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  1. I am currently a very happy GS300 owner and think its time for a change. Love the reliability and refinement of the Lexus, and have decided to stick with Lexus and look for a good RX450h, probably around a 2010 . Are there any problems or recalls i should be aware of, as i normally keep my eye on the GS forum, so would appreciate any advise members have. Another small point, but do all RXs have DAB radio in? Thanks Paul
  2. Sorry, Steve did not now the rule about only Gold members being able to sell. Apologies. Paul
  3. Looking to sell my 3rd Gen GS300 which has been perfect to be honest, but just fancy a change after 4 years of trouble free motoring. Have looked at the usual suspects in BMW, Mercedes, Audi, but i can't help thinking the Lexus reliability and refinement is something i can't do without. Looking for a low mile RX 2010 (ish) and was wondering if there are any problems i should be aware of. Been member here for a little while so keep an eye on the GS postings, but only just started looking at the RX forums. Are there any recalls, or regular issues i should be looking out for? Any advise appreciated, Thanks Paul
  4. Great to see. i have a 300 on 150k, going to get a timing belt and oil change next week. My interior is almost as good despite wearing blue jeans every day. Only problem i have is the wheels have lost lacquer and have a few areas of deterioration. going to try and refurb myself one sunny afternoon. Few stone chips, but i did get a new bonnet on warranty about 6 months ago as i has two areas of bubbling paint that appeared to start on the back. This was agreed and a new bonnet was fitted.
  5. Pack salt into a cloth bag and place it on the seats it may draw out the damp?
  6. My 2006 GS300 has done a pretty faultless 150k miles. How much should a timing belt change cost roughly, trying to weigh up whether to get it done and keep her going, or change car. She is in great condition and drives so quiet and smooth, it would be difficult to find something this good, but not sure what it would cost to do a belt change Thanks for any advise Paul
  7. I have an 07 GS SE-L Most reliable car i have ever had. I have done over 110K in 3.5 years and never had an issue. was thinking of changing, but looking about nothing does what she does as well. She is quite, relaxed but can pick up her skirt and run very quick if i want to. Killer sound system, comfortable seats. To get similar spec / comfort it would have to be 7 series BMW of S class Merc Sad thing is 3.5 years ago she was £16.5k, now trade in type value is about £3k I have decided to keep running her for a while longer, and just keep up the regular maintenance .
  8. Mine move slightly when going from forward to reverse on occasion, which does create a small click sometimes. Have had them off this afternoon to check them over,(and copper grease them to get rid of an annoying squeak ) and they seem fine. Checked all retaining pins and split pins in place and all good. Sounds like you will be OK to me
  9. i get my car serviced at a local garage. I used to live next to the owner and he had an RX so was happy working on the lexus. As long as they have the service guidelines and follow them it should be ok. I think my friend downloaded it and did everything that should be done. i had a problem with my car very early and showed the service book with service stamps by my friend and they accepted that the car had been serviced correctly etc and sorted my problem. About half the price of a lexus dealer. PG
  10. 124000, and was getting itchy feet for a change. Runs like new and nothing else drives like it. Will keep her running and enjoy the luxury. PG
  11. Just had exactly the same. The flicking on for a while suggests lamp is going and the ballast is trying to fire it up i was told. Lexus Milton Keynes ordered and fitted straight away. Was £105 . sounds a lot for a bulb, but it runs at 20,000 volts apparently. Been a good a gold since. PG
  12. Would definately be the best thing you ever did. Had mine for 90k miles and love every minute of it. PG
  13. Hi all, Just had car tell me in wants a new air filter. Checked it this afternoon and it dosn't look to bad. I was going to change it anyway, but was wondering if its worth spending the extra money on a K&N filter. Fairly recently the car has dropped in economy, to about 31mpg on a tank full (resonable amount of motorways) and was wondering if this could be down to the filter? car has a happy 110k on it and still runs like a dream. Checked the cabin pollen filter and this was very dirty, so will be changing this. I am no master mechanic, but would say both of these jobs are very simple and take minutes if anyone is wondering if they can do it. Found a link on uTube that was very good. Any comments appreciated, especially about the loss of economy. Thanks PG
  14. Have you changed any radio settings? The RDS and traffic info updates the SAT NAV i think?