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  1. Heh. Numbers can be made to show just about anything, though. Fewer estates could mean people less willing to sell. SUVs might be changing hands more quickly :P Am kidding, of course. I think we're probably talking more about crossover SUVs, here. I think BMW had a list price of about 55k for the spec I wanted. Can't say I compared it to the RX, but it just seemed expensive. All relative though. Also, I'd rather an F-Pace than an NX. Another company that proves your point, rayaans. Jag don't to an XF Sportbrake anymore. Would have totally been on the list otherwise.
  2. Any reason why? It just a personal preference? The German bit, I mean.
  3. In order of appearance, Escort xr3i, Escort mk5, Fiesta XR2, Fiesta Mk4, Mercedes 190E, Seat Leon Cupra, Lexus IS200, Honda Civic VTiS, Alfa Romeo GT, BMW 320d Coupe, Lexus IS300h F Sport. I'm sure I've forgotten one or two cars.. hmmmm.. Last two have been the best, by far.
  4. I think the NX is a weak SUV. I test drove one when it first became available at the dealership. Since then, a few colleagues have taken them on as personal and company cars. For me, it'd be the RX or nothing, but the hybrid is now quite a lot more expensive than it used to be.. which means I'd be more interested in the new X5 hybrid. I also don't want or need a vehicle capable of crossing Arctic tundra and seating 7. I've got 1 gf and 1 kid and a few space/money consuming hobbies.. as long as I can cram the above into something comfortably, I'm happy. Totally accept what your saying.. work car park is much the same. More SUVs than estates. What estates there are are old or are Mazda 6s. Anyway.. roll on C Class estate, I think..
  5. Before I had a kid, the only estate that interested me was the RS4. Or maybe a 159Ti.. but I was too young for those cars when they were new :( But now I need proper boot space. I do utterly love my IS. I've driven some nice cars recently, but find myself glad to be back in mine after the 2 or 3 day test/demo is up. I really wish Lexus would produce another Sportcross.. God knows how it'd look, but it'd sort my problems out. Sad day (in a way), but I've got a C Class 350e Estate on order. Hope I get on with the plugin crap. Wow.... just found a mock-up. Looks quite good.
  6. Yeah it's a really nice feature. Basically, as mentioned above, you can rewind the stuff you've already listened to. Great for hearing songs again if someone won't stop talking. Don't do what I do, be listening to something about 30 mins behind live radio, hop out to get something, forget the car is already on.. hit the power button and turn it off, thereby losing my time shift! 1st world problems eh? Having recently driven a **** load of other cars with supposedly premium sound systems, I was surprised to see time shift, or any similar feature, missing from all DAB - aside from my lovely Lexus ;) And in relation to the DAB not working.. that sounds pretty weird. So what's the thinking? LED causing interference or noise and stopping DAB signal? I have had a dash cam, with LED on plug, plugged into the 12v in the centre console for about 18 months. DAB has been good as gold.
  7. Lexus gave me a CT for a few days whilst they investigated an interesting error on my dash. Really didn't like it. It was pre-facelift, so had the reversing camera in the rear view mirror. I hated it. The performance, the ride, the feel of the trim. Almost everything. It was a while ago, so I may have forgotten any bits I did like.. but I don't remember there being many, if any. My point is.. if you're thinking about upgrading to an IS300h F-Sport, then you will regret nothing about the move. MPG isn't amazing, but after 90,000 miles in my IS300h F-Sport, I can tell you decent returns can be had if you can behave yourself. I get about 44-50 and I do try to drive relatively economically.
  8. I can see a touch of new Mazda 6 in that front end..
  9. I'm 30 but got my 300h at 29. I see more "younger" drivers than older ones.
  10. Hello, Firstly, anyone else find the HIDs on the IS300h a little too yellow? I realise that the projector lenses scatter the light a bit like a prism, so at range, they'll appear blue, white, purple, etc. But, up close, compared to the crisp white/blue of the DRLs, they look far too yellow. Is it just me? With this in mind, am I right in thinking the HID bulbs are HB3 9005 on the 300h? Seriously thinking about grabbing some 10K replacements. Ta.
  11. Sports mode is quicker off the mark, and with less pedal pressure, but aside from that, I didn't think there was any difference, performance wise? Eco seems a little more sluggish off the mark, if the petrol engine is off when you floor it. Shrug. I'd say I treat Eco mode as anything but, though. You're right. It does keep the car in EV for longer. Which reminds me... ever found a use for the EV mode button? I mean, the car will switch to EV as soon as possible, often at higher speeds than the EV button will allow. It also doesn't work in cruise control. If I turn it on before I set off, the car comes out of EV mode just as easily. Is it just me? In other news, I had to pick something up earlier, 34 mile round trip in Normal mode. I think I prefer it to Eco. Seems a little more responsive. Can't say I kept an eye on MPG.
  12. Meh. After just over 20,000 miles, I can safely say that I think Sports mode is a waste of time. The noise is irritating, there seems to be absolutely no perceivable difference in performance, oh and the already relatively heavy steering gets slightly heavier. I'm also convinced that I feel more of a surge of acceleration in ECO mode than I do Sports. However, I've only done about 10 miles in Normal mode. Really interested to see whether I find it any more economical, having read the above. I'm getting 550 per tank and am averaging about 46mpg. I'm an idiot though. I really can't trust myself to keep at a fixed speed, more so during traffic when people ***** me off. I know for a fact I could be more sensible. Still.... at 45p per mile... ;)
  13. Looks nice man! Always wanted a black is200 sport.. I wrote off my blue one :(
  14. I've an iPhone 5s for work, (yuk) and my own HTC. Neither of which seem at all interested in displaying emails.. Anyone know how to get this working? :)
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