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  1. The police were informed and sent evidence together with the name and telephone number of a witness as to what went on with the car that did a lot or reverse driving and they couldn't be bothered. I know Ebay have no powers with relation to prosecution but they can make life difficult for those who break the rules but as long as they are getting money from them they are not bothered. As for those being annoyed by the thread Chris there is a simple answer to that.................... Mike I wasn't commenting that it was annoying me, personally i don't care one way or the other, i don't own a lexus anymore, (got me a better toy to play with) i was implying it was you and a couple of others that are getting annoyed, but hey-ho you didn't spot it. Again the devils advocate. I do not know why the police or ebay took no action, but they have their reasons which we are not privvy too. The crux of my comments were to get facts and give them to the right people, if they can't or won't do anything then you have to accept that, then you need to ask why won't they do anything, is it because the evidence gathered shows nothing worthy of prosecution or insufficient evidence, we don't know and they certainly won't tell us. People have had accounts closed by ebay for less then this chap has been claimed to have done, so what maybe the reason for their non action. We don't know if they have had a word with him, that is between ebay and the account holder. Constantly going on about it won't fix it nor will it make it go away and in all honesty it makes this forum look just as bad as a ford forum where they do this stuff all the time. I thought this forum was better than that, civilised and helpful, this topic shows a darker side to to this forum and some of it's members. And don't take it personally, it is not an attack against you or anyone else. When you look at this topic, form the bigger picture, it does not make for good reading for anyone. I am now an outsider looking in and if i can see it so can prospective other lexus owners, i know it is good to help each other out and give advice and pointers to where to go and what to avoid but this topic seems to go beyond that, and that in itself can be a detriment to prospective new lexus owners and members of this forum.
  2. Devils Advocate Alert... I am not standing for or against this person so do not think i am either way. I will use the wording ALLEGED as without documented visual proof of conviction i will not say guilty or innocent, so in my eyes i will take the UK legal stance, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Lets forget the vsc sensor, door not closing or the few other issues for now but concentrate on 1 only, mileage. It is a criminal offence to tamper with the mileage on any vehicle that is UK registered and for use on public roads. So if any ALLEGED proof of this person tampering is there, then please tell the Police, they are the ones who need to know. The other bits are covered here... The sales of goods act 1979 is your friend if you have already purchased the vehicle and it is not as described, fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality. Know your rights Advertising a car with incorrect information also falls under the Advertising Standards Authority, so any issue you have proof of then you need to contact them. They can take action if they feel the advertiser mislead customers with the advert. Ebay and Trading standards can't prosecute a criminal act, Trading standards will operate with the police. Trading standards won't move on 1 complaint, if everybody made 1 complaint they would never get anything done so they have to have guidelines. Ebay can block an account if they feel it is against the rules, but they cannot stop the same person opening another or several under different names. So playing lexuschap or whatever he calls himself tennis with each other isn't solving anything, in fact it is annoying people, look to the facts and inform the relevant people, not ebay or trading standards, the police are the lads to fix it if the guilt is there.
  3. Sorry but he has got to be sacked if this turns out to be true, look at the aftermath. He don't get sacked will give the message you can thump your manager/producer and all is acceptable, what happens if the next person thumps a manager and does get the sack, then you have victimisation because clarkson didn't get sacked. A legal minefield will be created. You all go and thump your manager tomorrow and see how long you keep you job, not long i guarantee it. I quite like clarkson, he can be a ****** at times and he is not everyones cup of tea i admit. The bbc have got to be firm here and create a warning that this is not acceptable no matter what the starting issue is. He will move to other shows and i'm sure he won't disappear, topgear if it continues wont be the same without him though.
  4. Mine had an mot fail on emissions, it was slightly over on hydrocarbons which equates to unburnt fuel, i did change the 8 plugs for NGK and took the car back the same day and she passed with flying colours, the emissions changed from just over to being well inside the legal requirement. If they say it can't be unburnt fuel because you use shell then tell him thats rubbish, the type of fuel you use has nothing to do with it, read the emissions document you got, if it shows hydrocarbons ( HC fail ) it is unburnt fuel no more no less. How does he know the fuel lines are fine, what did he do to say that. The current HC pass mark is less than 200 ppm, mine with old plugs was 259ppm and after new NGK went to 7 ppm. Denso or NGK plugs are as good as each other and don't ever buy them from the dealer, get them from your local motor discount shop and pay much less than dealer prices, i got IFR6T11 - 8x NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug for £45 including delivery next day. Other things that could be making the issue worse is an old filter, worn piston rings, dodgy HT cables and ignition coil pack. Check the plugs as you change them and look at the business end for anything other than a brownish greyish tan on the electrode. After the plug change, warm the car and go for a run and clear any cobwebs so to speak.
