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  1. I had this happen to me once when it was a very windy night and it was only in the morning I noticed my boot was unlocked and the wind was lifting it slight with, consequently, the alarm kept going off. I’m sure this might be a red herring but, check your boot!
  2. I bought my is300h f sport in 2016 from Lexus Hedge End As a retirement present to me and have had nothing but excellent service from them when I have had my car serviced, annually. I had various company cars from BMW, Mercedes and VW all maintained at the local dealers but none were a patch on the attentiveness and politeness of Hedge End. I can only comment on my own experiences and, from my viewpoint, this particular dealer is what I would expect from a Lexus dealer. P.S. They didn’t pay me to say the above.
  3. I have a 65 plate f sport with the joystick and I can confirm that the joystick will stay in the left/right/up/down position when moved there, but it only needs the slightest touch for it to move back to centre. It certainly does not “stick” in those positions but it will “stay” until tapped back to centre.
  4. Very interesting. Does anybody know if this is to be implemented nationwide?
  5. Many thanks for all the responses. I would really like to know what Lexus think about this “potential” issue. I don’t know what the exact failure mode was on my caliper but I will try and find out from Lexus Hedge End and see if they have had any comment from Lexus. If I get any further details I will let the community know. Thanks again to those who responded, it’s really good to know that there are so many of you out there who care enough about their cars to bother.
  6. Last week I noticed an overheating front disc and put it in, today, with Lexus Hedge End. To cut a long story short, apparently the caliper was seized. I had to have a new caliper fitted but the disc had also warped necessitating replacement of both front discs (no point in just doing the warped one) and new pads fitted. Lexus Hedge End were very good and I highly recommend them. However, they told me they had never seen this problem before and were going to send the defective caliper on to Lexus for their assessment. By the way, the car is an is300h f sport (65 plate) with 45000 miles on the
  7. Sorry to be a pain, but I remember some time ago seeing a post regarding how to view the aux battery voltage somewhere in the on-screen Menus and I can’t find it. There was some selected button/switch actions required in Ignition mode but I can’t remember what it was. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. John, thanks for responding. I wonder if anyone else has tried this on the is300h or has an alternate method. In any event, my battery appears to be working ok and is only 3 years old. I was just interested because of the thought of “hidden menus” and not knowing all the Lexus “secrets”. Love this forum as (on the whole) everyone is so helpful and informative. If anyone knows anymore secrets it might be useful to compile a list for all to take advantage of.
  9. My car is the is300h and the above operations did not work for me. Is the above applicable to my vehicle?
  10. Sorry if I am missing something but how do I access this “built in hidden menu” to check my battery voltage?
  11. Dutchie01, I have had my f sport for 2 years (65 reg) and agree with most of what you say below (see additional comments): the heated seats are not strong enough. I cannot find a difference between 1 2 or 3 setting. Don’t have a problem with the heated seats and particularly like the ventilation in the summer.. ooooh. rear window demister is too weak. i consequently have it on constantly this time of year. Absolutely agree with this. Weakest I have ever come across. of course the satnav and entire IT platform is dated, looks and feels old and not user friendly. Com
  12. I had a similar problem last year. If you search for TPMS button you should find the the post I raised on the 20th July 2016. If you follow it you will see a photo I posted of where to find the TPMS button under the dash. Hope this helps.
  13. The blind idiot has found it! Sorry for the boring question in the first place. Perhaps a photo in the Owners Manual would be more helpful. By the way, love the car.
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