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  1. Are all Lexus Hybrids ULEZ exempt? Thinking in a few years to buy a Lexus hybrid. Thinking something big and under 5k. Probably 10 years old or older. Something like an older RX400h. What is the biggest hybrid lexus? Looking for something Volvo 940 estate sized where seats also fold. Thinking I can then downsize to one car. Currently also have a 2006 IS220D. I travel to Brum once a week to visit family from Staffordshire 28 miles each way and would like to not pay the charge coming to Birmingham. The 1996 Volvo 940 petrol in the 2 years I have had it has been reliable and previous 1989 Volvo 240 GLT daily driver of 10 years and 76,000 miles also excellent for reliability. They don't mind a certain amount of neglect and keep going. Both petrol and auto's. 940 on 198,000 and 240 when sold 235,000. The 240 was simple mechanically but rust was it's enemy. New owner repaired and now has new MOT with no advisories. Or should I just keep my 940 for work as better the devil you know and sod the charge and buy a Lexus LS430! Quite fancy one for all the toys! Which is Lexus's most highly regarded model? Also most highly regarded Hybrid. I tend to buy cheap RWD Volvo estates. 1989 240 GLT 10 years ago cost me £350 and 1996 940 LPT SE 2 years ago cost £250 and keep them, as general wear and tear and service items keeps them going. 240 when sold I got £500! Would you blow the budget on a Lexus Hybrid or keep Volvo 940 and buy a more luxurious LS430? Or buy a non Lexus Hybrid. Prius is quite cheap. Many thanks. James.
  2. Got a new washer and O ring from Lexus and finally got round to looking at it Monday. Took the injector out and looked at the metal washer and couldn't remove it as needed a coat hanger wire to make a hooked end as around 7 inches deep inside the castings. Shined a torch and it looked in good condition so left it as is. The O ring on the other hand was well perished and part missing. cleaned injector and fitted new O ring. Refitted everything and primed the fuel system and started the car, thankfully not blowing, so fixed! Many thanks to this write up. At least I have spares if another fails. I like my Lexus. Hope any other jobs are an easy and cheap fix. James.
  3. Only looked at the base of the blowing injector and no black goo. Going to phone a diesel specialist and see what they say. I'll remove it and hope a seal is perished! Started it today and spray of diesel mist leaking in the light. Can I fit a used one? Do they need coding or programming to the car? Or so long as the part number is the same a direct replacement. Here is a picture of the problem. Many thanks. James.
  4. I have a 2006 IS 220 diesel with 181,000 miles and this is my first problem. Tonight I came back from Birmingham and I could smell diesel inside the car and thought it was other motorists fumes as had window open. Got to my destination 30 miles later and could smell a slight diesel smell inside when stationary. Also noticed the engine noisier than normal. Popped bonnet and pulled off engine cover and there are 4x silver coloured items from front to back with what looks like tiny 4mm allen key ends. The 2nd one from the front was releasing air and a fut fut noise and ticking. The item had alloy pipes linking the 4 items on the top left of the engine. Are these the Diesel Injectors? How do I fix it? I'll take a photo tomorrow. Hoping O ring failed as drives faultless and everything works. James.
  5. Thanks for your post. I'll not have them fitted to the rear then, presume your Avons was fitted all round? Thought Avon was a UK brand. James.
  6. Interesting. Is lack of grip the issue? Old rubber, low tread? I don't drive that fast, sometimes a bit of a spurt but don't push it round corners. The new Avon's are on the front and Goodyear efficient grip on the rear. On my 1989 Volvo 240 and 1996 940 always bought Michelin energy savers in size 195/65R15. Lasted well and RWD too. James
  7. No Idea on Khumo tyres but have just had fitted Avon ZV7's on my IS 220D. Cant comment yet but in 205/55R16 size they cost £112 fitted for the pair. James.
