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  1. That is correct, wrong code entered too many times. The limit is 9 tries, after which it locks itself permanently. Its a dealer-only job after that, but like i said above, even the dealers are not 100% sure they can fix this. And even if they do, the amount they are charging is simply ridiculous. Iv treid searching on ebay for another unit, but cant seem to find the right one here in the UK. I know they are not the most common of headunits but surely they have not become so rare already have they. And this is why we're looking at just replacing it with an aftermarket unit if its not too much trouble???
  2. Hello all A friend of mine has recently purchased a 1997 Lexus LS400 and could not get the radio to work. When i had a look at it i could not get it to switch ON or OFF, the power button does not seem to do anything. The screen just says "HELP". I thought it may need the code but apparently that would say "CODE". Iv never seen the word HELP before. Went to the dealers and they said it needs a Master reset, however, they are not sure if they can do it or not as its been such a long time since anybodys even heard of this problem. They want me to book it in so they can contact Lexus Technical and ask them how to do it. As theres no garantee it will work, its free if it doesnt work, but it could potentially be 2 hours labour if it does work, even though it will take them all of about 1 minute to enter the actual code. Lexus being Lexus their hourly labour rate, plus vat made me think if i could do anything else myself? Or better still, what are our options in terms of just replacing the headunit with an aftermarket one? Doesnt have to be big and clever, just play music. Thanks.
  3. Any chance one of you nice souls could do a little write up here or perhaps PM the instructions of re-conditioning the caliper as im sure one of my rear calipers is seized on. Damn vibrations coming from the back of the car, especially as the speed increases, is enough to rattle the dust out of my ears and make me go deaf.
  4. I dont know if you've got your brakes sorted yet or not, but a really good option is to upgrade to the 4-pot setup from the MK4 Toyota Supra TT. A set of calipers, discs and pads can be had for about £600 for the front and if done right can take your teeth out under heavy braking! You will however, need bigger wheels to accomodate them.
  5. For the shiny look you'll either need to clean them inside and out, or get some new ones. "Lexus Style Lights" are only for the rear lights. They generally refer to them as they are derived from the design that was a first on the IS200 when that came out, the design being clear and red.
  6. Yeah, have to agree that it'll only be the lettering that will be different, otherwise they are the same shape, size and fitment. Im looking at getting a new set for mine, how much did the dealers quote you mate?
  7. I too was going to buy a set from ebay, but then the 2 or 3 seelers that i spoke to told me they're not for the earlier GS300's. Strange really, but i think you'll find they wont fit.
  8. B)--> QUOTE(T7RY B @ May 17 2007, 11:50 AM) ← Send a PM to Chris.S He will tell you the correct part No. and which finish Cheers mate, PM sent to Chris, lets see what he says. :)
  9. Im after a pair of these wheels for my car, i only want the rears to be honest, which are the 10" x 18". I went to the local Lexus dealer today and although i got the price, the part number he quoted was different to the part number a mate of mine got a quote for. Part number i was given:- LAM287 - 81000 Part number he was given:- KAM287 - 81000 As you can see its only the first digit thats different, but i dont want that to be the digit for the colour they come in and end up ordering the wrong finish. The prices for both parts were exactly the same. So my questions:- 1. Do these wheels come in more than one colour/finish? 2. Whats the difference between these 2 part numbers? 3. Does any one have a pair/one they want rid of? :winky: Cheers.
  10. DAMN them wheels!!!! :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: Now il have to go find something else! :tsktsk: But looks very nice though mate.
  11. DB - Did you find out if the GS300 lights fit or not mate? Mine could do with a clean or a replacement!
  12. Your telling me! I sort of regretted not geting the 10" rears but to be honest when you hear stuff like this, whereby the ALLOY itself is cracking/splitting then all of a sudden i dont regret it at all. Please dont take offence to this, but is there any chance that it could be driver error, whereby your doing something wrong and not realising it??? I mean, this may be the first case iv ever heard of where the wheel has split for no reason. The usual reasons are kerbs, pothols, wrong size tyres etc etc.
  13. Looks quite good there Paul. Personally im not too sure of the colour scheme of things but i must admit i do actually like the "L" on the scope. Just a question though - where did you get the "ARISTO" badge on the top of the green engine cover from? Cheers mate.
  14. Arnt you gona tell us where and how much???
  15. You've got to be having a giraffe havent ya! I thought even this set was only about 6 months old or something wasnt it? Id take it back to Lexus personally and have a winge about it. I absolutely LOVE the 10" rears on the Sport but didnt buy them as i was hearing a few horror stories about the tyres, but the wheel having cracks and splits in it, thats put me completely off and there has got to be something wrong there. BigRoj is/was selling a set, give him a try.
  16. Momo alloys wernt standard by any measure, they will have been put on as by some owner in the past. Most likely that owner would also have put on the spoiler and the mesh grill from the later Sport model. As yours is on a 1993 plate it will be a normal GS300. The GS300 Sport started from about 1996 P reg.
