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  1. Yikes. I’d take £100 plus postage in comparison! Or if I get bored I could get the Dremel out and try to get them to fit onto the Saab rear bumper 🤣
  2. Cheers, will get them on eBay at some point!
  3. Any idea what a set of exhaust tips are worth? Found some in storage from one of my old ISFs, given that I now drive a Saab estate I have no need for them 🤣
  4. And she’s gone, collected this evening by her new owner. He’s a petrolhead who had a look at the E90 M3 saloon but decided on an ISF instead. I told him about the forums and he said he will sign up in due course. Sold it via eBay in the end, had a few of the traditional time wasters with lowball offers but this chap drove up on the weekend, test drove it and left a deposit. I think that’s me done with the F’s for a while. Might consider a RCF in a couple of years but for now it will be something mundane for everyday duties and then something sillier for high days and dry days. I’ll be in Japan next month and I’m trying to resist the urge to pick something up whilst I’m there and get it shipped over.
  5. The ISF may end up being a cult classic amongst anoraks but that won’t be for a long while yet. To most people the F range is a bit too anonymous and lacks the desirability of it’s German rivals. A few of my petrolhead mates have driven both my ISFs over the years and whilst they have enjoyed it they have all said that it would be hard for them to buy one over the M3/C63 etc. The fact that Lexus only ever sold 200 or so just backs that up.
  6. There are 12 ISFs for sale across AutoTrader and eBay (after removing the duplicates), prices vary from 13,995 for the cheapest to 24,000 for the most expensive. £30,000 for the one above seems massively overpriced. Whilst the ISF is a good car it still lacks the desirability of the M3 or the C63 to the average petrolhead.
  7. On an early flight out of Manchester on the 30th now annoyingly so I can’t do the day trip. The flight is to Japan so if anyone needs any parts picking up then let me know 😄
  8. I’m officially bored, well maybe bored is the wrong word to use. Don’t get me wrong, the ISF is a great all rounder and a wonderful daily but it’s doesn't excite me like the Alfa did.
  9. Yes to a dechrome but don’t tint the rear lights. My old Evo X had tinted rear lights and they looked very chavvy.
  10. The eBay add is dodgy. Look at the seller and the calibre of cars he has advertised. I think it’s a scam and he’s taken the images from the genuine AutoTrader ad. I’ve seen this done before on eBay.
  11. Cheers for the tips (pun intended). Had one of the tips fall off my last ISF so I’ll be getting the welds checked beforehand.
  12. Is there a write up anywhere showing how to remove/fit the stock fake tips? Also any info on what size bolts hold them in? Mine has the H&S exhaust with aftermarket tips, I’m not keen on them so I want to refit the stock ones. I may have them powdercoated black before putting them back on.
  13. It’s all down to personal preference and budget. I prefer the full system, you could always just get some stock backboxes and have them modified?