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  1. I am of the opinion that when you use a permanent seat cover all you are doing is paying premium for your seats and then using non premium to ride in and passing on to next owner brilliant condition seats for them to enjoy as you should have done. However for intermittent use to protect from dirty clothing then fine.
  2. Having driven vans for many years I also think exterior mirror use is fine but do understand your point of view. could you fix the phone to the rear view mirror to come within the law.
  3. gentle braking will be all regenerative so no detriment to mechanical brakes at all.
  4. I bought my extended warranty on purchase of vehicle which extended it to 3yrs then a further 2 yrs after. Had new wing mirror 1 new rear shocker 1 rear caliper 1 water pump 2 boot struts within the whole period. unfortunately a few days after it expired, due to age, a lambda sensor went which cost £500 at an independent. I only wish i was able to renew to renew the warranty. I always treat insurance as a just in case senario and hope never to use it as if I do have to claim it means I'm in trouble and i'd rather not be in trouble. My advice would be to get it and hope you never need it.
  5. Malc I traded it in in July 2010 for a new Avensis which was a nice car but no Camry and definitely no Lexus. Perhaps it is abroad or written off maybe. Paul
  6. My Camry Sport, beautiful car and the best I'd owned til the 450h. I had it for 10 years and relatively trouble free.
  7. On my 2009 GS 450h this action can be set by the owner so can therefore be disabled. If it was activated accidentally and the doors not opened then the doors would automatically re-lock but the windows would remain down. Also test whether it is set up to do this by locking then unlocking with a very long press on the unlock button, that will then give you an indication as to whether there is a fault. This happened to me immediately after locking my car and walking away. A friend had parked next to me shortly after I had left the car and remained with it till I returned and time checks showed it could only have happened as I walked away.
  8. Thanks Lee Not causing an issue yet just a gentle gut feeling that its ready for attention. As I'm just outside Mansfield it will be easy for me to get to Sutton when I do get it checked.
  9. sorry to hijack but Lee where in Notts did you get your tracking done after all the work you did on it? Mine is getting ready but not happy with Lexus Nottingham. Paul
  10. Mine was already installed when purchased. The selection is through CD Not DVD but DVD plays my music discs which can be confusing. You need to power up the Ipod and select music and go from there, not cracked the playlist layout yet though I just have all tracks in one folder. I also leave it on all the time so just need to select CD and it plays where it left off. I think it goes into a standby mode but as it was acquired solely for the car I still don't know how it should work. Ill have to ask my grandson!!!
  11. I too have an old Ipod connected and just have to select cd mode and it plays with full control form steering wheel switches.
  12. Ganesh, From above, same method as Alexander above used apart from removing coolant reservoir. He said it was extremely physically tight to get his hands in and the sensor tight, but that's common.
  13. Update Dave at Lex-Tekautos fitted a new sensor for me today and all seems fine but wallet considerably lighter. Its the first GS. 450h he's done and was surprised at how much he had to dismantle to gain access.
  14. The wood looks like a broken shaft of a panel beaters hammer.
  15. +1 on the door switch, it may also affect the locking of the doors. It was the auto lights not switching off that led me to the switch on mine.
  16. I would also suggest a check for damp carpets etc as you may have an excess of moisture in the cabin to have to use demisting so much.
  17. Hopefully Mark, its the first time using him but have not heard 1 bad report.
  18. Alexander As I have serious heart problems and a bad back I chickened out and have booked it into Lex-Tek Autos at Sheffield for after the new year. I could just about stand up after my initial investigations which influenced my decision and after reading your case I am reassured for me that its best. Not beyond my skills but not the physicality.
  19. My extended warranty on my GS ended on Nov 30. Dec 5th EML light came on, typical !!
  20. many obstacles if I have chance I'll post a photo.
  21. Unfortunately Phil I don't think there's as much room on the 450h as there is on the 300 and there's not much room on that. Was there a lot of stripdown to gain access?
  22. Checked using both my sons blue-point reader and techstream. just thought if I could swap bank 1 to bank 2 it would confirm sensor fault as opposed to other. Its showing bank 2 sensor 1 at fault.
  23. Evening all readers I have the code for 02 sensor appear. Question is how best to access the pre cat sensors, sensor 1 on my GS450h, from bellow or above. I have been unable to find anything on here or club lexus or google. Can anyone advise please before I get too involved. Also can they be swapped bank to bank to aid elimination. TIA Paul