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  1. Had a prod around on the spare engine I've got sat on a stand from a MKIV, and actually I reckon the one you've got that's broken is probably the easiest of the 4 to get to.
  2. I agree the part number for a 1998 MKIV LS400 is 16100-59275, but the part number in that auction is 16100-52976, that difference is surely significant? It's a superceeded part number - there's been an improvement or something changed internally in the pump. That's generally what an increase of 1 means in Toyota part numbers. FWIW the original EPC shows the part number ending in 5 for the cars I listed, but if you try and order that part number from a dealer you'll get the part ending in 6 instead - the Toyota parts ordering system won't let you order old parts. Hope that makes sense!
  3. FYI, the water pump for a MKIV LS400 (98-2000) is part number 16100-59275. This part number is used on: 2001-2010 SC430 1997- GS430 1994-2000 LS400 2000-2006 LS430 Various Land Cruisers 2002-2007 LX470 So basically, it's the same part for any UZ (4.0, 4.3, 4.7 V8) engine 1994 onwards.
  4. IMO they're all a royal pain in the arse to get to on a MKIV. The 2 nearer the engine are fairly inaccessible as they are in the part of the exhaust manifold nearest the dashboard, and the ones under the car are easy to reach but a bugger to get the wiring out as you have to remove carpet and heater ducts inside the car! P0135 is a heater circuit fault with bank 1, sensor 1. Bank 1 is passenger side on a UK car and sensor 1 is the one nearest the engine i.e. in the exhaust manifold before the catalytic converter. Have a read here, the MKIV LS400 and the LS430 are basically the same engine:
  5. That's been knocking around for ages, I'm sure it was for sale on Driftworks about a year ago for about £800. I nearly had it for the engine but decided I wanted a MKIV.
  6. For the record, 94+ rear suspension looks like this: However I believe Mike has sold his LS now!
  7. You can tell by the frame number / details on the VIN plate. A MK2 will be chassis UCF10 where a MK3 or MK4 will be UCF20. MK3 and MK4 are the same chassis, the differences are cosmetic and mechanical (and mostly contained in the front 1/4 of the vehicle). You could be in a situation where your car is a (very) late registered MK2. However the production dates (for Europe specifically) are as follows: MK1 (UCF10) 12/1989 - 07/1992 MK2 (UCF10) 08/1992 - 09/1994 MK3 (UCF20) 10/1994 - 06/1997 MK4 (UCF20) 07/1997 - 07/2000 There's also a UCF11 and UCF21 chassis respectively which is the JDM Toyota Celsior version of the car. Hope that helps.
  8. There are regularly people on this board (myself included) who have cars for breaking, so finding the parts shouldn't be that difficult, once you and your mechanic have worked out what's going on. You don't mention what model of LS400 you have, but MK3 and MK4 window parts are all the same, so any parts from an LS400 from 1994 to 2000 should do.
  9. From what you've described I would wager your window regulator (motor+mechanism) is knackered. But best to get the door apart and see what's what!
  10. Lithium Grease. The workshop manual specifies high temp grease, lithium grease is pretty stable at high temperatures which is why it's used in other brake applications (sliders etc).
  11. Pink towards the rear of the car, blue towards the front of the car.
  12. I've replied to you on eBay but so that the info is here for everyone, the ballast unit on the MKIV is on the underside of each headlamp. It's all one piece with the headlight level control, and as a result none of the high voltage wiring is ever exposed outside of the headlamp unit.
  13. Toyota climate control usually has a windscreen 'light level' sensor to compensate for solar heat gain through the glass.
  14. General Motors have reintroduced the 'displacement on demand' or 'active fuel management' as they call it now since about 2002 on the LS V8 engines. It sounds like an almightly clever idea but they only see 5%-7% real world efficiency improvement. Makes you wonder why they bother! Edit: By 'LS engines' I mean the LS1, LS3, LS6 etc that are used in the Corvettes etc, not the LS400 engine.
  15. FWIW, if you take it to them in winter, kwik fit will do this for £20 IIRC. They hike the prices right up when the warm weather comes along though. And it's not something they can balls up by giving it to the trainee either - it's all done by a machine which automates the process, and you can't mix the valves up on the aircon system as the L valve is a different size to the H valve.
  16. Ah like you did when we were sat in it at Santa Pod and no one standing around in front noticed? :)
  17. You mean you can actually hear your car now? Amazing :)
  18. Correct, most Toyotas use the same system - the gauge is a float and the low fuel light warning is a thermistor on a separate arm. I've found the thermistors to be quite voltage sensitive, if you have a crappy alternator or a dead battery and have to jumpstart the car a lot they tend to die! Don't ask me why but that is my experience. The part for the LS400 is about £100 from Lexus and is part number 83320-80360. I think I've got one lying around somewhere.
  19. You could try Steve at Soarer Sanctuary
  20. My money would be on the neutral start switch, or wiring to it.
  21. The 'legal' bit is a non issue anyway - the volume is basically at the MOT testers discretion, something like "is it significantly louder than you think a stock exhaust should be". The exhaust layout is as simple as literally just pulling the rear boxes off (they are on a sleeve joint with a rubber gasket in which is a bitch to remove) and replacing with some stainless pipe. The LS I've got had the downturned exhaust exits cut off and some chrome-ish tips fitted, with small square sections removed from the rear bumper to allow these to poke through, so that's pretty straight forward. If you're interested this is what a 1UZ sounds like with no silencers on it at all It did still have the CATs and the Y pipe attached, though.
  22. Not really, it only had the wheel brace and the jack! I put the jack in the MR2
  23. Sorry some dude from Lexus had all the front suspension arms! Anything else you want, the thread is here:
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