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  1. Liked reading about your cars. I have never owned a camry. Had a corolla. I really like old rear wheel drive Volvo 240, 740 and 940. 1986 740 estate. B230K engine. Had for 5 years paid £425 in 2002 as going to Normandy France to live. Then PX for a new corolla in 2007. after 2.5 years didn't need a LHD in France as returning back to the UK. Bought a petrol 1989 Volvo 240 GLT auto estate in late 2009 for £350 in Birmingham with 169,000. Drove it as my daily for 10 years and it was a reliable workhorse. Sold at 234,000 miles in 2019 for £500. Have a petrol 1996 Volvo 940 turbo LPT SE auto estate as my workhorse. Bought 3 years ago for £250 and still going strong 202,000. Bought a lexus IS220D big mistake should of got IS250. Now have a 2015 Auris hybrid estate. Bought it for economy, reliable, 0 tax and an A-B car. I also wish Lexus would do another estate! James.
  2. Not sure on the red for the shape. Burgundy would be better. It may look good in real life though. James.
  3. I have a 1996 petrol Volvo 940 2.3 litre auto estate and I wont change that, as for my work, being self employed in property maintenance, it's ideal. Like Volvo estates of old as large, reliable and like the visibility. Vans I don't like as not keen on lack of rear vision and older ones very basic. It's nearly on 203,000 miles and still works faultlessly. Bad it does 30-33mpg. I definitely think keeping any car on the road as long as possible is a good thing. Manufacturers should build new cars to last 15-20 years and get rid of the age related number plates. I have recently bought a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid estate and after fuel expenses of the 940 it's a revelation. It was empty when I bought it and put £30 worth in at Morrisons and that got me 340 miles as advised by the car. On some journeys managed 63mpg and averaged 55mpg. Apparently better in Summer as batteries work better in warmer weather. I certainly like the silent driving when under 40mph when the electric mode kicks in. James
  4. I also like estates and so bought a Toyota Auris hybrid estate. As it's a 2015 model its RFL is £0. Who knows if it will rise, but a big draw and hopefully 60mpg. It certainly isn't luxurious like a top spec Lexus, but hope it serves me well. I have driven old cars since passing my test. All old Volvo estates 1986 740GLE for 5 years. 1989 240 for 10 years. current 1996 940 for 3 years. All daily drivers and reliable. James
  5. No, budget well blown. cost me £14.5k A long term buy. Saved for 10 years and had 40th birthday last year so treated myself! Bought from Toyota as felt more security than private. James.
  6. Thanks everyone It was the colour that drew me to the car. Toyota had white, grey and silver and dark blue. Had this car brought up from another Toyota dealer as liked the blue and already had a silver Volvo. James
  7. If you bought from a dealer take it back under warranty for them to sort! I would say get the gearbox oil changed and go from there, also check the gearbox mount. Then get it on a ramp and check for play in bushes etc. I doubt unless asked for a gearbox drain/refill, if Lexus would of done it. Also check brakes for sticking. James.
  8. Hi everyone. Thought I would update you on what I went for. A 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid touring sport in Icon plus trim. couldn't afford the Excel and it only added road safety stuff and half leather. Liked the parking sensors though! could of had a 17 plate in silver and same Icon trim but 41k miles and a fleet car. Thought 15k miles difference is 18 months driving for me. Full Toyota history and done 25k. Added to current 940 insurance for renewal in April for £119.00. Went with 3 year warranty and service plan. Very pleased with it. James.
  9. I scrapped mine recently as head gasket gone. Your repair list sounds a total write off. My advice would be to buy something better and not the derv model. James
  10. I bought a 2006 IS220D 19 months ago for £1,475 with high mileage but full history. Independent after 5 years Lexus. 174,000 when bought. Ran well, and no issues until 18 months later apart from I replaced an injecter seal. Using coolant about 0.25 of a litre. No leaks visible, no oil mixing, no misfire, still ran great Temp bang on and no overheating. Went on a 450 mile holiday to IOW. Topped up twice. Down from max to Minimum. Returned then soon needing topping up every trip, followed by the coolant pressurising and overflowing from overflow. Sold it for spares repairs and got £350 for it. Going to be stripped of cat, injectors, lights and then weighed in. It covered 13,000 miles with me. To be honest though the turbo lag and crappy miss matched 6 speed gearbox made it worse. 30mph needed 3rd and 6th needed 80mph upwards or felt laboured. Build quality great and after fitting new Ac condenser everything worked. Would I buy another IS220D? No, Run fast away! Never gave great MPG. 33mpg winter summer 36-39mpg If you have 4k, buy a Prius Hybrid mk2. I treated myself to an Auris hybrid. So far like it. Buy the IS250 Auto! James.
  11. I'm collecting my new to me 2015 Toyota Auris hybrid estate with 25k, tomorrow and hope the cat on that doesn't get stolen! Read lots of reports, so may happen! Going to look at catman site to see if they do a replacement for an Auris. James.
  12. I'm looking for a second car and seriously thinking of a 2017 Toyota auris hybrid estate, business edition. Going to view one tomorrow at 14k, 40,000miles. Its grey but would prefer blue, or burgundy. Trying to buy Pre March 27th 2017 as free road tax. We'll see. James.
  13. Hi, We used to enjoy a walk up to the castle. The school was very sought after when I was there. We left the area when I was 15 and moved to Harborne Birmingham. My Grandparents bought a double fronted Georgian end terrace right at a busy junction 427 harborne road, that was grade 2 listed built 1740. We lived there for 3 years then moved to Penolver, in Porthleven, cornwall. Lived there for a year and moved back to Birmingham. Then moved to Normandy France. There for 7.5 years and then county Kerry for 2.5 years. Back to the UK and I bought a Narrowboat, live Near Alrewas, Staffordshire. Been on the boat for 8 years now and suits me. James.
  14. Me and my twin Sister went to School in Wigmore. Moved to Herefordshire in 1991 and left in 1994. Lived on a common near Aymestry. I was 12 and loved the place. I could walk miles as the cottage was up a remote track and surrounded by the hillside, iron Age hill fort and fish ponds backing onto croft castle. We moved as my Grandad couldn't stand the track/mud and remoteness and moved back to Birmingham. We bought a Subaru mark 1 and Subaru 1800 for the track and even had a Bratt pickup. We still go and see the people who bought it off us and its a lovely day out and lovely people! James.