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  1. Removed from sale, change of circumstances
  2. That JDM one for sale is mine, will be sorely missed The 112mph limit has never impacted me anyway !
  3. Morning all Not an easy decision but we're buying a new motorhome and the much loved ISF is up for sale. I usually import a different car each year and about 18 months ago I imported this 2008 ISF from Japan. I absolutely love it, my family will be quite shocked to find out its for sale! It drives very well and sounds superb, its had a few choice modifications outlined below but still looks standard. I had it serviced and MOT'd recently. It is still a 12 year old car with over 80k on the clock so it has its wear and tear, but nothing out of the normal expectations in my opinion. Anyways, I'll stop babbling and list some of the key info: 2008 JDM ISF Approx 84k Miles (135,000kms) Speedo has been left in KM's (I'm used to it personally having had so many imports but can be switched to MPH with a simple converter) Usual ISF refinements, heated seats, radar cruise control etc Recently serviced and MOT'd (May) 2 Keys Comes with all documentation from the import process Private plate will be removed and returned to original 08 plate As well as the normal specification I have done the following: HPS Intake pipe inc K&N Panel F Sport Gearknob 245/25/19 front and 275/30/19 rear good tyres Tein Street Advance Coilovers - adjustable height and stiffness Secondary cat removed (cat provided) Boot ducts replaced Lexus brake kit fitted front and rear New pads front and rear Interior bulbs replaced with LEDs (inc outside mirrors) New gas struts for the boot Android Head Unit fitted with phase 2 vents Hardrace rear sway bar fitted along with new drop links (original provided) Hardrace Lower Control Arms fitted (originals provided) Ive missed a load I'm sure, lots of normal maintenance inc bushes etc. It has a few bits that I'll be probably too detailed about, I'm the worst salesman. It sometimes has a rattle from the drivers B pillar, a common IS issue. I just haven't got round to taking the pillar off and packing it. It has not bad damage but there will be some small scratches that will come out with a polish. It has had some brake rattling from the pads which is now resolved with the fitting kits. Highly recommend viewing for anyone interested, I will as normal for me, try my best not to sell it. It will be sorely missed. It drives superbly and sounds excellent both above and below the intake changeover. I was considering and exhaust but the setup to me now is excellent. I'm based near Glasgow and the price is fixed at an honest £11,000 which is in my mind a very fair price so I wont be looking for offers. I might be wrong but I think the price is excellent for what it is. Any questions, please just ask as I have likely missed many things!
  4. Appreciate the feedback, its been on my mind for some time. I do find that the standard exhaust with the cats removed sounds reasonable though so I keep going over and over in my head on getting a cat back or not. The comments above are interesting too as my neighbours tell me it sounds great on cold start-up whereas I might just be used to it now. Its a tough one, spend some cash and try it, but maybe its a waste and I should get a new rad and pump, hahah
  5. Yeah, the air vents changed and are a slightly different size at the back as well as the curve (if its a newer Nav from a newer car)
  6. Make the most of it 🙂 I never seen any of the flooding at all, must have been more central. Awful that its happened mate but good to see you are getting on with it and making the most of it
  7. Someone else will maybe confirm but I'm sure they are different and not easily swapped
  8. Yup to the above, pretty sure they are Magnesium Alloy
  9. Fitted the kit with new bolts today and its better, but still there. However its clearly the rear now. Ordered the rear set this time, much cheaper from Bell Lexus in the US through Ebay. I would happily have ordered here if they weren't over twice the price for the fitting kit. Fingers crossed for when they arrive, at least its better and clearer
  10. Nice one, that 13 plate in Swindon looked great, I too had my eye on it for a while like many others. Glad you enjoy it. You are right about being happy with something, enjoy life, if you can afford it, go for it. For me the sign of a great car is one that you miss driving, you want to just go for a drive. I haven't had that for a while until I got the ISF.
  11. Unfortunately still there, seems to be drivers side front. I was thinking of getting a fitting kit like this: As well as the slider pin and see if that helps. Expensive fitting kit though! It seems to come with pins and guide though by the looks of it:
  12. Thanks guys, I drove it back from the garage there and i didnt notice anything. They said it was still doing it so will give it a good test tomorrow. Appreciate the comments, if its still doing it I think i'll try new pins first So annoying 🙂
  13. Hey guys Looking for any ideas. A month or so ago a started getting what sounded like pad rattle on the ISF, Ive had it in two different places and nothing can be found. Pins seems fine, pads are all fine as are all the fittings. Replaced the front pads while we were there and still no difference. I sounds like a light metal rattle only over bumps on the road, and it goes away with light pressure on the brake pedal. Wondered if anyone else had a similar issue? I was thinking of trying new pins?
  14. Hey there, no idea if they will fit OEM shocks, sorry!
  15. As some above, use Nengun for some stuff, RHD Japan are decent too. Nengun have a service to use the Yahoo auctions in Japan, its a bit of a faff with costs back and forth but works fine.