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  1. I've looked at this one, and it drives spot on, nothing wrong with the mechanics apart from corrosion on the springs, but thing that put me off it, is the steering wheel and that silver thing on the centre console area. Or am I just being too fussy?
  2. You know what a lot of traders are like, they'll say any rubbish just to sell a car. That's why I wouldnt buy from a trader. I'm knocking all of them, but most of them are abit dodgy
  3. I'm still looking for an ls400, the ones on ebay ain't all that, the 2 I've seen on autotrader are way overpriced, that's probably that's why they haven't sold yet, they have been for sale a very long time. I'm after either a mk3 or mk4, but I do like Steve's toyota celsior too
  4. Sounds like air bags, very expensive, unless you buy second hand, but then how long will the second hand ones last. I'd get it converted to coilovers. Also if you haven't done so already, replace the radiator too, they are prone to leaking coolant into the gearbox causing gearbox failure, your car has hit 100000 miles, best to replace it to be on the safe side
  5. Hi its the cabin filter, behind the glove box You can reset it though following this procedures: Switch the car on Press the off button on the climate control, keep it pressed until you hear a ding Switch the car off, and then back on again, and that's should clear it
  6. But I think the ones on your celsior look better
  7. Oh wow that is nice, looks like the one in the street fighter game. Nice colour too
  8. Yeah I've seen that, it's been on sale on Facebook market for long time, it's a cat c, so not really worth it
  9. He said if I want it, he would sell it to me, its got hsd coilovers, he said it still drives smooth, he said you wouldn't believe unless you test drive it