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  1. And think how green you are by not buying a new car. We should get free road tax by keeping our older cars on the road for as long as possible. When making a new car I bet the pollution of the actual manufacturing process and shipping is not included! No good saying scrap your old car and buy this low emissions model! I have a 1996 Volvo 940 estate 2.3 litre B230FK petrol engine as a workhorse and has 200,000 miles and still drives great. Need to get Ac working again and fix leaky sunroof! The 240 was my daily driver for 8 years and then 940. Sold the 240 GLT last year for £500. New owner tidied him up and now looks tidy. James
  2. My 2006 IS 220d has 183,300 miles covered. I have had the car 14 months and covered just over 8,000 of those miles. When bought Ac was dead. Fitted new condenser and replaced one injector seal. Fitted new avon front tyres and last and every MOT always passed with no advisories. All works faultlessly. James.
  3. Today I managed to get out as left foot has been painful and drove around several areas around Edingale, Hoar cross, Yoxall etc and I saw 3 Lexus cars today. First a 430 I think around Hill Ridware, Staffordshire area. Then an IS 250 around the Hoar cross area, I was behind in a P reg silver Volvo 940 estate. Your exhaust note was lovely! Finally on my way over the Scotch Hills towards Barton Under Needwood a modern Lexus GS450H? followed me in to the Marina. Never seen so many Lexus cars!
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have never been a fan of BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Never driven any of them but don't like their image and think of costly repairs. I'm more old school, hence drove a 1986 Volvo 740 in 2002 for 5 years and a 1989 240 for 10 years until sold a year ago. All bought cheap as in £425.00 for 740 and £350 for 240 GLT back in 2009. As you say, once the ULEZ comes into force I'll know then if any future vehicle I buy is compliant. It would be just like the government to change the rules as too many buying a cheap older, petrol ULEZ vehicle. James.
  5. Many thanks for your post. I have had a think and my sensible head says keep my IS 220D for now and if it breaks or the ULEZ in Brum arrives and there is no way around buy an IS 250 auto. checked a few from 2006 and 2010 and both exempt. Hopefully stay that way as affordable for me. I like Lexus as a brand and the standard stereo in my IS is great. Like the styling of my Diesel but no diesel issues to worry about with 250 and buy a better spec SE L. Best of all love auto and should get one for £3,000 Like burgundy colour or light blue with light tan leather! Your thoughts? My current IS James.
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Presume the car you buy has to have full Lexus service history and inspected prior to agreeing to the warranty? What is covered and how much does it cost? I think maintenance is a big issue for me on an £8,000 a year income on any car. Don't want any big bills and like a car like my Volvo that keeps passing it's mot. So far my IS has had nothing major wrong in the near 18 months of ownership and everything works as it should. I prefer the ride of my Volvo as soft. The IS you feel every bump in the road, but is glued to the road and is nippy. Is has 183,000miles now as put on 8,000 miles by me. Volvo 200,000. Both no idea if suspension has been replaced. I would keep my 1996 Volvo 940 as easy to service and reliable. It's my workhorse. Hoping a 2-3 year old used Toyota avensis or Skoda octavia estate would be reliable. Again though 10-12 grand would pay a lot of the ULEZ charge and may find a way to Kings Heath without paying. So much to think about. The car would be paid by savings so no finance. James.
  7. Thanks for the reply. About the same as an IS diesel then for economy. Not bad for a larger car. Road tax is less than my 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 lpt! Torn between spending more on a petrol estate. Estate more practical for me. Thinking Octavia or avensis. Found out that EURO 6 compliant from September 2016 will be fine or most petrol under 12 years old. Thanks. James
  8. I'm looking for a replacement for my 2006 IS 220D and like the look of the GS450h and RX400H. What are they like compared to a diesel IS? How much is the road tax? Want an auto version. Budget up to 10k but ideally 5k for a GS. Insurance costs around £700 based on a 2007 GS 450H SE L, so around 250 more than my IS. I like comfort and safety. What is fuel economy like on the GS? My main reasons for change are the ULEZ charge coming to Birmingham so want to avoid it the charge. If I bought a newer petrol car, what emissions class does it have to be to be ULEZ approved? Quite like a skoda octavia estate. Many Thanks. James.
