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  1. Many thanks for this, much appreciated picture located in Gallery ←
  2. chip

    Desk Trophy - RX300

    This little gem is for sale at £5 + £3 p/ me discuss further thanks
  3. Many thanks for this, much appreciated
  4. Hi I have a mk1 silver in colour die cast metal desk trophy given to me as a present, Not required anyone out there that would like it for £5 + uk p/p £3 "If im not allowed to sell it here i apologies to the committee." Other wise please PM me for pictures very nice looking thanks
  5. Hi Thinking of RX Series 1 or Series 2 but have Ski's and Kayak. But hate roof racks and Estates. Would like to know distance from rear to say front, if all rear seat and passengers seat layed flat? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. hi Wasnt sure on the original pictures "Model shots." found these from motor show stand . with few added angles and must say now its growing on me: hope this helps others
  7. I read some where that the Is200 was designed around the ls400 which is built to do a million miles???? and this is mirrored in all there models. service book, has spaces to 180 000!!
  8. Many Thanks. But would really like an old brochure, if anyone has one. many thanks
  9. hi thinking of buying a used Rx but as the new one is out, does anyone have an old brochure i could have to read about the series 1. Please pm with info. Many thanks
  10. Hi Many thanks, Thought according to reviews that service intervals where 20k only.
  11. Hi I would continue with Oxford, if no joy raise to Customer Services, But i wont take it to Southampton, they might sell lexus's , But they dont know how to fix or repair them, Reading seem fine. I know that from speaking to Brighton and Poole, this is the fact as they seem to collect most of Southampton work.due to them having poor customer service. Hope this helps
  12. Hi Nothing selling except " DIESELS " This is the biggest seller at the mo, what with speed and Mpg, lower tax bands. I have seen more move off the local forecourts and private dealers,then most!! Guess its a waiting game?
  13. Try Edinburgh, he's a member of this forum.
  14. Just been to the lexus 2004 open road event and, had the joy of trying all the range, and YES all still paint chip and scratch, some things never change even after all the complaints. But my choose still keeps coming back to my IS200. everything is laid out just right, followed by the new rx300.. shame the spare is underneath and not inside like the 200's - remember " EVERY LEXUS IS A COMPLETE LUXURY EXPERIANCE" though. :D :D Gs 430 sport - nice to look at, smooth drive - but my demo had white dials like a ford fiesta and centre console squeeked, drove me mad and suspension was like rid
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