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  1. VERY cool plate Neil.... nice approach!!!... I have the RS200 badges here?...
  2. Induction - HKS Racing Suction kit Flywheel - TOMS ultra lightweight Gearbox - Factory Exhaust - HKS Super Header II and 5Zigen Border fireball Year - 2000 Rumble - No
  3. have a look down at the exhaust manifold Tony... follow it down and you will see the sensor
  4. Must admit i do LOVE the noise and noticable gains from the FGK!!!.. Quality item... very understated
  5. I take it you mean Gf-SXE10 and its a year 2000 or could be just stating the engine capacity although its a As Zee says mate... this is the 210BHP model altezza
  6. Scott is coming over here to me in Ireland for a weekend in June and hes bringing all the bits I have ordered! TOMS rear lip spoiler Blitz Nurspec exhaust SARD Side Skirts Legana Frint Bumper SARD Rear Arch Spoiler Legana Fog lights (Round) I think the wife might have to go on the roof rack? Not sure! I knew the Ski hole would come in handy one day! Only Joking about the missus Scott if your out there! :D ← sounds like thats where she is going Mate!!!...
  7. Neil, I can only appologise for your "ordeal". I have sinced changed supplier as this was the reason why the SILLY waiting time was incurred to which i can only agree with your upset and anger as i was and still am of the same angry over the situation. I offered to to give you a full refund with no questions asked several times, as i know this is what i would have wanted myself to which you declined and seemed happy to wait. I then offered to give you the eyebrows for free as another way of appologising to which i stated they would not be painted... ( In hindsight i should have got them painted when the bumper was painted but i can`t turn back time) and once again i can only say sorry. The only thing i can do in this case is to offer you a full refund and you can do with what you please with the goods... ie get them repainted etc etc... Neil, i accept that your experience is totally unacceptable and i accept my public flogging. Scott
  8. think there are some tickets for sale on ebay!!!..... very expensive!!!
  9. I would go with the Tezza route Mat... If your gonna be seriously drifting... ie getting good publicity i am sure someone could sponsor you and get you the parts for a GOOD price!!!.. :winky: :winky: BUT... if you decide to go for the GT4 ( which as you say is a little easier to tune regarding FI... i know who can sort you out a rather BIG intercooler!! :D I am sure you will make a gem of whichever option you choose mate...
  10. You sorted now then mate?... if not pm or email :D me!
  11. don`t think so mate?... email me on so we don`t use this topic
  12. looks like your turning into a J-tuner sales/distribution rep Oli...
  13. many hundreds left see below click here
  14. looks good Nik... let me know some more info...
  15. All the best fellas!!... many happy returns
  16. email me on or phone me on 07788 744174
  17. One of the blocks he needs to reach the pedals must have come off his feet!!
  18. Boring and slow.... maybe. But the IS being predictable is a bad thing?? I like my IS being predictable - always starts first time, bits don't fall off, corners/handles without surprises. Trouble with Minis is that down my way they're everywhere! Think it's a bloke thing - we get bored with most things eventually :winky: The ultimate Q car? Lotus Carlton (if you can find one). :D ← Think the aerial Atom would be the ultimate fun car!!... £25 for all the fun you can handle!
  19. You not got your evo yet Russ??... thought you had this sorted a while back?... Hows tricks anyway matie? All good i hope
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