  8. 7 months ago I bought a high mileage 2006 IS 220D at 183,000 miles for under £1500 on Ebay. It has 2 previous owners with first 4 years with Lexus history then 2nd owner for 8 years and serviced it at one garage who I spoke to and had no issues. Clutch still the original! So far nothing has gone wrong. The AC didn't work but I installed a new AC condenser once I had a diagnostic done for £30. It's been totally fault free. I use it as my posh car and still looks good in burgundy red. No leather or satnav, just the basic model. I have put on 5,000 miles as my second car. My work car is a 1996 Volvo 940 LPT petrol auto estate on 197,000 miles. I always take the Lexus on a good blast on the A38 weekly from near Burton To Brum The Lexus is quiet and standard radio good. The best thing is it's safe (5 star euro NCAP) in it's day with 8-10 airbags. Traction control and I believe also has electronic stability control. Cruise control is nice too. My next Lexus would probably be an IS 300H. All in all if it lasts me a few years I'll be happy. If it dies I'd part it out or sell for spares/repairs. Good luck with your car search. James.
  9. My GLT is the same. I was doing 60 miles a day commute to work for 6 weeks and by Wednesday evening needed more fuel! I don't drive it much now as used as a storage shed and drive round the area to keep tyres ok and engine fully warm. Mine needed refuelling around 240 miles. Used to like to use the kick down on the auto! I may end up selling it even though I have had 10 years of reliable and fantastic service. Paid £350 for it then, so owes me nothing! Use the money and rent a storage unit for £5-10 a week. My 740 GLE estate was better but less than 17mpg when pulling a caravan to France. Then like the 240 found it hard to pass a petrol station! I never worried about the MPG as the vehicle was easy to self service and reliable and apart from age items it was mostly service items. The reliability and small bills and no monthly HP easily made up for the not great economy. You should get cheaper road tax on cars older than 10 years as better to keep an older one on the road rather than cause pollution making a new car. My Lexus handbrake, is it meant to be different on a 2006 model? My favourite older lexus is the LS430 460. Love all the toys. Quite fancy a GS450 Hybrid or IS 300h but hold their value. James
  10. The rwd Volvos are last of the true Volvos in my opinion. The new look like any other brand. My Volvo specialist said avoid any Volvo after 2004. Too complex electronics. I used my 1989 240 GLT auto as my daily for 8 years and it is less fuel efficient as the 940. It still drives well but needs a bit of welding. The 940 has needed none and is solid. Are you sure your GLT wasn't a 2.3? Mine a B230E with K jet mechanical Bosch fuel injection. 1998 being the last 940. CD trim spec is top spec. James
  11. My IS 220d is on 177,000. Drives very well and my newest car. Daily a Volvo 940 2.3 LPT auto petrol on 196,000 and a 240GLT auto on 234,000. All run well. James.
  12. Hi John, Hope you get well soon and the Lexus does you proud. I bought a 2006 IS 220d too. off ebay for £1,475 and over 4 months and 2,400 miles no issues. Mine has now done 177,000 miles but 4 year Lexus and rest independent history. Last Tuesday went straight through MOT and no advisories. Emissions 0.17 allowed 1.5. Installed a new Nissens AC condenser and now have working AC. Mine is the basic model. Performed fantastic on my weeks holiday of 762 miles in 28+ degree heat on the Isle Of Wight. The more you drive it you soon get used to the gearing. Main thing give it a good run and avoid short journeys and 6th gear. James
  13. Various people invented the various stages and chemistry and science behind developing AC from 1823. Used for the first time in cars properly in the 1940's Home AC first used in a home in1902 America and from the 20's. An interesting read. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_conditioning James.
  14. Indeed, only had one car with AC in my 18 years of driving a 2007 Toyota corolla we bought new in 2007. Sold it in late 2009 and not had manual AC until 2 summers ago in my 1996 Volvo 940. Last Tuesday fitted a new AC condenser to my 2006 Lexus IS 220d and it's fabulous to have 2 cars with fully working AC. The Lexus I set it to 17 degrees and press auto and it's ice cold. Once I got it working in the Volvo last summer, wanted it in the Lexus! James
  15. I can't take the credit. The second owner owned it for 8 years and serviced it every year with all receipts for work. Thank you both. It baffled me as it is a manual 6 speed! I have sometimes pressed the clutch down but not fully as hit the foot rest. Tried several times and didn't feel I had not fully depressed the clutch as tried 5 times. A turn off sorted it, strange! The clutch feels good and no issues in over 2,000 miles in my ownership. Apparently when I phoned the garage who serviced it for years it's never had a clutch fitted in the 8 years he owned it or any real issues. Service items are, waterpump, EGR clean, new battery. Tyres, brake disks and pads. Certainly love the CC in this weather. Nice to have my second car with working Aircon. James