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  1. By sheer coincidence and brought forward a few weeks courtesy of a rather large bolt stuck in one of the fronts, I'm just sat waiting whilst 4 spanking new PS4s are being fitted. Ordered from BlackCircles and fitted locally - running 275x30 on rear and 245x35 fronts (on from purchase). Previously ran Conti Sport 6 - will be interesting in seeing the difference. Will update later with any comments.
  2. They do vary. I've been quoted £84+VAT just for battery alone with £66 fitting(seriously!) from Lexus Birmingham. Make unknown but specified for car. Anyhow, may well go for just battery and fit myself - convenience as literally drive past showroom on way home (and I don't have a Costco membership - although I also drive past one of those). Thanks guys - will update on status when I've fitted it (hopefully tonight).
  3. Assuming it is battery (sensible call) are there any recommendations for replacements/suppliers? Cheers Andy
  4. Ok, so getting back into the ISF after the recent snow brought up a good selection of dashboard warning lights. Notably, PCS, ABS, AFS (flashing) and finally Slip Indicator (?). Snow wasn't that bad around us but car was left untouched during that short period. In the process of arranging to get these checked but just checking if anyone has experienced this combo before - I guess some sensor failure (maybe damp)? Drives ok - or at least it did on v.short journey home where I've left it. Andy PS: My other car is a Skoda Citigo, completely the other end of the scale but spending a little time back in it makes me realise what good little runabouts they are.
  5. Here's mine - there is one under there. Guess I should have fitted those winter tyres stacked in the garage a little bit earlier - might be commuting on the train tomorrow. Andy
  6. Just taken over the IS-F mantle from @DT_Racing so thought I'd say 'Hi All'. Must admit was nervous about private purchase having only bought through dealers before and we did have a slight tax hiccup (what was so wrong with the old car tax system?) but all good now. Done a Brum commute but looking to get out on a proper run as soon as possible as difficult to fully extend down the M6 (29mpg apparently this morning). Love the stealth looks which doesn't seem to attract that much attention, sound is glorious, ride is more pleasant than my previous 530d M-Sport, tyres are somehow cheaper than the BMW!, steering great (don't understand what you changed here Dave but it works). I doubt the infotainment system UI was ever up to date even when first released but I guess you could call it reasonably functional - and it streams direct from my iPhone so not so bad. Will update once I've figured out how to drive it properly.