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  1. Thanks guys mine just delivered free of charge 17.50 the pair, result. ECP flash sale 👍
  2. No fruit of any kind😁 smooth as a babies well you get the idea. Will post pic when and if it stops raining.
  3. Sorry ,both dent pulled handle badly scratched, panels down to metal and primer,then painted lacquered. When I can work out how to add photos I will.
  4. Apologies if the wrong area mods. Just wanted to let the guys know Liquid Finnish mobile paint repairs in the south west,did a great job pulling a dent repaired and matched Sable metallic perfectly.
  5. Similar to your photo in "there goes the exhaust" but mine has no flange at all on the back of the box,completely flat, and mine has a large balancing weight on it as well. the fluted part of the middle pipe is also flat and very rusted.
  6. Afternoon guys , Rear box knocked off not able to refit ,quoted £290 for cat back system oem is that good or expensive? just curious.
  7. Sorry GingerWhinger late to the party as always! ,have you changed your phone recently ? if so you'll need to reset the Bluetooth system, check the device your connected to isn't Bluetooth2 as some newer devices aren't recognized. Failing that check the obd port and check for error codes with a scanner if you have one , other than that its a trip to the dealer. mines 09 model and I had troubles with connecting a Galaxy S9 after a S7egde ,ended up purging the system and start again all now sweet as a nut. hope its some help!
  8. Of course sorry brain fade 63.00 for 225 45 17 fronts only, mid range, top range .it's all a matter of choice. I've driven Goodyear Avon Pirelli Michelin. On amg Merc, m5 bmw. I've found over the last 45years it boils down to wear stopping ability and road holding each has a weakness , each car suits a tyre find one you trust and afford stick with it.
  9. Hi , late in the day ,but just changed from Hankook f1's to Falken Azenis FK510 ,better braking ,road holding, quiet , great tyres now its just the longevity, but for a mid range price tyre so far so good!
  10. Halfords ,Crossland air filters for 250 petrol ,£10.10p cheapest i've found, else where £22 plus change. hope it helps
  11. Thanks for replies guys, been in hospital couldn't reply earlier.
  12. Hi everyone Just curious, according to Lexus paint code my car is Sable yet on the V5 it states the colour as Silver! well to my eye and others its not silver nothing like it. Has anyone else got a different colour registered on the V5. Yes I am a pedantic old curmudgeon
  13. Hi Steve, I've been reading a thread that a lot of owners are experiencing dash squeaks and rattles after having this recall sorted, mentioning having to return to the dealers who are packing the dash with foam to correct the noise. Any probs for you?
  14. Shame I live the other end of the country , they sound a decent bunch.