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  1. Another vouch for Amayama here, ordered stuff from them before and had great service, much cheaper than UK and US prices, even with shipping and import duty!
  2. I will be attempting this on my MK4 very soon (failing at 225k miles) I'm hoping to be able to remove the manifold and TB as one unit, I'm also hoping that I'll be able to use my double bendy ratchet spanners to remove the starter without taking off the rear water bypass. This should mean that the only gaskets I disturb are the 2 intake to cylinder head gaskets...which I will attempt to re-use! Wish me luck
  3. You'll need 15mm spacers up front. They will have to be the hubcentric type (around £115 per pair) Along with this, the sc430 wheels do not have much clearance on the back of the wheel to allow the stock studs to poke through the spacer, so they will need cutting down. They fit straight on the back but will look sunken into the arch compared with the fronts and 15mm spacers, so 20-25mm spacers will bring the rear up to scratch. I know this because I run sc430 wheels on mine 15mm spacers up front, standard on the rear:
  4. The 10" rear may cause you a problem. 98> have slightly more room to play with. I'm running 18s from an SC430. Didnt ruin the ride at all, don't know what people are talking about there. Tyre selection is so much better, I'm running 2 Pirelli P zeros and 2 Conti SportContact 3 tyres, so much grip! The standard tyres are dangerous in the wet, these give you so much more control
  5. I have removed the bit of trim that seals against the vent when the centre console is closed. You can then close the rear vents and viola, a 30 second DIY coolbox with no tools required. Done it on mine ;)
  6. It switches the warning beep on/off for when you try and lock the car with a door open.
  7. Buy genuine parts direct from Japan via Thats what i've done ;)
  8. Best bet is to browse the ClubLexus forums and VIP-style-cars forums. Hard to get the pieces in the UK but I'm sure its possible with some translation.
  9. I followed the link above ^^ This is easily the best method because you get line-out quality from the iPod (not the low quality from headphone jack) and also you can hook up a power supply so that it is also charging at all times it is plugged in. Its definitely worth the extra effort to do it properly. I ran my cable from the amp under the drivers seat to the centre console
  10. I use Amayama and get all my bits sent from Japan and UAE. Obviously factor in import fees and VAT but it still works out a lot cheaper than Lexus UK prices. Just ordered pretty much every suspension component that could be worn out and they arrived quickly with no hassle
  11. Thank you :) I have literally no idea what im doing and pictures were taken on an iPhone 5
  12. You will need 15mm spacers on the front, these bolt onto the hub and have their own studs. Unfortunately the stock studs still come through and will foul on the mating face of the new wheels. This is easily solved with an angle grinder and 15 minutes of your time. The rears fit without issue but will look sunken into the arches without 25mm spacers, which are on my list to buy next.
  13. 98 cars will only dip the passenger mirror when the adjuster is set to NS, 99> dip both
  14. I would only go with genuine tbh mate, I don't trust the copies. Your local lexus/toyota dealer (once you get through to them) should be able to sort it out. If you have access to you can find the part number there (if you weren't a member before 2009 you need a special invite from an existing member before you can view the diagrams, give me your email address via PM and I can do that)