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  1. Modern cars have too much electronics to fail and hard to service by the DIY owner. Very tight engine bays. It will be the electrics that will kill off the modern car or manufacturers make a component hard to get to, so many pounds labour involved. Also if the fault code reader says no fault, stumped. Today I fitted my new in tank fuel pump on my 940. Fiddly job as all hose clamps seized, but all fixed by me. Great having an older car as someone has been there and done the job before. I had a nice guide to follow. Never seen an LS400 in the flesh. Quite fancy one, but insurance costs are high. Looked into insuring an RX400H and that was £750 for me. One day I'd like to try a 400H or GS450 or an LS430! James👍
  2. Happy Birthday to your LS400. My 1996 Volvo 940 Automatic, had it's first breakdown on Friday, in the 4 years I have owned it. Found the cause today! Voltage to fuel pump ok. Gave the fuel pump housing a few bumps with hammer and stick and fired straight into life. Ordered a new Bosch fuel pump and also going to replace crank sensor, ignition module and fuel injection relay. £150 in parts Have MOT on Wednesday or Now likely Thursday. Hope the parts arrive quickly! Not as many miles as your LS at 205,000. My car was a bargain buy at £250. James.
  3. If you can do it yourself use a wire brush or/and a grinder with grinding disk and remove as much rust as you can. Then use a rust converter and then seal it all with Dinitrol/waxoil or equivalent and re-apply every 2-3 years. James
  4. Has your car lived by the sea or a car from Scotland with lots of road salt? James.
  5. Good news on the MOT pass. My 1996 Volvo 940 let me down yesterday for the first time. Started fine then I switched off a few minutes later and wouldn't start. Breakdown couldn't get it going! Recovered home. Found it has spark. Fuel next on the look into. Going to see if I have voltage at the fuel pump when key in position 2. May be fuel pump relay which I have ordered. Problem is, in for MOT on Wednesday, so hope I can fix my workhorse before then! I have had it for 4 years, it's first breakdown. Covered a mere 204,560. Cost me £250 so not much! James.
  6. No Cats were harmed in this incident! Car, yes.
  7. I like the CT but just too small. I like estates. Ended up with a 2015 Toyota Auris hybrid with 26,000 miles. More basic spec but much less miles. Bought from Toyota main dealer and so got a 12 month warranty. They replaced the AC condenser recently under warranty. The engine/hybrid system is the same. I like the economy and currently £0 road tax. James.
  8. I always use a comparison site every renewal. There is no loyalty these days. Every year they give you the same price or slightly higher, when you phone them drop £100-200 off price. Last April best I could do was £1000 for my 2 cars. At least I got £50 back from them as gave refund due to lockdown as less accidents/claims happening. In April hoping for a bit less as 41, 8 years no claims on one car and 2 on other. James
  9. They are good. Volvo trays I just take out and tip out, give them a pressure wash, job done. Worst. My Auris boot mat is made of the felt carpet that all the bits cling too! Have the liner tray, with mat inside, to stop things sliding about. Carpet mats in the Auris are not as bad as boot mat but being black show up bits. Cant complain though as full mat set for footwells cost £11.99! James.
  10. When I bought my Auris there was no boot liner or floor mats. Bought off Ebay as much cheaper then buying from Toyota. They fit well. On my 1996 Volvo 940 the floor mats are moulded plastic. Great in winter as they stop melting snow on shoes getting the carpets wet. I think Volvo at the time called them "snow trays" James.
  11. Looks a bit rough on the outside. Far too expensive considering probably needs all bodywork done and full respray. My advice spend more on a better one! James👍
  12. Was at my local Toyota dealer for 4 hours yesterday as having AC condenser replaced under warranty after over 2 months waiting for condenser on back order and Auris recall done. I quite like the RAV4 Hybrid. They had a base Icon 17 plate. Looked nice in Burgundy! 38K miles and 17k. Also had 2 69 plate in business edition/design for £31k. Out of my budget and currently happy with my Auris. James👍
  13. I like the Corolla too. Have a 2015 Auris TS Hybrid with 30k miles now. Wish Toyota offered lighter more airy interiors than mostly all black and better equipped corolla like memory front seats and electric. Probably don't want to tread on Lexus's toes. Wouldn't say no to a Corolla TS 1.8 in Denim Blue! In Icon Teck or Design trim. I like Lexus as a brand too, but find estates suit me better. James.
  14. I have an Auris Hybrid and I too find the energy monitor and keeping the revs in the eco range very addictive! I like the RX 400H. James.
  15. My 1989 Volvo 240 GLT had 2 reversing lights and 2 fog lights. When I bought my 1996 Volvo 940 that has 2 reversing lights but only 1 rear right fog light. It looks balanced with matching lights. I have since added the 2nd with new lights. My 2015 Auris only has one of each. James.