything and not a peep out of the car. :tsktsk: . then he left it running to warm it up and back on the ramp for the second time and still not a peep. SO I'm Still confused and getting frustrated that two very experienced mechanics can not get to the bottom of this creaking noise coming from the front suspension. :shutit: :tsktsk: It sound as if the something is dried out and rubbing, or need oiling etc..and sticking, rubbing creaking. You can hear it outside when you are driving along. Any ADVISE is welcome please? Dibs
  22. The mechanic had it on the ramp and could not find anything either he is naff and not familiar with the Lexus or most likely too busy to do a proper check.. any pointer please its sounding like an old banger and getting very embarrassing driving round.. Stopping off to a second opinion. i will point out the wishbone joint and ball joint for a examination. Dibs
  23. This was another symptom of my dodgy ball joint, if you can give it a quick check. Dodgy ball joint ? its booked in for a check-up and i will point him in the right direction.. I did have a look at the parts diagram and there is nothing on top of the shockers.. this is the second time i have taken it to him, each time it stopped making the noise when he drove it.. :tsktsk: .. Only seem to do it when i am driving it or the mrs's.. darn car must be scared of the doctor's .. :shutit: :tsktsk: So this time he will take it up on the ramp and give it a good going over, so thanks for the tip and i will tell him to take a look there too. :winky: Cheers Dibs
  24. I rang the Dealers and spoke to the parts section (Leeds) must say very helpful and after a long chat we think its the Top suspension mounting bush which connects the leg to the body :D . basicly the three bolts holding down the suspension leg which you can see fromthe engine bay. there is a bush in the middle of it (centre bolt) which might be the one and guess what it's a dealer part only and cost £59 + vat.. so going to have it properly looked at and hopefully replaced over the weekend. will post back. Dibs
  25. The noise is getting more frequent and i thing its the front Pass-side Shocker, when I bounce it it makes the noise and turning and stopping etc.. makes the noise too. so when it's under stress its squeaking (poorly mouse ) So going to have a ring round to find out the price for two front shockers, And tonight take it to a mechanic for a diagnoses. :shutit: :tsktsk: Will post back with findings :winky: Dibs B)
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