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  1. Update. Spoke to the service manager at Lexus Stockport - he wouldn't give me contact details for the regional manager at TWG "we're not at liberty to give out contact details" but he did confirm that fitment of a rear section aftermarket system would not affect the warranty. He commented that they see quite a few slightly modified cars, and he's happy to fit the system. Next step - get it ordered! (I think I'm right in saying that @Big Rat has sold his and @V8ORBUST bought the other used one that was mentioned in the thread above). Thanks for the input that led me here...
  2. Fair play - you don't mess about! Enjoy - look forward to your views once you've experienced it!
  3. Thanks @DAW, I found your original post on this last night and that is my intention: Lexus Stockport -> TWG area manager -> Stockport dealer fit if all is well. Like you I value dealer fit.
  4. Hi @B1 RMA, I appreciate the thought, that would be helpful but yes quite a journey! I'd be very interested in your feedback after the test though - I'm pretty busy at the moment and doubt I'll have made any progress on a purchase within the next couple of weeks. I assume then that the exhaust doesn't cause you any frustration in day to day use?! Thanks. John
  5. Hello All Thanks very much for the feedback and info - much appreciated. I'll look at @DAW's old thread then get in touch with TWG. Appreciate that I can't expect anything changed to be covered, but I'm just after something from the warranty provider to support the rest of the cover. Local dealer is Stockport (who are great to deal with) but if they're not familiar with the system I have no problem taking a trip to Cheltenham (I won't be doing this DIY). @Big Rat - thanks for your input, I may well be in touch as I have no issue buying used vs. new. The QS exhaust sounds ideal. I do spend a lot of time on the motorway so the last thing I would want is any boom or drone when cruising, but I would like the engine to sound like a 5 ltr V8 at other times. I look forward to progressing this! Thanks again. John
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  7. Hello All I have a 2016 RCF, white with dark rose interior. Superb car, definitely a keeper, but audibly a little reserved for its own good! The car has an extended warranty to August 2021 from the Lexus BOGOF deal. (Car bought from a dealer in August 18, dealer used warranty + 2 years extended). I have seen references on here to the Quicksilver exhaust not affecting the warranty cover; how do I go about getting this confirmed by Lexus / TWG before proceeding to buy and fit the exhaust? Thanks in advance for any advice. John