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  1. I was asking about size as I know there were uprated sizes available for previous cars I owned including my old ISF. Turns out I need M+S rated tyres for the day and a bit that we spend in Austria next week. Looks like I’ll have to call my tyre guy tomorrow.
  2. Cheers. Dropped the former owner a message with the link. Suggested that he could get in touch with the seller to strike a deal to sell the paperwork. There was a stack of it.
  3. Is the factory tyre size on the 16” wheels 225/60/16? Are there any suitable alternative sizes for the 16” wheels? Looks like I will need some all season tyres for my upcoming roadtrip so just weighing up my options.
  4. Snap! Mine went in for a service and a inspection before the roadtrip and it also needs new handbrake cables. Like you say once done they should be fine for a good few years.
  5. Wise move with the weather. I was in London yesterday to sort out a major part of the travel plans. Was surprised by the amount of snow, we had driven down from Leeds and the A1 & M1 closures played havoc on the way down!
  6. The Iran visa has been a bit of a pain but hopefully it should be sorted in a few days. The car will be coming back but most likely by sea. Don’t have enough time off work to drive it back sadly so I’ll have it shipped home.
  7. I viewed one a few miles from me. Test drive didn’t go to plan, owner took us for a spin and was pulled over just as we returned by an unmarked BMW X5. He was driving without insurance. Car was seized and is likely to be disposed of as he can’t afford to have it released. My brother stumbled across an advert on Facebook for another. We exchanged a few messages and then I drove up with a friend to view the car. A deal was done and my friend drove the car home. I chop and change cars regularly. The ISF was replaced with a heavily modified Evo X which was then replaced with a Alfa 4C spider. That was recently replaced with a Renault Zoe! The LS400 was purchased for an upcoming roadtrip. Just a short drive from Leeds to Lahore...
  8. Congratulations. I also purchased a LS400 over the weekend in the same colour!
  9. Thanks but I’m sorted now. Just returned from buying a MK3 LS400. Will stick a thread up in a few days
  10. No camera crew with the unmarked car sadly, would have made for good TV. Seller is definitely up the creek without a paddle so to speak. The recovery costs are £150 plus £30 storage per day. He has 12 days left to get valid insurance, pay for road tax and get the car released after paying the costs listed above. Legally he has to inform the insurance company of his pending 6 points too, which will make the premium skyrocket. I’m waiting to confirm if WYP will allow me to purchase the car from the seller whilst it’s still in storage and then get it released in my name with my own insurance policy etc assuming he sees sense and agrees to a more reasonable price. I’ve been given conflicting answers by them so far.
  11. Yup. He’s said he plans to get it back in under a week but he’s still looking at recovery and storage costs in the region of £300, plus whatever his fine ends up being on top of the 6 points. I made him what I deem to be a sensible offer (a lot higher than others have suggested on here) and he refused. I’m off on my trip at the end of March. Will start a thread on it once I’ve got a car.
  12. It was the strangest test drive ever, the owners insurance policy had lapsed but he still took me for a test drive. I sat in the passengers seat. Just as we were getting back the unmarked X5 that was behind us put his lights on and pulled us over. Car was impounded on the spot!
  13. What sort of price do you think it’s worth?
  14. Seemed to drive fine, I let the seller drive whilst I sat in the passenger seat. No abnormal sounds etc. Gearbox seemed to work fine too with kickdown etc. No clunks from that either.
  15. Went to view a local LS400 today. 1999, 3 former owners. Existing owner has had it for nearly 2 years now. He had it serviced at the time of purchase and has covered a few thousand miles in it. Cambelt was done in 2006 at 58k so it’s due a new one. Bodywork is a tad tatty though. Purpose of the car is for a ~6500 mile roadtrip across 2 weeks and 3 continents. Thoughts?