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  1. JamesIS220

    Birthday treat

    It's what I do before MOT. Looks a lovely car and low mileage. Covers the surface rust on suspension bits and protects and prevents advisories. James.
  2. When I bought my Lexus for £1,475.00 the most I have ever paid for a car I did a car history text the reg check. Came back clear, no accidents, colour change, stolen etc. Mot history to see if any advisories. Always passed with no advisories. Before going to see the seller I did a finance check. No finance owed. Advertising seller was selling on behalf of his business colleague owner. He buys the cars, his friend lists them but unfortunately owner on holiday. Thought it sounded odd but showed me the original owner traded the car to another dealer and the person I bought it from, his business colleague bought it from this dealer. I was happy as at least the original owner had sold it. Worst case I had lost my money. Before parting with my cash I did another finance check to make sure that there wasn't a log book loan on it. It was clear again. There is always a risk as most HPI reports only search the main lenders! I got a receipt and the V5C Slip. I had also taken pictures of the ebay listing and conversations about collecting the car etc so if the seller was dodgy had proof to the police if stopped I bought it in good faith. 4 Weeks later I had not received the new log book even though the seller said he would post it to the DVLA. Checked with the DVLA and not notified. Filled in a V62 form and sent it off along with the V5C and apparently they contact the registered owner and if no response automatically send you a new V5C. 5 weeks after received new log book. Now with no previous keepers name and address. Also be aware there are I believe 200,000 stolen blank V5C logbooks which were used by car thieves to clone the stolen cars to another legitimate cars details. http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/car-buyers-guide/cbg-dvla-warning-stolen-v5c-vehicle-registration-certificates.html James
  3. Not good! The more jobs you do not only saving money but know it's done right. I haven't managed to get one yet as none on ebay. Emailed lexus breakers and not got back to me yet. I'll phone them next week as breaking several diesel 220's. A new one from Lexus Birmingham complete was £250!! I thought £100 new. £50 used. I have ordered some engine bay engine cover clips and the carpet clip off Ebay, so we'll see how they fit. A mobile AC company is coming out to me on Tuesday to get my Lexus AC system leak tested, so hopefully find the leak and take it from there. The AC is certainly needed in the possible 30 degree heat this week, thankfully the 940 AC works. James
  4. I have a 2006 IS 220d and have only covered 1,200 miles in it and so far no issues. Hoping this continues as off on holiday in it soon. The thing with the 220d is it's very cheap and affordable. Lots of kit, looks lovely, comfortable, nippy enough and feels premium when you sit in it and operate controls. I paid less than 1.5k but very high miles at 175,000. MOT end of July so hoping DPF not been messed with! I really wouldn't want to spend 2.5k upwards for a 250 from 2006. I have to say I like my 1996 auto Volvo 940 but the Lexus looks lovely and drives perfect. My next Lexus will probably be A GS430. Love all the gadgets, auto big plus and space and very good value to buy with prices from 1k. James
  5. Non Lexus garage has serviced it every year for the last 8 years for the previous owner. Not near me I'm afraid. Suspect most probably housing tightened up too much or oil drained but filter not changed? I need to buy the housing as even with two people using filter wrenches wouldn't budge it! I'll also buy the removal tool. James
  6. I have a 220d on 176,000 and took my car for a full service. The garage couldn't get the oil filter off the housing using 2 oil filter wrenches as feared breaking the housing off. I know there is a special tool but garage said even that wont work and to buy a new housing. I have done a google search and some old listings on ebay come up but sold and can't find any others. Anyone know where to buy a new or used one? Suppose last source is Lexus. Could do with more engine bay trim clips and drivers footwell carpet fixings. Many thanks. James
  7. JamesIS220

    LS 430

    Thanks. What do you like about your LS430? Seems much more toys. What years were the different models? Take it the LS430 is the older top spec 400 series rather than the newer 460? James
  8. My automatic 1996 Volvo 940 radiator coolant started leaking. Crack on the top rad hose stub (very common) so replaced the rad with a nissens unit. It's been faultless on my 940 auto and an exact fit with no modifications needed as I fitted it! Covered around 7k and car now done 195,000. Also had to change my 1989 Volvo 240 GLT automatic rad as the gearbox alloy pipes had a hole in one of them at a steel clip! The garage found the connections seized to the original rad and so for ease got a new nissens radiator installed 5 years ago. Fitted perfectly and fault free. Covered at least 30k. Now on 234,000 miles. I also have a nissens AC condenser in the 940. Again excellent. Getting my 2006 lexus IS 220d serviced tomorrow and looking for the AC leak at the same time. If condenser, yes nissens! James
  9. JamesIS220

    LS 430

    Nice car but a few issues. Would of been better to of took pictures in daylight to see the nice blue colour. What do they drive like? Gearbox plenty of kickdown. Presume 4.3 litre goes very well. Presume CVT auto. Only ever driven an Austin Warner AW70/71 in my Volvo 240 and 940. James
  10. I take it a 2006 IS 220d wouldn't be ULEZ exempt as diesel? Why aren't they targeting planes, trains and industry more. They have more clout than the easy prey motorist! Not that I have ever been to London, but sure in the near future, Birmingham will do something similar. I'm sure if all towns and citys have a charge we won't get a reduced road tax. I liked the French system where you pay a one off charge on engine CV during your ownership. If I remember correctly you got a discount if car was over 10 years old. In 2003 had a 1986 740GLE estate 2.3 James
  11. JamesIS220

    LS 430

    I like the blue colour too! James
  12. Quite like the LS430 Model. Looks comfy, roomy and the V8 appeals! Lots of kit and quite cheap. Is it generally fault free? I see ATF/rad issues due to age and rear AC pipes can leak but generally any major issues? I quite fancy getting one at some point. I believe cambelt and water pump required, is it a big job? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-Lexus-LS-430-4-3-4dr/142818309432?hash=item2140a27538:g:3TcAAOSwQFNbEidy What colours are the best. Like light grey or cream interior. James
  13. JamesIS220

    Lexus LS400 1995 rear window...help!!!

    As said contact your insurers as they authorise the repair or use certain suppliers. Say you have phoned around and none aftermarket available and only available at Lexus. Don't pay yourself as may not get refunded unless authorised by your insurer. Let them have the hassle! At least going to Lexus should be decent glass, hopefully the original manufacturer. Looks a great car James.
  14. Great info, thank you Not too bad then. Seems more of a commuting to work in a town where the braking/stopping in traffic will regenerate the batteries, rather than rural use where mostly no stopping. Sounds as if you need to budget 1-1.5k in potential repairs as with most used cars. I Love all the spec but not potential expensive issues, especially with a limited self employed income. I have a Volvo 240 & 940 estate for the last 10 years and very cheap to buy and maintain. Very reliable and not too complex. Sounds as if any hybrid that's older is too complex and potentially expensive repairs for me and my budget. James
  15. I was browsing ebay and found this car. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-GS-450H-SE-L-A-Hybrid-Electric-2006-Bargain/123169790161?hash=item1cad7dd8d1:g:W0YAAOSwRNRbE5iX I have to say it looks nice. I currently have an IS220d but fancy upgrading to a hybrid at some point in the future. I'm not keen on the off road look and prefer the large luxury saloon look. Is a GS hybrid a good reliable car? I see it's no longer made. Would you get 40mpg in rural journeys or better mpg on town runs? Many thanks. James