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  1. A few weeks ago had the rear tyres replaced with avon ZV7 and passed the MOT with no advisories and now nearly on 185,000. Had fronts done in April as one tire puncture repaired 5 times and leaking slowly, so had fronts replaced. They are much more quiet that the goodyear efficient grip that were 3-4 years old. Around 14 months ago installed a new air con condenser to my 2006 IS 220D and in the last very hot spell felt the AC wasn't as cold as it was. Had it on the machine and re-gassed after evacuation and pressure test. Now lovely ice cold on the drivers side as well. Perfect in this weather! James.
  2. Really lovely! Would never afford unless new unless lottery win. could buy the old LS600h from around 2007 though. Or an 18 plate Toyota Avensis or Auris Hybrid, but not as nice as a lexus. James
  3. Thanks for the replies. Whatever it is, it works well. In my old Volvo's never had a working radio so now listen to it! James.
  4. I have a 2006 IS 220D and one thing I do enjoy is listening to the radio. A non Mark Levinson with 13 speakers and find it very good and works well. Who is it made by? Way prefer auto over the dreadful 6 speed manual. The engine turbo lag and incompatible gearbox ruins what is a nice looking car. 3rd gear at 30mph or feels labouring! More rear legroom would be nice too but reliability first. What does an IS 250 Feel like to drive? May get an IS 250 auto at some point if ULEZ exempt, when Brum Zone kicks in. I like Lexus as a brand and find the quality good and everything works as it should. Wish they did a newer estate version with electric rear seats on rails where you could move the rear seat back into the boot space when not needing the space and have lots of rear leg room. My 1996 Volvo 940 low pressure turbo petrol isn't fast but the AW70 automatic gearbox and B230FK 2.3 turbo engine is a good match. Hoping an IS 250 is more of a match to my 940, but should be much quicker as my 940 non modified is 135bhp. I'm 40 next month and love autos for easy/ lazy driving. James.
  5. I have a 2006 IS 220D with 184,000 miles covered and over the last month the coolant has been dropping from max to minimum in 150 miles driven. I have covered 9,000 of those miles. I have looked at hoses in engine bay and haven't spotted anything obvious. Is there any hoses that are well known to start failing? Tank to hose join is crusty/stained but always seems dry. Head gasket, I don't think so as no signs yet and starts great, good idle, no misfiring or steam from exhaust and no mixing of oil/coolant and still good engine performance. Temp just below centre as always. Last week went straight through the MOT and did emissions test and it didn't register? Did the test twice while revving it! Examiner very complimentary saying no play in bushes/bearings and has been looked after and you know when taken for an MOT will pass. Many thanks. James
  6. And think how green you are by not buying a new car. We should get free road tax by keeping our older cars on the road for as long as possible. When making a new car I bet the pollution of the actual manufacturing process and shipping is not included! No good saying scrap your old car and buy this low emissions model! I have a 1996 Volvo 940 estate 2.3 litre B230FK petrol engine as a workhorse and has 200,000 miles and still drives great. Need to get Ac working again and fix leaky sunroof! The 240 was my daily driver for 8 years and then 940. Sold the 240 GLT last year for £500. New owner tidied him up and now looks tidy. James
  7. My 2006 IS 220d has 183,300 miles covered. I have had the car 14 months and covered just over 8,000 of those miles. When bought Ac was dead. Fitted new condenser and replaced one injector seal. Fitted new avon front tyres and last and every MOT always passed with no advisories. All works faultlessly. James.
  8. Today I managed to get out as left foot has been painful and drove around several areas around Edingale, Hoar cross, Yoxall etc and I saw 3 Lexus cars today. First a 430 I think around Hill Ridware, Staffordshire area. Then an IS 250 around the Hoar cross area, I was behind in a P reg silver Volvo 940 estate. Your exhaust note was lovely! Finally on my way over the Scotch Hills towards Barton Under Needwood a modern Lexus GS450H? followed me in to the Marina. Never seen so many Lexus cars!
