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  1. For me, neither. If one was given then Lexus! I'd put the money towards a house or just stick it in the bank. James.
  2. Sounds a good plan! Or cut out fully and get a new piece welded in? Depends if keeping car long term. I tried the fibreglass filler to fill over my Auris Cat cover bolts and its awful stuff to work with. Mesh bonded in the resin, then filled over sounds the easier and best option. The older Volvo models are easy to change the timing belt as easy access at the front of the engine. I have never been confident to do it myself but buy the genuine Volvo timing belt and as car new to me the tensioner. Garage charged me £60 Labour. I change it every 50k miles. Apparently most rwd Volvo engines are non interference, but not all. I used to do the same with the old service items on my 240, I would put them in the boot cubby holes as spares just in case. A funny story. 5 months earlier changed the spark plugs on my 240. Drove down the A38 at 70 in the fast lane and suddenly a massive bang and engine misfiring! Pulled onto hard shoulder and lifted the bonnet and saw the disconnected HT lead and no spark plug! It was nowhere to be seen. Got an old one from cubby hole and fitted fine and was on my way! Never found the plug! James.
  3. Not bad for a 24 year old car. My P Reg Volvo 940 petrol Auto is good. Every few years I underseal it. Just the body needs work as previous owners scraped the OSR quarter. 203,000miles. It was scruffy when bought in 2016 for £250 but a great workhorse for my business and ever since purchased goes through the MOT with no advisories. Never had any welding yet. My 1989 240 GLT auto had both jacking points patch welded twice on the passenger side in 10 years. cost was around £100 a time. Sold it on and still on the road today. 234,000 when sold. Hope my 2015 Auris remains rust free! James.
  4. The IS 220D is great apart from rubbish engine, only 40mpg max for me. Gearing oddities and turbo lag! Build quality, styling, comfort, safety all great. James.
  5. Hope the sealer works for you. If you can get another year great. If not breaking the useful bits will help. Hope it works out for you. James.
  6. LS430, for me as newer and more goodies. Never had or driven either though. James.
  7. Mine did the same. Started loosing coolant around 0.5 litre in around 150 miles. Gradually got worse and worse and started to pressurise and bubble up and out the coolant reservoir vent and get sprayed around by the electric cooling fan. Never overheated as kept topping up. Found you got no heater if low of coolant. Ran faultless, but water spitting out of exhaust. After around 2 months undriveable as pouring out quicker than pouring in. Tried k seal as nothing to lose and it didn't work. Listed a totally honest Ebay add and finally after 2 auction style finally sold it by a classified add with best offer for £350. Listed £375.00 The buyer was using some parts and scrapping the rest. Its probably crushed now! I got 19 months out of it and 13,000miles. Scrapped at 187,000 miles. It has been my worst car. Cost me £1,475.00, plus tyres, AC condenser. The is220 is nice, but not engine, turbo lag or gearbox. Should of got IS250. Now have a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid estate. My most expensive car. Loving the economy. £0 road tax and its comfortable. James.
  8. Sorry to hear of your Lexus being stolen. Hope the Police find it soon, undamaged! Wonder if it was stolen to order? Used in thefts or accident damage and used to repair. Most likely on cloned plates, so no trace on ANPR cameras, as if cloned number plate of same make colour of car then looks legit! Most UPVC doors are useless. BSI lock needed. Anti snap as you say etc. If patio doors laminated glass rather than toughened. James.
  9. I hope yours continues to be reliable. I scrapped mine after 18 months as head gasket gone. Mine struggled to get 32mpg winter 38mpg summer. I have replaced it with an Auris Hybrid. James.
  10. I found my IS 220d rear leg room not great and 6 speed box notchy and 6th terrible with the diesel. Auto any day! My grandfather found it tight and hard to get in/out. I would buy a GS450H as more room if looking for a Lexus. Not sure what faults these have but liked the interiors. James.
  11. Indeed! Yes I liked my Lexus IS 220d too apart from the diesel engine and gearbox. I really like the LS 600H and LS430, but sensible hat said buy something newer, cheaper to run. Really like the Lexus build quality, comfort, safety and oh the Tech! On an older Lexus you get a lot of car for your money! James.
  12. Hi Tom, You probably know me off the Volvo forums. Volvo Always. I have a 1996 940. At least you were monitoring levels and caught it before it split and dumped its coolant without you knowing, until too late. At least with older cars the parts are cheap. My 940 LPT rad top stub had cracked, which is common, and I like you fitted a new rad. I went for Nissens and same for Ac condenser. Perfect fit. I like Lexus as a brand and thought about an IS250 or GS450H but decided on a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid as newer, 0 road tax and 50mpg plus. I liked Lexus build quality of my 2006 IS220D but scrapped it as HG went. On any vehicle there are issues and once sorted, you'll have a great car. James.
  13. I don't know how long your warranty has left to run, but if not many months left, ask them to put this issue on file and see if they would repair if out of warranty as told them about fault, before the warranty expired. If they wont I would have another 2 year warranty once initial warranty expires. Hopefully the fault wont re occur. Most likely updated things and not said possibly? James.
  14. Sorry to hear your disappointed in the engine on your new car. I have recently bought a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid estate and there are a few things I don't like about it. The dim headlights and the noise it makes when revving hard. I'll upgrade the bulbs to the optibright and noise I'm getting used to. The things that I do like are it's colour, fuel efficiency and that its comfortable and zero road tax. Its no sports car, just an A to B car that's ultra reliable. I'm averaging 52mpg and last Friday did 60 miles from Brum to Leominster (A456) and averaged 62mpg on eco mode. Return only 54mpg. The car I like most for driving is my old 1996 Volvo 940 auto. 2.3 litre low pressure turbo petrol B230FK engine. They have no turbo lag and kickdown works well. Not great handling or fast but fun at the lights. James.
  15. Liked reading about your cars. I have never owned a camry. Had a corolla. I really like old rear wheel drive Volvo 240, 740 and 940. 1986 740 estate. B230K engine. Had for 5 years paid £425 in 2002 as going to Normandy France to live. Then PX for a new corolla in 2007. after 2.5 years didn't need a LHD in France as returning back to the UK. Bought a petrol 1989 Volvo 240 GLT auto estate in late 2009 for £350 in Birmingham with 169,000. Drove it as my daily for 10 years and it was a reliable workhorse. Sold at 234,000 miles in 2019 for £500. Have a petrol 1996 Volvo 940 turbo LPT SE auto estate as my workhorse. Bought 3 years ago for £250 and still going strong 202,000. Bought a lexus IS220D big mistake should of got IS250. Now have a 2015 Auris hybrid estate. Bought it for economy, reliable, 0 tax and an A-B car. I also wish Lexus would do another estate! James.