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  1. Gents have had to remove the battery to recharge due to a lack of use over the past 2 months Is there a procedure i need to follow when refitting? Thought i read somewhere i’d need to leave the key in the ignition for it to be recognised to disarm the immobiliser, or something similar. TIA Shirish
  2. Thanks all - got it started after 30 mins on the ctek which took it up to 12.85. Only just though!! It was just about to die again after first couple of turns but it caught at the last moment. Have just stopped at a services after 2hrs on the motorway, hopefully it starts. Have bought my portable lithium ion jump starter along (fits in glovebox); this has rescued me previously with batteries down to 3v, but it couldn’t help this morning. Will leave it on the ctek overnight. didnt have to do anything different once battery was back in.
  3. Also is 12.85v enough to start a car? Will find out in a shortly
  4. Looks great value (not checked MoT history) 400&page=1&radius=1500&make=LEXUS&fuel-type=Petrol&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New
  5. Could have gone abroad? Even going to Eire would result in a loss of MOT history, I believe?
  6. I’ve got a similar advisory on mine - surface rust to underside, or something similar. I’d assume all 20yr old cars would have some surface rust
  7. Agree chaps, 2k tops imo with that suspension and tyres work. Silver on grey is pretty dull too, but with the colour coded rad grille, pretty likely to be a genuine dhp
  8. I’m currently using the cross climates on our Ford C-Max - technically I believe they’re all weather rather than winter tyres as you can use them all year round. Quiet, responsive and v grippy in low temps - I really like them. Im running Dunlop bluresponse on the 17” DHP. Summer tyres, so great in anything but icy conditions
  9. must be a members car?
  10. Pretty amazing, the lack of door frame deformation equally impressive.
  11. The boot size would put me off the GS, especially as I find the LS small after the old Audi S8 D2 which must have been 50% bigger than the LS.
  12. 12k ?? I meant 12 months, sorry :) Tis a tough one for sure. I do so few miles, i wouldn’t necessarily need a similar type of car. Something manual might be nice, after 5 consecutive autos.
  13. From my perspective, I’m just trying to help people out by pointing out ads to cars, as I know these cars are more popular now and not everyone has time to look. I can see it being repetitive though, so will hold off from now. I’ve also just reached the 12m ownership milestone, which normally means I buy something else (has happened for the last 5 years).
  14. I can no longer view the thread ‘Another nice Mk4’ or whatever I had called it? Can you confirm the reason why pls?
  15. I believe it does, however I’m assuming he’s fitted a replacement for additional sound - not a deal breaker to me, if it’s been done properly. it’s modded, yes, so won’t appeal to the purists. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. In what way? You can see from the pics and the suspension its not factory spec, so not one for the purists, but some discrete mods wouldn’t turn me away
  17. This has just been discussed on another thread. Not as good as it appears
  18. I have the mk4 brochure somewhere, can’t recall if dhp wheels were an option, or only the full pack with suspension and grille. @Newbie1 guess they must have diff bushes. My 911 has 1mm bigger ARBs, had to file material away from the standard super pro bushes for them to fit, although they’d fit without at a push but likely wear sooner.
  19. Could quite easily have been DHP equipped at one point but perhaps had aftermarket or standard springs subsequently fitted
  20. We’ve just moved out of East Finchley, I only ever saw a Silver LS400 mk4 with a private plate outside the Aylmer Pantry coffee shop nr the Esso on route to Highgate. Anyway, I would not recommend Lexus Edgware after my only experience last year. Maybe try Japex in kings Langley - near the train station so easy journey via Euston and circa half the labour rate for a job which is pretty much 95% labour. Probably worth putting your battery on charge overnight, before paying someone to investigate further.
  21. Are they that much cheaper than the competition? kwikfit Mobile, tyres on the drive, black circles etc
  22. Lexus quote £295 for the cambelt alone - do you need everything else done (water pump, pulleys etc) £1k sounds expensive - mine here in London was £800 ish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk