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  1. Via ebay. £1 start and no reserve http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MESE:IT Thought someone might be interested in it.
  2. My car is in for it's 2nd year service after 17,000 miles. It apparently needs 4 new tyes and Lexus want £164.50 each for the OEM Bridgestones. Any recommendations where to get these cheapest, or recommendations of other (better?) tyres to consider? They said the tyres had worn on the inside edge and that I also need a 4 wheel alignment done (another £117.50) Other service work carried out: Replace brake fluid as the old stuff was shot Replace gearbox oil to improve shift from 1st to 2nd.
  3. From the Lexus website... IS limited edition Just 850 to be made Exclusive Kidiak Sky metallic paint (IRTA: grey) 11 spoke 17" alloys Black leather Sports grill Armrest HID lights Electro-chromatic rear view mirrors £20,795 Any idea if the rear view mirror can be retrofitted?
  4. You can also drive the IS200 touring car in TOCA Race Drive on the PC, PS2 and X-box Toca Race Driver website And the car is on the front cover of the game *rawr*
  5. Were you at the filming? Saw one other Lexus in the car park - a green one with the reg number X xxx OAP. Was it you?
  6. Does that mean the harness will fit newer cars and I can just replace the head unit without having to rewire and put a new amp in?? If so, and you have a harness up for grabs, I'll take it off your hands
  7. No-one seems to know Some people have said the harness can be used, some have said the entire car needs re-wiring and new amps. I hope the former is correct /pikey
  8. Hmm. I phoned them about installing a headunit in my IS200 and they said that they had only even worked on one, and that was a very expensive bespoke system
  9. Oooh, what wiring harness? My facisa has arrived from the US. Is there a harness available too???
  10. You seem to be confusing me with someone who can't drive. :iraqi-info-minister: I've never had TC before, driven lots of RWD cars, and have never ended up in a ditch. My other car doesn't have TC and I manage to handle that in the wet very nicely.
  11. The "fun control" on my car is really starting to ***** me off. I keep forgetting to turn it off and so it cuts the power just when I need it (accelerating hard from roundabouts etc) Is there any way to permanently turn it off?
  12. I would suggest making a scene in the showroom. Maybe on a Saturday afternoon when they are really busy trying to sell some cars. Fleeing potential customers will soon get them to come round.