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  1. I’m officially bored, well maybe bored is the wrong word to use. Don’t get me wrong, the ISF is a great all rounder and a wonderful daily but it’s doesn't excite me like the Alfa did.
  2. Yes to a dechrome but don’t tint the rear lights. My old Evo X had tinted rear lights and they looked very chavvy.
  3. GibletPH

    KX58PLN on ebay

    The eBay add is dodgy. Look at the seller and the calibre of cars he has advertised. I think it’s a scam and he’s taken the images from the genuine AutoTrader ad. I’ve seen this done before on eBay.
  4. Cheers for the tips (pun intended). Had one of the tips fall off my last ISF so I’ll be getting the welds checked beforehand.
  5. Is there a write up anywhere showing how to remove/fit the stock fake tips? Also any info on what size bolts hold them in? Mine has the H&S exhaust with aftermarket tips, I’m not keen on them so I want to refit the stock ones. I may have them powdercoated black before putting them back on.
  6. It’s all down to personal preference and budget. I prefer the full system, you could always just get some stock backboxes and have them modified?
  7. Any half decent custom place will charge you around a grand. The off the shelf stuff (but made to order) from H&S starts at £1140 -
  8. I had a custom exhaust on my last ISF which was based on the Joe Z design but with the addition of a remote valve. Current ISF has the H&S system with the X Pipe. It’s a close call on which one I prefer after having watched videos of my old one.
  9. Jaguar F Type. Stick a Spires exhaust on it and bosh, pure filthy V8 soundtrack with the added whine from the supercharger
  10. Is the sole requirement a V8 engine? No issues on bodystyle, number of seats etc?
  11. GibletPH

    Post your Pics

    Wetsanding isn’t that difficult as long as you use a high grade disc and have a PTG to hand to keep an eye on clearcoat thickness.
  12. I love how worked up you are getting over it. I have no issues with it taking up most of my screen (using in iPhone X) For what it’s worth a FAQ sticky with answers to common questions and links to threads makes sense.
  13. It’s no different to other marque and model specific forums that I frequent. Newbies can check the stickied threads for information without having to start new threads. I for one used the ISF specification thread recently when I was looking at buying another ISF. I don’t understand why people are so wound up by them
  14. The vote is tied 😉
  15. GibletPH

    USRS RR Racing

    Set mine to 38 all round, will see how I get on.