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  1. Once I had abs and vsc error when casually closed some contacts in obd2 slot. I read errors with the computer, made calibrations according to the instruction of a errors disappeared and didn't appear any more. You read numbers of errors with the computer?
  2. Look at a belt which rotates the generator, it vibrates?
  3. fonserg

    Final Gear / Rear Differential

    oem number 41201-59165
  4. Denso afr / lambda / oxygen sensors catalog http:// file.qip. ru/document/uGXvz4Jd/Lambda_Sensors_2010_2011_eng.html
  5. is220d lambda / oxygen sensor Who saw malfunction of this gage? What symptoms?
  6. fonserg

    Multichannel Vs Common Rail Tuning Boxes

    in Fitting instructions for Verso T180 177 BHP lindtop say: IF YOU INTEND TO DYNO YOUR CAR, PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION SHEET ATTACHED WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS I think there there will be a prevention of that that +35 bhp and +70nm it is possible to receive only at the maximum program. But most likely it as won't work as well as Drake Box
  7. fonserg

    Multichannel Vs Common Rail Tuning Boxes

    i test drake box2 ... work only on 1 and 2 position (very small change)... if 3+ then check vsc and loose power. On how I know the gage pressure in is220 has 2 contours of measurement, box deceives only 1. Dr2 sensor signal change:
  8. fonserg

    Smoking Diesel

    Fonserg :) not fosberg
  9. fonserg

    Question About 220 D Engine

    As I have understood from the engine scheme it is the valve of management of turbine geometry. If it doesn't work the engine loses all capacity.
  10. fonserg

    Question About 220 D Engine

    Inspect the VRV for an open circuit. Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between the terminals. Resistance: 11.1 to 12.5 Ω at 20°C (68°F) Inspect VRV operation. Check that air flows from port E to G. Apply battery voltage across the terminals. Check that air flows from port E to the filter.
  11. fonserg

    Question About 220 D Engine

    Show a photo
  12. fonserg

    Fuel Injector Pipe Leaking Diesel

    Fuel proceeds in a junction a tube - an injector?
  13. fonserg

    Temperamental Oil Warning Light

    220d not have gage of level of oil, there is a gage of pressure of oil. Try to move a wire of the gage of pressure of oil