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  1. Agree, they are cute, easy to maneuver and fit my bill an needs. Biggest advantage is that they are one piece grp shell so no rot issue. Anyway that is not a caravaning forum
  2. Hi, I have towbar sorted with Watling company and yes will be fitting gearbox cooler. I think ls400 is rated up to 2000kg quoting some sources from us . Still had no confidence by lack of O.1 and O.2 values given on logbook.
  3. Hi, Welcome back after a short break. I have an idea to tow a freedom caravan with my ls400. I have a small legislation issue with that. Despite the car been more than adequate to tow few hundred kgs it is registered as private light goods vehicle on v5c without any given details about maximum permissible mass of the trailer to tow. Therefore I'm not sure can I legally tow anything with the car? Spoke with the dlva,dvsa, department of transport and yes you are right they have no clue. Hahaha Spoke with police and they said that I will be OK with any trailer up to 3,5t as a tandem. Braked obviously if trailer is over 750kg. Still all that sounds a bit vague. Can you please share your thoughts/experiences. Thank you
  4. Quite a number of awd, 4x4 are recommended to have 4 tyres replaced at same time for equal wear. Never heard of any fwd rwd to have any issues due to unevenly worn tyres. False claim, money making scam in my opinion. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Well Council says is not a responsible party.... Ended up with £300 bill. Two legs and new battery as the old one was knackered. Have no idea what caused the problem but the car after two days started to be fully responsive. All the issues disappeared. We done so much is hard to say wat was the cause. Im very disappointed with council reply. Good that all works as it should. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. I have never paid an attention to new classification. You have to think beyond that classification an understand that an ie "F" fuel efficiency tyre is probably better on grip than an "A" one cos giving more grip therefore less fuel efficient. Best is to think what do you really need and pick the suitable tyre fir you and your car. I'm very happy with nexens n'priz 4s for potting around pennines. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. I have had the computer checked and replaced with spare one by the mechanic unfortunately it didn't change anything. We r looking now for a bad earth connection. Yes I'm from Poland. Glad you enjoyed your trips sorcerer. So far the bill is quite low for both legs but the electrics can boost it up and won't hesitate a trip to the council. And agree with DaKa that the tax should be in petrol. The more fuel u use the more u pay. One of very few things that are done in Poland correct way. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. A quick update. Two of the springs went.... I love Lancashire country roads ! Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. I have tried on connectors here and there with very little success. Tilt has come to life for a min , that's it. My baby goes to the garage next week. Fingers crossed it is only a hiccup :)
  10. I'm giving the car to my mechanic in a few day time. Will try connectors tomorrow and update on findings. Thank you for pointing me out.
  11. Hi, A few days ago I hit a pothole and broke the spring coil (gggrrrrrrr). Today noticed that the central locking doesn't work from the key(does from remote but only 3 doors -without driver's), light on the ceiling console doesn't work when set to door position and the steering , mostly nit working, headrest adjustment not working either. Power window -only drivers side works Went roughly through the fuses, seem to look ok. Car took massive shook. Any ideas?
  12. No probs. It worked on my gates for years and works on the car. Cheap and efficient.
  13. Looks like a standard list on ls400. Mine was pretty much the same. Good luck. :-)
  14. Hi, Plenty of stuff on the market for doing car underbody, subframes etc. however when I was doing my car I went for something I used for my iron gates. I did my subframe and diff, some of suspension parts as follows. Brushed off rust and applied hammerite kurust. Then when kurust dried off and bonded remaining rust I painted it black with hammerite paint with rust inhibitors ( one of the direct rust paints). Next day applied underbody bitumen with a brush for stone chip protection. Never bothered with all of suspension parts. That's the bits that are going to be replaced anyway. I can imagine mechanic swearing at you when changing mucky parts. Anyway after one year subframe and diff looks like new. Important info. Never apply bitumen directly on rust that makes things worse. Hope that helps.