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  1. I know this is a little bit of an older thread. Got mine working finally after a lot of forum checking. My hard drive had failed so I thought id try it. This was on a Nav car of course. Seems decent so far but time will tell. I managed to install the Android unit but did need a phase 2 vent to fit correctly. The standard 2008 vents dont quite fit unless you butcher them.
  2. This is where is spotted the Fox exhaust: Two choices there, I assume the different tips? Given the info above though, I'm swayed to the H&S now
  3. Totally agree. I love the idea but waiting on more reviews when its closer to release. I went to my local dealer and as I was looking at the Alpine A110 I thought Id check out the Supra. I didnt get the drive it but I came away pretty disappointed with the interior, poor visibility etc. The A110 just felt much more like an occasion, visibility was much better (front), I must be getting old as Ive never fussed much about visibility before!
  4. Also interested 🙂 The Fox exhaust seems a bit of a bargain so any opinions on that would be grateful too
  5. Although not quite in the same league as some above, I really liked the Alpine A110 I was in a few weeks ago, felt quite special to me Felt special but something that could be used daily as well as a great weekend car, great on fuel is a bonus too
  6. Not sure if it helps but I had this once and it turned out to be a low battery issue, after a charge it went away and hasn't come back. I did this after someone else on another forum mentioned how sensitive the system is on old or low batteries. My IS was sitting for a while getting little use. Might be worth a try before you go
  7. Axeboy

    Hi there !

    Still miss it, great car, similar parts to many Lexus
  8. Hi guys Just stopping in to say hello. I swear I was a member here years ago, I had a GS300 for a while which I loved. Like many of you, Ive worked my way through a selection but always wanted an ISF. I imported one myself last year and I love it (I usually import something once per year). I had a Crown 1JZ estate before it, greatly missed, but the ISF has always been close to the top of my list. Love it so much I might actually sink a hell of a lot more into a 2013 model, we'll see! Anyways, hello! 🙂
  9. Not had my ISF long (imported it) but I am 40. ISF was always on my want list, but its a long list and it took me some time to work my way to one 🙂
  10. When I bought my ISF it had a noise coming from the front off side, assumed it was a bush. After various checks it was the shock itself, completely lost all of its oil. I ended up buying a full set of Tein shocks and replacing them all. It turned out all 4 were actually pretty much done but had varying degrees of misting. I was going to replace just the two front shocks with Bilsteins but getting them has been difficult (think they are on back order, even though many places advertise them). For not much more I got a full set of coilovers (Tein Street Advance, about £450 for the set, adjustable height and damping). Happy enough with the Tein's so far but I understand many go with the BC racing set usually as the spring rates can be specific. Others will know better. Sorry, not much to add on the warranty but it might help if you need to replace them yourself.
  11. That App looks pretty decent. Im about to try and install an Android head unit and that launcher looks pretty sweet.
  12. I went 275 at the rear (245 at the front) and its made a bit of a difference. Agree with CB above that I was the same the first few weeks, it felt tail happy in the wet at first but you do get used to it.
  13. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!