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  1. Zoot1948

    Should i go for the NX?

    Unfortunately I am using a 68 reg Land Rover Discovery Sport at the moment as my NX Premier was side swiped by an ancient Nissan Note! Fortunately no-one was injured in the accident and the third party and his insurers admitted full liability the next day. Anyway, the accident asides, in my (and my wife’s) impression is the LR Is quieter (and that is with it having low profile tyres) but imho the interior and comfort is not up to the NX standards. Also with a normal auto gearbox v the CVT, the auto seems a bit snatchy, BUT the LR is a very good vehicle. I also have a hearing problem and still I would go for the refinement of the NX before the LR.
  2. Zoot1948

    Keyless theft

    I still use the “press and hold the lock button on the key fob whilst at the same time quickly press the unlock button twice” This disables the battery in the fob, therefore no signal is emitted. If you remember to put your keys in a bag, then surely you can remember to use the lock system every time you leave your car, Each to their own!
  3. Zoot1948

    Sat Nav Question

    My thoughts are the same as @DanD. Route Trace enters the dots to enable you to retrace your journey.
  4. Zoot1948

    Panoramic roof issue

    Many thanks @DanD. I spoke to the Service Manager last Saturday at a "Winter Warmer" event at the Dealers premises and he said to give him a call the next time I was planning on being in the area (59 mile from my home) and they would inspect it and see what can be done. Your post certainly helps as if they don't want to replace anything it gives me some leverage.
  5. Zoot1948

    Panoramic roof issue

    I very rarely close the blind but after this post I had a look and mine is the same. I’m visiting the dealer on Saturday so I’ll see what they say.
  6. Tried just now - flash sale on filters at present. Offers obviously don’t last long. Ah well, it was worth a try!
  7. Zoot1948


    Yes Shahpor, that’s exactly the thread I was referring to. Well found!
  8. Zoot1948


    @shahpor - I’m sure there has been a thread recently on the LOC forum. What you have stated is correct.
  9. It's just a habit. Once you get used to it! Every time I get out of the car I automatically switch the fob off. It also saves me £400 - but I'm a Scot living in Yorkshire - enough said!!!!!
  10. Zoot1948

    Lexus300h nx

    My wife’s Yaris Icon Tech has the same feature. IMHO it’s as useful as a chocolate teapot! As has been stated in the previous posts here it doesn’t read some signs, for no reason it can state 70mph in a 20mph limit and after a while it cancels itself then restarts when it reads another speed sign. I certainly would never rely on it and in fact it has been switched off in her car.
  11. Have you tried holding down the lock button on your keyfob then pressing the unlock button on the fob twice quickly. The led will flash 4 times ( I think). This also saves the fob battery.
  12. Honda for sure. After owning three and a major fault in the first one where Hondareplaced the car, I can’t fault their customer service. After that second choice is probably Toyota. In 19 years of Toyota ownership my wife bought another one last year. They just go on and on and on!
  13. Zoot1948

    Front Tyres for NX 300h Luxury

    I’ve got Michelin Cross Climates on the front wheels of my NX. IMHO possibly the best tyres I’ve had.
  14. Zoot1948

    Lexus Lincoln or Lexus Hull?

    Bought my NX from Hull and had 2 services from them. No complaints, all staff friendly, work and any info asked for has been spot on! IMHO I can recommend Lexus Hull and they also make a great coffee with chockie biscuits!