  5. Fill the tank, reset trip meter, run until light comes on, then refil tank and note how many litres it takes, then some basic maths to work out mpg will give you an average based on cold running, slow and fast roads and warmed up running, which as steveledzep says is an average. Think i got about 20-25 on my old ls400 mk3
  6. Heavy front end, power steering and maybe some minor wear to the front suspension area don't help tyre wear on these cars, one of the reasons why it's recommended to rotate tyres front to back after so many thousand miles. Having the suspension checked and tracking done on wifeys fiat grande punto today, drove it yesterday and it wanders all over the place like it's drunk, i must have looked like i was sawing at the wheel like they did in them old films. No wonder she don't like driving it, asked what else was wrong with it, she replied how long you got and get a stiff drink you may need it, hmm i think she wants a new car.
  7. Well iv'e been mulling over getting rid of the old girl a while now, I don't use it as much as she deserves. Gave her a good clean inside and out, looked even better than the day I picked her up back in July 2012. Chap near me knows of me and the car and asked me to let him know if I planned anything selling wise, saw him other day whilst walking the dog up the country park, after a visit yesterday and a testdrive he just straight offered £4.5k so I said let me think it over and talk to good lady, she says it Ok to let the car go so I rang him back and he upped the offer to £5k without me getting a word in, so I said yes. Got £500 more than what I paid for it He came round earlier with cash and we signed over the girl, even went for a last drive in her with her indoors. I will miss it, but can't bare the thought of keeping it and not really using it (work car) just letting it sit on the drive. I will stay popping in to hurl abuse and any other titbit of wit and garbage. Take care folks and fare thee well.
  8. You should find more 430's for sale than 400's, nearly double the ampont of 430 to 400 are registered, interestingly though, sorn records for the 430 to 400 are 5 times higher for the 400. Are those sorn ones the kind we see in the corners of dealers who can't shift them, i know of 2 dealers local to me who have 400's and to be honest they have seen better days and they not asking much either, may get one for the running gear alone. Some people do buy big luxury cars and not just Lexus and they don't realise the costs of keepning them in good condition when any kind of issue or service comes up, this then lets the car go unloved and slowly starts the road to the scrapper. Another reason for sales could be due to running costs, admittedly fuel is lower at the moment which we all can benefit from, but i'm thinking of parting ship for better economy.
  9. In order to be E marked as Road legal, the bulb must be exactly the same brightness as the original. The osram cool blue bulbs are.I've never seen a 6000K or higher bulb which is as bright of original. I don't think the technology to do this actually exists, but am happy to be proved wrong. Even the Philips aftermarket 6000K are simply too dim to meet the standard and are only available in Japan where the law is different. Not exactly true exactly the same as the original. Try this information for the correct legal term of E Marked. E-mark approval on a lamp basically means that it has been tested by an approved photometric laboratory and has achieved the standards laid down by the EC for fitment to a vehicle within the European Union. There are other regulations which apply in the UK, such as those for Construction and Use, but broadly speaking, vehicles registered from 1986 onwards are required to have e-marked lights if they are used on a public road. .Gov can give you most legal info about anything car related if you search it. The above info als has this as well. Given the fact that there could be insurance- or even legal implications if a vehicle without e-marked lights is involved in an accident, always follow the manufacturer or distributors guidelines when fitting & using styling lighting. Some lights, for instance, are not legal for road use, and if you do fit them to your car you assume all responsibility for any consequences thereof.
  10. You could get it checked by an independent to verify the leak. Just don't tell them about a leak to see if they pick it up, if they don't then ask if it's leaking to be sure. If it is leaking then you have to stop it as these gasses are harmful to the environment.
  11. Before anybody does this bulb changing, the first thing to do is check the rules regarding MOT, your car will fail if some aftermarket kit is fitted, non E marked for example, some kits require a self levelling system on the car, if it don't have it them also fail. If the car wasn't built with HID, then chances are it isn't going to pass an MOT if you put them on. Simple thing is check with your local MOT tester and they will tell you whether you on on to a waste of money exercise. Failing that ask a traffic officer, they are the ones who will pull you and ticket you, happened to a mate of mine, 3pts, fixed penalty, buying and installing the kit and the cost of removing the kit, he was not a happy chap. He also had to have the vehicle towed as the police would not allow it to be driven. And don't ever buy that cheap crap of ebay, you would be better off putting an candle in there for what they are and how long they last.
  12. I gave up on it, waste of effort, great idea but not quite delivered to the standard we expect of lexus. The reason i say the above, as phil says, you can stand there and touch the handle expecting the doors to unlock, sometimes they do and they they decide not to play, i did think it was me at first, so i went down the methodical route, batteries in all fobs changed for new, can't be the fobs then, door handle cleaned better than before it left the factory, can't see it being that, my hands, now then, washed and cleaned to within an inch of a nose bleed, doubt its them, and finally am i touching the handle in the correct manner (insert sick jokes here, you know you want to), is there a knack a particular dent you have to caress, red yfronts maybe. Tried the same spots multiple times, and you guessed it, depending if the car is in a bad mood it would not work other times it did. So it has not been switched on since and in my ownership it isn't likely to be again either.
  13. Don't work on farts, they are small air filters not chemical scrubbers