  9. Polished the headlights on my IS220D. certainly got rid of the yellow look! James.
  10. In a year or 2 plan to buy a Lexus hybrid. Quite like the old RX400H and GS450h Both probably from 2006 onwards. Budget 5k. I currently own a base model 2006 IS220D and so far it's proved a good car in the nearly 8,000 miles I have covered in it. Everything works as it should. cheap to buy and tax reasonable. What are the older RX and GS450H like to own and drive? What does the road tax cost? Which is the better of the 2? What MPG do they do? The RX may replace my 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 lpt auto, which costs buttons to maintain and reliable even with 200,000miles covered. RX Should be safer as Volvo 940 an updated 740 so 30 year old design. Believe RX is cambelt driven. The RX looks a good size for a luxury workhorse! Do any come with adaptive/radar cruise control? If I had 10k would go for a GS 600H! Many thanks. James.
  11. Yes exactly the same noise. If you put your fingers round the injectors (round allen key hex head, silver things) one at a time you will find the faulty one as a breeze blows on you, ie diesel vapour. I could also see non ignited diesel mist escaping from mine. Your rear 2 look suspect as dirty residue around area. I was quoted £150 to sort from a diesel specialist. Worth a go yourself. Just follow the handy how too guide. I thought I'll get a specialist involved if the old injector wouldn't come out. Thankfully with prising, pulling and twisting it came out fine. Good luck with getting it sorted.
  12. How about using a pole through the ski hatch and unlocking rear door? would it open from inside with no power? James.
  13. Yes, go for the 250. I have owned my IS 220D for nearly 12 months and in that time have had no major trouble. changed an injector seal a few weeks ago and that's been it. covered 7,000 miles in that time and now on 181,700 miles. I use it for rural journeys and a bit of town and a weekly 30 mile each way journey on a dual carriageway at 2,300rpm in 5th for at least 25 minutes. Rarely use 6th gear. I haven't cleaned the EGR yet, and so far, touch wood, runs fault free. Last Sat, went to Brum from near Burton On Trent the 28 miles there, drove around 5 miles in town and returned home the 28 miles and showing 39.5mpg. Economy on short, less than 15 miles seems to be around 28-33mpg, more if less than 60mph around 38mpg according to computer. Seems the warmer the engine and longer journey at less speed gives better economy. Any major issues I'll ditch my 220D, which would be a shame but not worth a lot. You do get a lot for your money though, apart from mine, is a base spec. Even ones that have issues seem to get £800 for, so probably ebay it. Saying all that I would go for a Hybrid. Fancy a GS 450H. James.
  14. Are all Lexus Hybrids ULEZ exempt? Thinking in a few years to buy a Lexus hybrid. Thinking something big and under 5k. Probably 10 years old or older. Something like an older RX400h. What is the biggest hybrid lexus? Looking for something Volvo 940 estate sized where seats also fold. Thinking I can then downsize to one car. Currently also have a 2006 IS220D. I travel to Brum once a week to visit family from Staffordshire 28 miles each way and would like to not pay the charge coming to Birmingham. The 1996 Volvo 940 petrol in the 2 years I have had it has been reliable and previous 1989 Volvo 240 GLT daily driver of 10 years and 76,000 miles also excellent for reliability. They don't mind a certain amount of neglect and keep going. Both petrol and auto's. 940 on 198,000 and 240 when sold 235,000. The 240 was simple mechanically but rust was it's enemy. New owner repaired and now has new MOT with no advisories. Or should I just keep my 940 for work as better the devil you know and sod the charge and buy a Lexus LS430! Quite fancy one for all the toys! Which is Lexus's most highly regarded model? Also most highly regarded Hybrid. I tend to buy cheap RWD Volvo estates. 1989 240 GLT 10 years ago cost me £350 and 1996 940 LPT SE 2 years ago cost £250 and keep them, as general wear and tear and service items keeps them going. 240 when sold I got £500! Would you blow the budget on a Lexus Hybrid or keep Volvo 940 and buy a more luxurious LS430? Or buy a non Lexus Hybrid. Prius is quite cheap. Many thanks. James.
  15. Got a new washer and O ring from Lexus and finally got round to looking at it Monday. Took the injector out and looked at the metal washer and couldn't remove it as needed a coat hanger wire to make a hooked end as around 7 inches deep inside the castings. Shined a torch and it looked in good condition so left it as is. The O ring on the other hand was well perished and part missing. cleaned injector and fitted new O ring. Refitted everything and primed the fuel system and started the car, thankfully not blowing, so fixed! Many thanks to this write up. At least I have spares if another fails. I like my Lexus. Hope any other jobs are an easy and cheap fix. James.