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  1. This is very timely advice, as I'm currently shopping for tyres for my G Spider wheels. Are there likely to be any issues with going for this lower sidewall? For example; will Lexus pull any faces when it goes for service with them (I have a service plan with Lexus Bolton)? Apologies for dragging up an older thread
  2. I considered it, but as the accident was not my fault, I wanted to make sure that I got back what I'd had beforehand: a blemish free, low mileage, SEL with a full Lexus history. What I would have ended up with was a repaired, Cat D low mileage SEL. I didn't think I should have to take the financial hit that trying to sell a Cat D car comes with.
  3. The leather in that car looks pretty tired for only 41k miles...
  4. Well there were no injuries to either occupant, so yeah I guess to an extent. The big issue was the that the exhaust was toast, and we all know what an IS250 exhaust costs... Naturally, they wrote it off.
  5. Ain't that the truth. The damage in the attached picture was enough to write mine off. It was back up on AutoTrader a few weeks ago as a Cat D. Whoever bought it got a pretty good deal based on it's service history/mileage and being an SE-L
  6. Stationary DPF regeneration P2002

    That's just good general advice!
  7. If there's a turbo, an EGR and a DPF involved, it doesn't matter what car it is - if you drive it inappropriately, you're going to have a bad time. One of the best dieselisms I've seen was hand written on the rear of a Mondeo TDCi: "Have you been missold TDI?"
  8. Silver's not that bad a colour. Mine is silver (with the moonroof - no ACC though :( ) and it still looks good even when it's got a little bit of road muck on it. The one I had before was dark grey which was a nicer colour, but when you're spending insurance money and have very little time to mess around as you need to get to work; beggars can't be choosers! Can't wait to see pics of yours :)
  9. You should be able to see the top of the light pattern move as you take steering lock off when going around a corner. You'll need to do it where there aren't any streetlights though as it's fairly subtle. And remember to keep your eyes on the road - I was distracted when I first noticed it and nearly clipped a kerb.
  10. That was the thing that turned me straight off it too.
  11. Are the tyres in good condition? A previous car had an intermittent judder at certain speeds and under certain conditions - this vanished when the tyres were changed and the wheels properly balanced. Just a thought.
  12. This. I always look back at mine to see if the mirrors are folded. If they are, I locked it. Always with the button on the door handle, with the 'key' safely in my pocket. Happily, it's a really easy habit to get in to, because our cars are soooo pretty
  13. This is useful advice as I live near Warrington... Cheers John!
  14. IS250 F-Sport Build Thread

    What he said ^^
  15. IS250 F-Sport Build Thread

    I think it looks good with the colour of your car... It doesn't stick out too much or make a fuss of itself. Also, faultless professional install as usual - you really are a true craftsman!