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  1. Hi All, Alas, my beloved LS400 has sold............ I needed to sell for personal, financial reasons and I am very very sad indeed (it still hasn't quite sunk in yet) but I take heart in the fact that it was sold to a very decent chap who I know will be meticulously maintaining her. It's been a pleasure being part of the forum, many thanks for your advice and contributions along the way. I will keep an eye on the forum and add my 2P's worth where I think I can add any value. In the meantime, all the best and thank you - it's been great fun and I hope to be back at some point! Steve
  2. Dunlop SP25 (tyre) that is generally fitted to the LS400 16" wheels and generally very highly rated for how well it matches the LS.
  3. Hi, I am going to change the engine oil on my 1999 LS400 Series IV (135k miles). I am going to put 5W 40 Fully Synthetic in (I haven't decided on the brand - I am open to suggestions) Does this sound OK? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Just looking for some reassurance really! Cheers, Steve
  4. Just tried it........that is correct. The switch is toggling between silent and a warning bleep for FAILURE to lock.
  5. Could be.....Depending on the dealer management system this could mean that JUST your dealer has a record of it. It may not update the database of Lexus GB HQ and / or the remainder of the Lexus dealer network. Dealers rarely like to share customer data with the vehicle manufacturer if they can at all help it as they tend to worry about losing control of the customer relationship. The whole subject of who "owns" the customer is quite a touchy subject in manufacturer / dealer relations - It's not as rosy as you may think!
  6. I am 99% sure that the "beep" only occurs when you lock the car AND a door / bonnet / boot is not shut properly. It is therefore alerting you that the car is not deadlocked properly. The button is actually switching this "warning" bleep on and off. As far as I can remember, the beep is not an indication of locking / unlocking. I may go outside and try it when I finish this glass of wine!!
  7. If a car is registered new on a private plate that is what the manufacturer will have. A new reg number is allocated to the car as and when that private plate is taken off. You really need to give them the VIN to be absolutely sure. I agree it is expensive.
  8. I am not entirely sure you could tell by looking at it.........The DHP is lower but unless you have two cars side by side you really would be guessing. Mine does have "DHP" written in the service book but again, anyone could have written it in. If it was me, I would take the VIN and call Lexus Customer Services on 0845 129 5484 - They will know for sure.
  9. steve-bedford


  10. I agree as time goes on there is certainly less to carry - She is nearing 3 now so we have swapped the pushchair for a trike!! I think the pushchair was easier to load - lol MIQ - I'm often passing your place. Happy to pick you up for a whizz around the block.
  11. I bought the LS400 when our daughter was 3 months old - Great car but it was a bad move. We had a Range Rover before and going from something with this level of flexibility to a 3 box saloon was, in hindsight, madness. The Lexus is not flexible (nor was it ever designed to be) for the usual paraphernalia of pushchairs, travel cots, sterilisers, high chairs etc. etc. that you need when taking on holiday. The LS is also horrific in the snow and ice - to the point that I shelled out on a cheappie 4x4 just for the winter months. The fact is that I still have it as it just suits the whole family lifestyle and can cope with all the luggage and tat that you throw at it. The LS was never designed as a family car so I am not knocking the product in any way - Don't do it, it really doesn't work. I have some comical pictures of the LS before we left for a weekend (yes just a weekend!) in center parcs. I even had things on my lap, the journey was misery for all concerned.
  12. Good to meet you too, Alex. I can't believe you have cancelled the sale!!! I don't suppose I am on your wife's Christmas card list for this year? In all seriousness, wise move I think - It would be a shame not to get some more benefit it out of it and I'm sure you would have regretted it later! Catch you soon.
  13. Gents, Hope as many of you can make it tomorrow as possible. Looking forward to meeting you. Steve
  14. Assuming you mean the 16" wheel and not the 17" DHP alloy then you could try Pete to see if he still has them:
  15. Moved to Monday 15th March. All other details remain the same. Confirmed so far: Alex C Brown Nelly400 Steve-Bedford Anyone else?
  16. I think the anaolgue switch off is due for 2015 it they keep to plan - It will soon be with us. As Steve says, there is a lot of work and potential cost here which needs to be weighred up. Can you expand on "navigation computer" and what you mean by that?
  17. Right.................I'll make a suggestion. The worst that happens is that I will be Steve-No-Mates and having a swift half on my own! Date: Tuesday 9th March 2010 Time 8:30PM to 9:00PM Location The Wavendon Arms Newport Road, Wavendon, Buckinghamshire, MK17 8LJ Hope to see you there. Steve
  18. I can't believe I'm sitting here looking at Steve's knob...........
  19. The fact that it's a Lexus LS400 and not a Toyota Celsior means it's very likely to be a European car. OK - It's a Lexus LS400 and RHD so almost certainly a UK car - It needs checking out though of course.
  20. Well to give you an example.............Hillside Car Sales of Ampthill have got an LS400 1998/R, Series IV, 159k with a 3 month warranty for £1875 before they even take an offer. It has LS430 alloys on it too which look pretty good. I just don't think you can get more car for your money than that!! PS - I'm not connected to them - Just interested as I have a similar age and spec.
  21. The huge challenge with an import is all of these unanswered questions........Then there are the question marks over rust proofing, safety and (as you say) the possibility of difficulties when selling it on. In my view, there are so many decent UK LS400s available at peanuts that an import just isn't worth the hassle.
  22. Sometimes you just need to follow your insitict. It's £1500 we are talking about here.........It's one hell of a lot of car for what is almost loose change. (OK maybe not loose change but almost!) Look at it another way...............If you'd bought a new LS, it would be depreciating this every single month for the first year!!
  23. The i10 is actually better than you think guys.......the 1.0 is particularly economical and has just £35 road tax. Ok, it's a bit boomy as you approach the 7500 rpm limit and I'm not sure it's quite as poised as the old LS once you get above 140 mph but it's not half bad. I think my cover is blown isn't it?!! Sorry chaps - I just couldn't resist it I'm off to stand on the naughty step..................
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