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  1. Zoot1948

    Lexus Lincoln or Lexus Hull?

    Bought my NX from Hull and had 2 services from them. No complaints, all staff friendly, work and any info asked for has been spot on! IMHO I can recommend Lexus Hull and they also make a great coffee with chockie biscuits!
  2. Now that looks classy - IMHO. Blends in really well without spoiling the look of the car.
  3. Zoot1948

    NX Luxury detailed

    Looks stunning @First_Lexus. I know this is your standard - well done!
  4. Zoot1948

    IS got side swiped!

    @First_Lexus Funnily enough Ed, I insured our home for the first time this year with Direct Line for the same reasons as yourself. I think once you insure with a company for the first year the premium will inevitably increase at renewal. That is the norm in that business. Also last year I insured my Lexus and my wife’s Toyota with AVIVA as they offered the best price for the cover at that time.
  5. Zoot1948

    IS got side swiped!

    Don’t think they are the only insurers doing this!
  6. Zoot1948

    IS got side swiped!

    @rayaans another way re the excess is to claim this direct from the third party (once you get the details) under “uninsured losses” To me your insurance company should be doing this automatically. IMHO you should not need to get involved apart from advising your insurance company as you have already done. Sorry to learn of this incident and good luck with the outcome.
  7. Zoot1948

    NX ordered today

    The paint colour is fantastic (what a good choice) and fairly easy to keep clean. I love it! The sparkle when the sun shines is superb!!! Not a fan of the side steps as you know, but I look forward to the pics when you get delivery. Well done Ed.
  8. Zoot1948

    Back to Lexus

    On the premier, you are correct - 2 x fob keys and 1 x credit card type.
  9. Zoot1948

    New Firmware - May 2016

    @PhilWebster Hi Phil, on the NX the headlamp washers only work when the headlights are switched on. They then work on every 5th wash (I think) during the same journey. Yours might be the same.
  10. Zoot1948

    Groaning suspension

    @First_Lexus great news Ed. In my opinion only the best car manufacturers would replace with a brand new car. As you are aware Honda replaced my CR-V after 11 months of DPF trouble. That is one reason whilst like you the NX really suits my needs, I will never “knock” Honda. Enjoy your new Lexus when it arrives, and many miles of trouble free motoring in it.
  11. Zoot1948

    Groaning suspension

    Delighted to hear it EdAs I said earlier I know what you have gone through but thankfully it seems that the wait has been worth it! Remember I had to wait 11 months for a resolution with my first CRV and even then I really swithered as to “do I stay with this marque or not! Glad to see you’re now a happy bunny - long may it continue. Many more happy miles and enjoyment.
  12. Zoot1948

    Bit of an interior change

    Excellent professional looking job. Well done, With your interior colour imho the wrap looks far better than the wood.
  13. Zoot1948

    Groaning suspension

    Not paranoid @First_Lexus , just cautious.
  14. Zoot1948

    Groaning suspension

    @First_Lexus Hi Ed - once again I know what you are going through. IMHO on a car at that price and mileage with it being in Lexus hands for so long and again now, I think it would be advisable to reject the car before any other issues arise. The freebies you are receiving are only sweeteners so you keep the car. If Lexus replace the car FOC it would really confirm them to be the superior car manufacturer that they are. You will recall it took 11 months for Honda to replace my CRV - but they did so and I will always praise Honda for doing so and also, the quality of the CRV. I bought the NX as Honda did not manufacture a hybrid CRV at that time. I believe this is coming next year. I certainly have no complaints with my NX. Best of luck with your problem(s).
  15. Zoot1948

    Current Lexus range

    Ed, I’ve very sympathy with your past troubles on your NX. I know what you must have gone through after my experience with my Honda CRV - this you will probably recall from my listings on Honda Karma. In the end I had no complaints regarding the service and care offered to me by the dealer and Honda UK.