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  1. Current Lexus range

    Ed, I’ve very sympathy with your past troubles on your NX. I know what you must have gone through after my experience with my Honda CRV - this you will probably recall from my listings on Honda Karma. In the end I had no complaints regarding the service and care offered to me by the dealer and Honda UK.
  2. NX Tyres

    Just had two new Michelin Cross Climate tyres supplied and fitted locally. £302 for the two. Did 118 miles on them today and found the grip on dry and wet roads to be good and noticed (hope it’s not just imagination) the ride was noticeably quieter.
  3. NX Tyres

    @Goggy thanks for the info, these are the ones recommended by Michelin. The size I quoted is the one on the existing tyres when I bought the car as a demonstrator from Lexus. The car was 6 months old. I’ve now found (hopefully) a supplier for the W (104) tyres.
  4. NX Tyres

    Yep you are correct, I’ve put the wrong size in my request on the club site. I certainly put the correct size in my web search. Thanks for noticing. Post now edited with correct info.
  5. NX Tyres

    I’ve spent some time on the “net” looking for Michelin Cross Climate for my NX 300H Premier - 225 60 R18 100H - but cannot find this size. Can anyone put some light on this and possibly advice on stockists. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Joined the Lexus family

    @jaydeeuk1 I’ve just had a thought, on the Premier you can adjust the HUD to show a rev counter. Don’t know if you’ve tried that or not. I know it’s not the same as a rev counter on the dash, but at least it is a rev counter. Hope this helps.
  7. Joined the Lexus family

    Same as mine. Enjoy your NX @jaydeeuk1
  8. Key Fob Battery

    CR2032 is the one you need. Check page 551 of the online manual for replacement instructions. Hope this helps.
  9. ML Speed Camera Updates

    Many thanks @NemesisUK, that is really what I expected. It really annoys me that with an integrated car system any updates mean the purchase of the maps as well as speed camera data. Especially when the like of Tom Tom and Garmin etc can have speed cameras updated independently from various websites such as www.pocketgpsworld.com. Hey Ho, must keep a closer eye on the speedo!!
  10. Looking to see if the speed camera database can be updated without the need to purchase the full map update. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. NX side-steps

    Hi Ed - sorry to hear you’ve had lengthy problems with your NX. If you recall I had one years problem with my CR-V before it was finally resolved, so I know what you’ve gone through. Glad to see Lexus have come up,with some compensation. I’m not a great fan of side steps, but you had positive results re your CR- V and side steps. Hope your and yours have a very Merry Christmas and every good wish for 2018.
  12. Keyless Entry

    NX 300H has it also.
  13. Gurgling Noise

    Ok, so I've covered just over 280 miles in 2 longish journeys with the radio on FM (gurgle fm isn't too good though!) and the result is - NO gurgling noise at all and the drop down bar at the top of the screen showing which radio station you are listening to is much much less in frequency. Me thinks it has something to do with the media system. Anyone else had this symptom?
  14. Gurgling Noise

    Funny enough today I switched from DAB to FM as the drop down info informing which DAB station you are listening to drives me crackers with its frequency. Surprise surprise whilst on FM there were no gurgling sounds at all and no infuriating FM drop down info! I'll be doing a reasonably long journey next week so I'll see if this is the cure.
  15. Gurgling Noise

    Many thanks @rayaans. As far as I know the car has not been regassed as I've owned it since it was 6 months old. Regarding the "hybrid gurgle" I wasn't aware there was such a thing. My previous car was a Honda C-RV EX diesel and I have no experience of hybrids.The dealer didn't have time to look at it when I was there to have the dashcam re-sited as that was on a "drop in when passing" scenario. I'll mention it to them when I visit next.