  17. As far as im aware there are only 2 UK variants - the GS300 and the GS300 Sport. Now if you start putting the imports into the equation then you'll have a few more - Aristo Twin Turbo and the 4 litre V8 (very very rare). I think theres one known as the Legato model, but i dont know what the difference is with that. What year is yours, we'll tell you what you have? And does it have stuff like a spoiler, 18" alloys, meshed grill, sport stickers anywhere etc etc.
  18. Im interested to know HOW you fixed this in the end. It may seem like a silly question but there are various different versions out there as to whats really behind the dash - bulbs or LED's, fuses linked to them, soldered in etc etc. Any chance you could let us know what type of bulb it was? And how you replaced it, soldering or just plug in? Basically, if i was replace all or most of the bulbs in my dash, how hard a job would it be doing the actual bulbs themselves?
  19. Hi all Just come out of the MOT and as you've guessed, its failed on the n/s balljoints, top and bottom! Only started looking for them but i was thinking i could do them myself as i am going to remove the suspension anyway. So i take it as its just the 2 bolts on either side of the upper arm once the strut is removed and out of the way? Or could it be more complicated than that for some reason? And with the bottom, is it not just 3 straight forward nuts to come off? Or is that hiding something aswell? Cheers.
  20. Your connections may seem fine but is the actual bulb fine? It could just be a simple case of a blown bulb. I have seen one or 2 people replace the entire lot with bright LED's for a fresh look to the dash. Looking at doing that myself at some stage. Fancy writing a few instructions on how you removed the dash? Cheers.
  21. Peeps Im trying to remove the suspension out from my 1994 Lexus GS300 and i bought one of them manuals from ebay to show me how to do it. Unfortunatly with it being ebay the manual is full of crap. Well . . . . not full of crap but it just describes in words how to remove the suspension, with no pics what so ever. I have had these manuals for different cars before and they have been great with all the relevant pictures but this one is crap. Is there any one who knows how to remove it please, words alone will do but im sure some one here will explain it better than the CD does, but pics would be fantastic! More stuck with the fronts rather than the rears. Any help? Cheers.
  22. Just found this on in the general FAQ area. Q3. My vehicle has been modified to run LPG (liquid propane gas) or dual fuel, do I need to change my spark plugs to allow for this? A3. Generally speaking no. Plugs may not last quite as long as with a standard petrol engine and the ignition system may have a harder time generating a spark. The denser charge in the combustion chamber means a higher voltage is required to jump the gap. For this reason it may help to reduce the spark plug gap by 0.2mm. If spark plugs become prone to overheating then it may be necessary to replace with plugs one grade colder. Not too sure if i understand the answer correctly but it seems like in one bit they're saying they dont need to be changed, and then they're saying the current plugs and ignition system may be having a harder time so changing spark plugs may be a good idea. I think im abit confused by the answer really.
  23. The link does work on my PC, but if you have no luck then go on ebay and search this item number 160101599768 , Thats the LPG plugs. I think you'll find LPG burns differently to normal petrol, as diesel does to petrol aswell. Working on that information it makes sense that a different spark plug should be required. If it was just a claim made on ebay i wouldnt have believed it but its also made by NGK, one of the worlds biggest spark plug manufacturers. My car doesnt run "rough" with the current plugs but it is WAY down on power when running on LPG and im not getting as much mileage from a tankful as i was hoping. Im wanting to see a LPG installer myself but havnt had the time yet, but if you see one i would like to hear their opinion on it.
  24. My GS300 is running on LPg but getting some horrendous MPG. Im pretty sure most of it will be down to the fact that it'll be running on standard plugs. Im looking at changing over to some LPG specific plugs but not sure where to get them or who does something decent. Found a set on ebay and the guy is claiming they are good with LPG. According to their tests the plugs giving on average an extra 50 miles from 90 litres of LPG. They last about 10-12k and the brand is PSP, never have heard of them, anyone?;rd=1&rd=1 I also saw a link somewhere in here to some LPG plugs made by NGK if i remember correctly. Dont know the price of those but im guessing a fair bit dearer than these ones, but will probably offset that by their longer life or something. But is there any one on here that uses specific plugs for LPG? And what can you say about them, good, bad, worse mistake ever made etc etc??? Cheers.
  25. Just did the job and wasnt too much of a hassle really. The previous stud had actually broken off but it wasnt a clean break and where it did break ment it was further in than the brake disc so couldnt hammer it either. Tried hammering a screwdriver on to it, failed miserably. In the end had to take off the caliper and disc and then just hammer it out. Hammered the new one in, went in with a bit more force than i thought it would require but in there non-the-less now. Though what i did find out, and tried to do myself, was that you dont have to remove the caliper and disc to remove the studs. If you look behind the disc you will actually see a gap where the studs can actually be hammered out one by one by rotating the hub forward. But like i said i couldn't do this as the break was deeper than the disc so that got in the way. About an hour me thinks. Then about 4 hours washing and cleaning the big bear!!!
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