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  1. Happy Birthday rgiblin!

  2. Hello All, Long time no post - but felt imput was needed :-) I moved from a IS200 up to a IS300, and then swapped to a 2004 Rav4 XT4 - Totally great - yes, its not a Lexus, and Yes its not the same spec, and Yes its not 26k+!!!!!!!! But *** is it fun.....mine is in Lagoon Blue, had a few mods done like adding the TTE Sports Exhaust, Rear Tints etc (Yes I copied the Lexus). Its Fab - Handles well, bloody economical compared to the Lexy, and its got that Toyota build quality too..... Have a look and drool :-) (Updated link to garage) In summary - its a good solid move :-) Hope this helps. Rich
  3. Yes, the RX was rather thirsty ......wonderful car though! So I have gone for its younger sibbling....the Toyota Rav4..... Nearest thing I could get to the RX....certainly cheaper , certainly not as thirsty .....but certainly not a Lexus :-( As I said...needs must. R.
  4. Well I just wanted to say a fond farewell to you mad lexus guys.....n'gals. Its been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. My Lexus will be leaving me on Thursday this week. I'll be sorry to see it go, but needs must. On that note..... You all enjoy now :-) Rich B)
  5. Hi all, The day maybe nearing to let my IS300 go!!!!! I am trying to get some idea on pricing really. ANybody got any idea's??? IS300 Navigator, Platinum Ice, Sports Grill and Lexus Fit Mudflaps. Registered April 2003. 25k on the clock. Excellent throught, cleaned twice weekly, no curbed alloys etc...... I have looked in Car guides, but a lot of them do not list the IS300.....so answers on the back of a postcard......PM's welcome if interested! Cheers Rich
  6. (1C0) Platinum Ice ------- 85381-53070-B0 for me too please Chris :-) Thanks Rich
  7. Hi Guys.... Does anyone have a list of the revisions that have happened with the 2004 IS? Any pics???? Alloys....interior change etc??? Do the revisions include Xneon? Rich
  8. Hi All, I have a nokia fitted car kit for the 6820 in my IS, and have also fitted a PDA mount too. The PDA mount is currently going to the fag lighter, and I wondered if there was a way to splice it to the phone current so that the fag lighter is not used? ie, how can I make it perminant live? Now, before I get any responses, please bear in the mind the wires going to the phone cradle are all black!!!!, and also I am colour blind :shutit: , so looking for the simplest option here!!! I look forward to your "helpful" responses :-) Rich
  9. 360 MAAANN i wish.. so tell me richard,, what does your weekly drive consist of on average.. how many miles on motorway,, what speeds etc.. Sir Fargo :-) Typical drive from home (Gloucester) to the Office in Stevenage.... 5 Miles of B road.....(Using E-shift) 9 Miles of Motorway .....M5 50 Miles of A40 ......over to Oxford then, 55 Miles of M40, and M25....... Finally A1 for about 24 Miles....... So a good variation.....speeds, well Mway, average 80, A40 Average 60......B Road, average 50..... Most of my routes are similar roads to this...... Given that route is a return of 286, and that is inbetween, half and 3 quarters on the fuel guage. Rich
  10. Petrol......bit more than fargo, (he obviously has a brick on his right foot!!! <g>), seem to max out at about 360-380 to a tank - mainly based on motorway driving, and I do use the cruise control a lot :-)
  11. Nokia 6820 - great phone, good to hold, camera and bluetooth - also nice fold out keyboard!!!!!!!
  12. John..... I too had a 200 for about 9 months, but really wanted the full leather, and hid etc......I did'nt realise just what a different car you get with the 300..... So, where do I start, well there is the obvious things like I have mention, the wonderful full leather, and it is wonderful, really fine quality like you would expect to find. The HID lights - (in true friends tradition) OOOH MY ***! What a difference - I was never impressed with the 200 lights, but hell those 300 lights are fab - would never go back to "normal" lighting. Its silly, but when you switch them on, you can hear the gas ignite, and then you get this white glow in front you - WOW - really wonderful. E-Shift is great, I live slighty of the beacon track, winding roads down to the river, and as soon as I get off the motorway in an evening, I switch to manual - total fun (Within legal limits of course ;-) ). The power of the car is well balanced, so the drive is good, the exhaust note is still tuneful, but not as much as the 200 - although no doubt this could be enhanced with a back box change. So in summary - Am I happy - O yes Do I have any niggles - O no Would I have another 300 - O yes (Probably a sportscross though!) Hope this helps tip the scales :-) Rich
  13. There could be worse things to be called ;-)
  14. Do we get stung on import duty/tax etc??? Whats the delivery time like? Rich
  15. Tony, That should fly mate, I sold my Linn kit on ebay before Christmas and people were fighting for it :-) Moved across to Cyrus, total change in sound, but all Cyrus was best way for me, Cyrus 8 Amp, CD7Q, bi-amped with Smart Powers and PSXR's on all, linked to Imerge Soundserver distributing to Patio area and all bedrooms (Nice touch!!!), main audio speakers are Monitor Audio Silver 8i, and then topped of with a Gyro Deck Turntable - sweet mate, sweet!!!! Rich