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  1. Thanks for replies guys, been in hospital couldn't reply earlier.
  2. Hi everyone Just curious, according to Lexus paint code my car is Sable yet on the V5 it states the colour as Silver! well to my eye and others its not silver nothing like it. Has anyone else got a different colour registered on the V5. Yes I am a pedantic old curmudgeon
  3. Hi Steve, I've been reading a thread that a lot of owners are experiencing dash squeaks and rattles after having this recall sorted, mentioning having to return to the dealers who are packing the dash with foam to correct the noise. Any probs for you?
  4. Shame I live the other end of the country , they sound a decent bunch.
  5. Yes to the weather thing , when in the UK I live on Dartmoor , and belive you me it gets extreme up there! And when I grab the door handle and open the car door out they pop, the mirrors that is. I never had a problem with the ice and frost affecting the mirrors on my Mercedes, Are these more fragile?
  6. don't tell er indoors but I put mine in the dish washer, came out sparkly
  7. Job done thanks a lot your a star
  8. sorry goodfella1 i just searched IS-250 SE-I and scrolled through, sorry can't remember which one it was a girl though, left hand drive. in a nut shell get in ignition on (not engine running) put car in N press and hold the lock button ,locks will lock then unlock . back into p ignition fully on engine running put into R the doors lock ,back into P doors unlock.
  9. Hi Linas.P I have that switch now to re read the manual and try.
  10. oh! and recalls missed , mine has to go in for an air bag recall passenger side.
  11. Thanks guy's , I think the moral of the story is leave well alone, maybe look for some 19' s from an IS-F but as you say the calipers are a bit on the small side , I think i can live without DLR's unless I find a breaker with both fronts and loom intact, but that's going to be as rare as rocking horse manure. he-ho just a thought
  12. I logged onto Lexus.UK registered my car ,entered my reg "assuming the car has been re registered" it gave me Vin No. , spec , options factory fitted. Free