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  1. Not immediately when the lights come on but it does have a black background when it gets a bit darker, same as with the IS. Is yours bright all the time?
  2. John, I beleive the dealer can get a manual but I downloaded them from Lexus UK here: and use the search tool as the UX doesn't appear on the list below. The UX does have deadlocking on the second press of the key or door handle. The door unlocking can be customised as per this extract from the manual, I left mine at all doors unlock so haven't tried it.
  3. Did you not get any manual at all? Mine came with an abridged hard copy manual (about 100 pages).
  4. The UX also has the same new 2 litre hybrid as the Corolla and there is virtually no 'lag'. We still have the IS and it's great for wafting but the UX is way better cutting through traffic.
  5. Mine came with two abreviated manuals in the glovebox, one for the car and one for the audio/nav but I also downloaded the full versions from the Lexus website.
  6. I noticed there seems to be a lot of space down there. All my usual junk i carry around fitted in the tray, leaving the main boot empty, so i didn't investigate further but its useful to know it's there.
  7. A lot of cars don't even have a single CD player, someone was asking on Honest John today if they could get an add on CD player for their new Focus.
  8. UX is the same so I would guess it also applies to the ES.
  9. It appears to be on the voice command list in the full UX manual: Must admit I haven't tried it myself.
  10. Just been out and tried that, unfortunately doesn't switch it off.
  11. Our 2014 Luxury with Premium Nav (mouse operated) has had both camera and sensors from new so I'm not sure why they said only one or the other. Possibly if the car has standard Nav (dial operated) it can only have camera or sensors.
  12. I get a dry throat from a/c if its on too long, either in the car or in work. As a result I only use it if its really hot or to demist in humid conditions.
  13. I'd noticed it appears that the only way to turn off the a/c is on the screen, pressing the auto button will turn it on but no button to turn it off. I've downloaded the full user manual as the car only came with a short version. Will have a search in there to see if there is another way.
  14. The 2 litre turbo is still available in other markets, such as the USA and Australia although it appears to have changed it's name from IS200t to IS300 recently. Not to be confused with the US market IS300 AWD which has a detuned 3.5 litre engine! The IS 250 and 200t were only ever a small percentage of Gen 3 IS sold in the UK, I suspect that the higher powered petrol versions of equivalent German cars are also a small percentage of the total but as their sales overall are so much larger its worthwhile keeping them on the price list. I recall once seeing that the BMW 320d outsold the 330d by a factor of 20 so I can imagine the 340i would sell even less.
  15. Yes, its not bad considering I like surprising people about how quick off the mark it is and the amount of stop start traffic I have to cope with. Would rather have a larger tank as I'm not used to visiting petrol stations so often but at least its only just over £40 a time rather than £70. Not noticed much in the way of noises on startup, seems to make less than the IS anyway.