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  1. As you all know I bought a high mileage 2006 IS 220D. I had a look at the Lexus website and looking and building the cars on a very quick look most seem to spec black interiors which I'm not keen on. Quite like maroon with cream or beige leather. It seems the interior choice is limited. I have to say I do like lexus cars but dark interiors put me off. On my Volvo 940 I have light grey half leather and it looks nice and bright. Unless I win the lottery I'll stick with my £1500 IS and £250 1996 Volvo 940 SE 2.3 LPT and £350 Volvo 240GLT. As you can see the lexus is the most expensive car I have bought in my 19 years of driving. James
  2. Nor me. Prefer landline number also. Could be dealer working from home! All you can do if interested is to phone and ask. James
  3. Lexus all cleaned and got an aircon diagnostic. No leaks I'm glad to say, and now very cold! Took just under an hour and paid £45.00. I'm very pleased with the car and now ready for summer. In a few weeks I'll give it a service. James
  4. Wise move! I hear the car has to be less than 10 years old and under 140,000. It's a good deal. The IS 250 certainly hold their value, judging by the other posters search for one! Roll on Thursday for you! James
  5. Thanks both. Good to know people have used similar. Yes it helps as now I know roughly where it is so I can point the garage who is doing the recharge in the right direction. Looks as if I need to remove the bottom right engine cover trim. Thanks. James
  6. I would like to service my Lexus soon and wondered if anyone has used an ebay service kit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/301177489473?ul_noapp=true Is it better to pay more for QE and if so any recommended suppliers and service kits for the IS220D? Where abouts in the engine bay, is the air con recharge point in the 220Diesel? James
  7. Nothing terrible then, when you hear prone to head gasket issues. How many miles has yours done? Mine is on 185,000 and still works well. I agree 6th gear is lazy/feels sluggish from when I have used it from 50mph. I saw that the EGR valve can be cleaned DIY on a youtube video. Mine has Lexus service history to 48,000 then after new owner serviced it every year since for the last 8 years. I phoned the garage where the previous owner had it serviced and the clutch, is original (Unless changed under warranty) and he never had any trouble apart from water pump (2015), egr clean and brakes, pads and servicing. He said he used to go to Devon every year with the owner. We'll see how it goes as only done 250 miles this week in it since owning. James
  8. What were the good and bad points from someone who has just bought a 2006 high mileage 220D? What issues did you have? I bet you love your new Lexus. James.
  9. expensive mot

    Looks nice. Hope it serves you well. James
  10. Thanks. Plan to do an oil and filter change as last done 1 year ago and 5,000 miles. I'm very pleased with it for the money and it's nice to drive, smooth and quiet. I'll be happy if I get the MPG you get. Plan to try re-gassing the AC and need to know how much gas it needs as when I took my 940 in the garage didn't know how much it needed to fill the AC system. My 940 takes 950g. I have to say I always buy Volvo genuine spares as seem to last. Track rod ends etc. There is a Volvo dealer FRF who give you trade prices. Would I buy spares through Toyota? Need an oil filter. Thanks for the tyre advice. I'll bear it in mind for replacements in the future as have around 4-5mm Haven't got any recent pictures of my Volvo's but I'll upload a few. On my Volvo 940 I had to change the condenser and air con compressor as leaking. I got lucky on ebay for a used compressor £35 and bought a new nissens condenser for £65. I added some PAG oil to lubricate the compressor etc. Hoping the Lexus AC system isn't empty and still retains the oil lubricant. I'll ask the garage. Are lexus AC systems generally leak free, hoping just natural leakage. The Volvo 940 I have owned for 16 months and it's been great. A few more cosmetic tiding jobs needed but a good workhorse for my self employment. You can just see the 1989 240 and owned that for 9 years. Paid £350 and it's been great. It had 159,410 miles when bought and now on 238,000 miles, both 2.316cc petrol. 1996 940 auto on 194,000miles and 2316cc also but low pressure turbo (B230FK) and 240 is the B230E K jet bosch mechanical fuel injection. Was my daily driver then the 940. Both great cars. Plan to sell either the new Lexus if terminal trouble in 6 months or the 240 GLT auto as not getting used much and needs a bit of TLC on the bodywork. The lexus is the most comfortable and interior fit out is excellent and no real wear on seats, just needs a light valet in and out. Next plan! Ordered some tailored car mats for it on ebay and a full size spare alloy. It's a safe car with 10 airbags. Nice idea the knee airbags. Is any service required as 12 years old? On my Volvo 940 Volvo say no issues so long as no airbag light on. On the Volvo only a drivers airbag and ABS. Late 1998 940 had drivers and passenger and side airbags in the seat side. Thanks. James
  11. Car is going well touch wood and like the cruise control. The MPG readout said I was averaging 46mpg (reset) on a run to Birmingham of 25 miles and 34 round Birmingham. I'll have to do a full tank test and see what mpg I'm getting. If I can average 40, not bad. As 1996 petrol 940 auto averages 25-30mpg. I am going to try a re-gas for the ECC and see if that identifies a leak or it works. How much can it be charged to in grams? Ie how much R134a? Also where is the charging ports in the engine bay? Also what oil is best used with the 220D? Semi or fully synthetic and type? Any good suppliers for filters and service parts? Thanks James
  12. Thanks everyone, very useful Thanks for the links to the alloy wheels, plan to have a measure up. The car has 3 very good, goodyear efficient grip tyres and one worn Michelin energy saver. I may bin the worn Michelin, use the other goodyear as the spare and buy a new set of Michelin energy savers for the front. Found that tyre noise was quite high, depending on road surface. What tyres work well on the IS? On my Volvos love Michelin. Found 2 minor faults today, the ECC blows cool, not cold so going to try a regas. How much gas does it take? The boot release definitely doesn't work remotely even after trying the button in the glovebox. A minor thing as just use the button inside to open. Did 100 miles in the car today and love it! Used less than a quarter of a tank of diesel to do the 100 miles, ie 3/4 of a quarter. Mixed driving 60% dual carriageway the rest in Birmingham in evening/afternoon traffic. How many miles to a tank do people average? It's a very nice car and well equipped, feels luxurious. I liked the lights under the wing mirrors for approach lighting and footwell lighting. I also liked the warning orange light if doing over 70mph. Cruise control was nice on the way back home. You get a lot of car for £1500! Stereo is great. Ride firmer than my soft Volvo suspension but expected that. Turbo lag, likes to be revved particularly in 1st and second. You pull away from lights etc then suddenly the turbo kicks in and your off! I think they should of offered an auto version to get the best out of the engine. Tomorrow going to read the Lexus user manual and see if I have missed any items. James
  13. I have tried the fobs and doesn't open the boot, so I'll take a look in the glovebox! Spent the afternoon on phone and internet, now insured under a Multicar policy. Taxing in the morning. Thanks. James
  14. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but in Birmingham visiting family. Thanks for the link and info. I'll look at ebay etc as way prefer a full size spare. Good that it's chain driven as better than cambelt. Does the chain ever need any maintenance? The fob does not open the boot? Must try both fobs as battery may be duff on one fob. If not common issues? Next job getting it insured and taxed. James