  9. Thanks for your reply. I have never been a fan of BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Never driven any of them but don't like their image and think of costly repairs. I'm more old school, hence drove a 1986 Volvo 740 in 2002 for 5 years and a 1989 240 for 10 years until sold a year ago. All bought cheap as in £425.00 for 740 and £350 for 240 GLT back in 2009. As you say, once the ULEZ comes into force I'll know then if any future vehicle I buy is compliant. It would be just like the government to change the rules as too many buying a cheap older, petrol ULEZ vehicle. James.
  10. Many thanks for your post. I have had a think and my sensible head says keep my IS 220D for now and if it breaks or the ULEZ in Brum arrives and there is no way around buy an IS 250 auto. checked a few from 2006 and 2010 and both exempt. Hopefully stay that way as affordable for me. I like Lexus as a brand and the standard stereo in my IS is great. Like the styling of my Diesel but no diesel issues to worry about with 250 and buy a better spec SE L. Best of all love auto and should get one for £3,000 Like burgundy colour or light blue with light tan leather! Your thoughts? My current IS James.
  11. Thanks for your feedback. Presume the car you buy has to have full Lexus service history and inspected prior to agreeing to the warranty? What is covered and how much does it cost? I think maintenance is a big issue for me on an £8,000 a year income on any car. Don't want any big bills and like a car like my Volvo that keeps passing it's mot. So far my IS has had nothing major wrong in the near 18 months of ownership and everything works as it should. I prefer the ride of my Volvo as soft. The IS you feel every bump in the road, but is glued to the road and is nippy. Is has 183,000miles now as put on 8,000 miles by me. Volvo 200,000. Both no idea if suspension has been replaced. I would keep my 1996 Volvo 940 as easy to service and reliable. It's my workhorse. Hoping a 2-3 year old used Toyota avensis or Skoda octavia estate would be reliable. Again though 10-12 grand would pay a lot of the ULEZ charge and may find a way to Kings Heath without paying. So much to think about. The car would be paid by savings so no finance. James.
  12. Thanks for the reply. About the same as an IS diesel then for economy. Not bad for a larger car. Road tax is less than my 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 lpt! Torn between spending more on a petrol estate. Estate more practical for me. Thinking Octavia or avensis. Found out that EURO 6 compliant from September 2016 will be fine or most petrol under 12 years old. Thanks. James
  13. I'm looking for a replacement for my 2006 IS 220D and like the look of the GS450h and RX400H. What are they like compared to a diesel IS? How much is the road tax? Want an auto version. Budget up to 10k but ideally 5k for a GS. Insurance costs around £700 based on a 2007 GS 450H SE L, so around 250 more than my IS. I like comfort and safety. What is fuel economy like on the GS? My main reasons for change are the ULEZ charge coming to Birmingham so want to avoid it the charge. If I bought a newer petrol car, what emissions class does it have to be to be ULEZ approved? Quite like a skoda octavia estate. Many Thanks. James.
  14. Polished the headlights on my IS220D. certainly got rid of the yellow look! James.
  15. In a year or 2 plan to buy a Lexus hybrid. Quite like the old RX400H and GS450h Both probably from 2006 onwards. Budget 5k. I currently own a base model 2006 IS220D and so far it's proved a good car in the nearly 8,000 miles I have covered in it. Everything works as it should. cheap to buy and tax reasonable. What are the older RX and GS450H like to own and drive? What does the road tax cost? Which is the better of the 2? What MPG do they do? The RX may replace my 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 lpt auto, which costs buttons to maintain and reliable even with 200,000miles covered. RX Should be safer as Volvo 940 an updated 740 so 30 year old design. Believe RX is cambelt driven. The RX looks a good size for a luxury workhorse! Do any come with adaptive/radar cruise control? If I had 10k would go for a GS 600H! Many thanks. James.