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  2. Silent Witness SW010. I have these in both my cars for years front and rear (hard wired), fit and forget. They are a UK company and you pay a little more...failing that, buy them direct from China, they are cheaper, but you will have to pay import charges and take your chances!! If you are unfortunate to need to use footage and supply to the police, you can upload it to them and they will see that it gets to the correct police authority., Silent Witness
  3. Audio Upgrade

    That's a very interesting post Nemesis. I may just look into that. Yes my car has a very good ML system But there Is room for improvement. I do all my music listening in the car that' why I fit top end audio equipment. I have audiophile quality hifi at home which hasn' been used in almost a decade (I've had it 30 years).
  4. Coventry Lexus.

    "What's your name?" - "Bend over" "Ben, nice name!" ... if you remember the line from Chevy Chase in the Fletch movie :)
  5. GS 450H my first Lexus

    The GS just sailed thru it's MOT, it's first under my tenure [emoji16] Corrosion on the rear disks noted but not adversely affecting braking. I have new disks and pads to go on all round once I pluck up the courage to defy the brake by wire system. Oh and so what were Lexus trying on 8 months ago saying I needed new shox's (leaking apparently). Nothing flagged today by the indi, nor by my local mechanic or by me after several look-see's. Shox's and sticky calipers seem to be standard 'offerings' from the 'stealers'. Think I'm still bitter for them trying it on. Helps to pay for the complimentary coffee tho I guess. As the brand is relatively reliable, maybe they have to quote for unecessary work?
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  7. Coventry Lexus.

    Head of the service department is Ben Dover. Jack Mehoff runs customer relations.
  8. Gold Membership

    Martin F your membership number will be generated when the order is processed and will be printed on the membership card which will be sent out to you. If you encounter any problems renewing your membership, please feel free to contact me directly and I can assist you. Regards, Trevor
  9. Aah, a Vanden Plas 1300 Princess, my very first car, bought it from an old lady for £25 in 1975, ran it for a year until my father pulled up beside me at the traffic lights (I was 15). I sold it for £40, the only car i have ever made money on in my life. Walnut Picnic tables in the back, very classy. Remember sweating when a transit full of cops gave me a push start outside the Botanic gardens. I was big for my years....
  10. Crickey, not my thing at all, might have been when I was 18, but not now. Though I do like the colour.
  11. I agree Geoff. Of all the cars I've had with climate control the Lexus is the most effective I have come across. I can set it to where I want it safely in the knowledge it'll keep me comfortable. I've also got my seat heating/ventilation set to auto which is great. It got me thinking about other cars I've had in the past. Many years ago I had a Vanden Plas 1300 Princess which didn't have AC let alone climate control. However, what it did have was the ability to have warm air to my feet and cold to my face. That was brilliant. Haven't sen that in any modern car!
  12. If you do push the button on the Lexus I'd be genuinely interested in a comparison with the German marques you previously owned.
  13. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    Hi, I had this issue, and when on closer inspection both back boxes had rusted right through (1 completely). 5 minutes later we removed them in their rusty entirety - sounded delightful with intermittent backfires, etc. Lexus prices to replace were (as you can imagine) 'well priced' so we opted for the Borla full cat-back system from RR Racing which does away with the pesky back boxes. Only time I've been thankful for bad rust lol
  14. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Guys, so sorry I missed it. Was really hoping to get there for this one. I've been away on sea trials for longer than expected with very little (and in many cases) no communications back to shore. Hope the day went well and my apologies once again. Fingers crossed for the next :-)
  15. Remote access not working

    Was the car in the same place each time it didn't work? Don't need to disconnect the battery. Just hold the fob against the starter button and press button to start car as normal. The alarm will stop then.
  16. Remote access not working

    Can also be interference
  17. Remote access not working

    Doesn’t give you much faith in Lexus dealers does it! ☹️ Nothing worse than “Yes, we’ve fixed it” and then it goes wrong straight away!
  18. Gold Membership

    I have no idea how I find my membership ID, but I guess a mod will be able to find that. My order number was 2649
  19. Remote access not working

    Hmm, seems unlikely, but what about re-coding the fobs to your car? Just a thought.... Don’t see why they shouldn’t be coded correctly, but it’s another thing to tick off the possibility list?? When you think not screwing the petrol cap back on properly can cause a CEL, it could be anything...... Hopefully a proper diagnostic check will reveal some codes to help narrow it down.
  20. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Morning All, So got the message from Lee I’ve been waiting for yesterday afternoon, car is ready for me to collect! He’s getting it cleaned up this morning, and I’m hoping to sneak off at lunchtime to collect it. Will take a half day holiday obviously, but think it’s worth it! Lol. If I’m lucky should get away before the rush hour, but we’ll see. Need to fill up (luckily there is a Shell garage in spitting distance of SRD), but to say I’m a little excited about my first drive with the supercharger installed would be a massive understatement! Roll on lunchtime!
  21. Remote access not working

    Thanks for the responses. Apparently they did change the fob batteries (main key and spare). The car battery itself seems fine, no start/power issues.
  22. Coventry Lexus.

    Phil Mcrevis isnt bad either but was a bit pushy! Lol
  23. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    Hi, Would need to have a closer look to see if it’s the hangers or something else really. I always recommend swapping out exhaust hangers for urethane versions, the OEM rubber type tend to degrade and get brittle, kind of expected given where they live and the harsh roads etc. Best of luck! Cheers. Pete
  24. Remote access not working

    Agreed, though any half decent engineer would try the simple stuff first, I'd hope that if they have had the fob apart anyway to diagnose a problem then you would look at battery 1st. Engine battery is a good shout. Also, if I manage to fix something and don't know how I did it then a loose connection is always a good excuse! Ha
  25. Remote access not working

    Hi, sorry to hear you’re having issues. Stupid question, when did you last replace the fob battery? Had similar issues when mine needed replacing...... Also, when was your main battery last replaced? Sure I read somewhere this can also cause issues with starting/locking etc....?? Hope you get it figured out soon! Cheers. Pete
  26. Remote access not working

    Strange one - I came out to start the car on Sunday morning and there was no response from the keyless entry system or the control buttons on the key fob. I manually opened the door with the key held in the fob and of course the alarm started blaring out!! I quickly disconnected the battery and called Lexus Assist, they sent out a guy and we got the car started (the ignition runs on a different system to the entry) and I drove it to Lexus Twickenham and left it there for them to look at. I got a call yesterday that it had been fixed and that the problem had been a loose connection in my key fob. Got home and not working again.... called Lexus they came and picked the car up and I said I wanted a proper system diagnostics run etc. Has anyone else had this issue on an IS or ISF?
  27. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    @Jgtcracer Dear Lexus Edinburgh
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