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  1. Hope you can get the colour matching company to re-mix another can for free. As colour was nowhere near! Your idea of sending a headrest was good, just hope it doesn't get lost in the post! I'll look forward to the finished result. Looking for grey electric front seats with memory for my 1996 Volvo 940 from a 960/V90, so will probably need some TLC once found a set. James👍
  2. Couldn't you spray all the seats so they match each other? Or is the paint too expensive? James.👍
  3. I like older Volvo's. The phase one V70 though is quite good I have heard. Had a 1989 240 GLT auto estate for 10 years, 8 as only car and daily driver. Excellent reliability. Recovered once in that time as gearbox output bearing went. £400 to sort. Sold the 240 for £500, only paid £350 for it so got my moneys worth and covered 76,000 miles with me. Sold with 234,000miles For the last 4 years, I have a 1996 Volvo 940 SE LPT auto estate. Again great reliability and just keeps going. Now on 203,000. Used as my works van. Last week been tidying up the body and fitted some new AC O rings and replaced AC condenser clamp for a better condition one, so now have working AC. Looking for a 960/V90 grey leather interior as fancy electric adjustment front seats with memory function. James.👍
  4. It could of been a great car with a bit more product development. Auto, my preference, better engine/ gearbox response. Oh no I'm describing an IS 250! Liked all the airbags even passenger knee as well. Loved the colour too and shape. Hope your head gasket lives for a very long time. James👍
  5. I like the mods! I had the same colour car, a 2006. Basic spec. Head gasket went at 187,000 miles. Got £350 in scrap. Picture of sale advert. Liked the comfort, build quality, standard radio, interior colour. Disliked gearbox mismatch, turbo lag and poor economy. Mine got around 35 winter 38 Summer. James👍
  6. Id say to the seller you will buy, if they sort out the warning lights once you have a satisfactory test drive. You really need to view/drive the car. May be more faults, like AC, not working etc. I wouldn't of put any deposit down, without viewing/test drive. I'm very untrusting of all dealers and Garages. Service as said is probably oil/filter change, if they do it! I would rather do it myself, so know what oil and filter has been used. The LS is a nice car. Would of liked one myself but insurance 1k for me! Around 10 years ago I was looking for a Volvo 940 estate. Advertised as full service history, one owner, drives faultless. Immaculate. Pictures looked ok. Spoke to dealer and all sounded great. Arrived at car. It was unlocked. Stunk of dog. Boot all stained. popped bonnet and no coolant in reservoir. Absolutely filthy engine bay, leaking oil, old service items. Head gasket staining down block. A right shed. 60 miles wasted! James.
  7. A friend of mine bought a fiat panda. His name was "Tony" I used to say it stands for "Fix It Again Tony" He bought it new and as lived in France. LHD clipped the curb as not great on road positioning. Bust wheel and suspension unit. Had it recovered to dealer. Explained honestly as to what had happened. Gave courtesy car. A few days later all fixed. Went to pay and asked for the bill. No bill! All done, not a centime! Replaced the whole lot! Ford. Found On Road Dead! James.
  8. I'd just buy a later Land Cruiser Amazon for a 3rd of the price. You would get a really nice one for 10k and less miles. James.👍
  9. Shocking omission from Lexus. Should have fabricated a gutter under windscreen scuttle to autofill the screen wash when it rains! James
  10. For me it would be an old rear wheel drive Volvo 240, 740 or 940. For my workhorse 4 years ago bought a 1996 940 SE auto LPT estate for £250 and its been great. Same as my daily driver of 10 years a 1989 240 GLT auto estate. Paid £350. Sold 10 years later for £500. 940 now has 203,000. 240 234,000. All drive great. Or the late 90's V90 2.5 or 3 litre. If Lexus an IS 250. or GS450. James.
  11. Looks good. Nice to save an older car. James.👍
  12. I bought this one. Sounds similar https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8-Amp-Intelligent-Car-Battery-Charger-Pulse-Repair-Starter-12V-24V-AGM-GEL-UK/254306059245?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Worked great on my dead battery. No lights or dash lights. Put on charge late afternoon and charged up overnight, ready to re install the next morning. Started great and a good price. I paid £21.73 so price increased. James.
  13. When I revived the AC on my IS220D I had a company called cool car come out to me and test the AC system for leaks. They used an electronic sniffer like tool. It went mad when around the condenser. I fitted a new one and had it regassed. Working AC. The cost for test was £30.00. James.
  14. I thought it was my new windows 10 laptop. A right pain. Also more ads to close. James.