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  1. When i had my Ls there was a trip betweeen work sites for a lecture we had to attend. I had 3 colleagues with me and the guy behind in his tt had a passenger. Lets say we were making good progress to the meeting and with a slight bend in the road approaching i pulled over to let the tt passed. He pulled in behind me. When we arrived i asked why he didnt fly passed? His reply was that was all he had. The Ls had plenty more to give. Reminded me now how much i need another lol
  2. LOC club stickers

    Was a year ago but im sure two came in mine, log out and check gold member sign up. Sure it says club stickers, then next level up gets tshirt too.
  3. LOC club stickers

    Cant remember wether theyre silver or white but through the smoke glass their subtle. Perfect
  4. Parking tickets

    Thats correct, up to 2012 they could place a ticket for the driver on the car and hope you paid. In 2012 the Protection of Freedoms Act sched4 allows parking co's to go after the registered keeper. The game is to appeal as the registered keeper saying the driver passed me the ticket. Technically possible from one hand to the other. The parking co has no way to find a drivers name or address as they only ticket the car. The RK then appeals and to hold the keeper liable the parking co has to jump through a lot of legal hoops and timelines to stay within the law. The only details they can get from the dvla are the Rk details but to hold the keeper liable they have to fulfill the requirements of pofa2012 Sched4. Have a quick read! Took me about 10 tries to make sense of it but it works for both parties. As i dealt with my ticket and it had my full attention the parking co's have offices dealing with 1000's and if you know where to look they can be tripped up. My ticket stated the car was viewed between 10am -10.40am and they supplied me with photographic evidence of the ticket on the car. . After looking at in for about a week i realised the time stamp on the photos was 9.41am which proved the ticket was written before 10am . Pofa states the ticket must be placed on the vehicle at the END of the viewed period. Pofa is uk law so the ticket was issued falsely.No option but to cancel. Another winning point. I appealed just before the 28day deadline saying i was registered keeper and gave them my address. Pofa states for a windscreen ticket where the driver is unknown to hold the keeper liable they have to apply to the dvla and send me a notice to keeper before 56 days pass. By giving them my address they didnt bother. By reading pofa i learnt they couldnt hold me liable. They rely on peoples lack of knowledge. Always fight most people with the right advice can get a good result. Any tickets recieved always check they have complied with their associations code of practice and protection of freedoms act 2012 Sched4. You always get 28days fot the intial appeal. never rush and pay.
  5. Parking tickets

    My works carpark has employed a outside parking co to monitor employees park in allocated spaces ( management and grunts have different spaces) and to make sure its not used by public. A condition of the use is to display a permit. Many people stick it to to window, many put it in place everyday. Me only working four days a week didnt want it on show on my days off. After 9 mnths i finally forgot to put it in place and got a ticket. My fault but hey ho. Approached my management and they had no interest in helping to cancel the charge for a 22yr employee. Thinking £70 is not really a justifieable amount to pay for forgetting to display a permit for one day i decided to research and fight it through the appeals process. I joined the pepipoo motoring forum and taking advice fought my case. With research i proved the ticket was not issued legally and they had not issued a correct notice to keeper. In fact with more knowledge i proved they had failed several statutes in the protection of freedoms act 2012 ( pofa ) and several of their governing bodies code of practice and as such could not hold me liable. I never mentioned the failure to display a valid permit. I fought them on their own terms and conditions which they could not get right as required by law. My appeal was upheld and the charge cancelled. So if you get a ticket on council or private land do not rush out and pay the reduced amount thinking if you dont it will cost more. The idea is to pay nothing. It takes some time and effort ,yes. Parking co's rely on the fact that people panic and pay, when with a little effort you can avoid paying using the law and their own procedures to your advantage.
  6. Internal fuse box

    Yes its is low and not ideal but needed for the rear cam to see out the back porthole lol. No problems driving ,ive had more obstructive airfresheners lol. If i ever got pulled id just move it up for a bit . power feed from 12v in center consol. I never use it so bought a 12v socket from ebay. Took center consol apart disconnected +/- from socket and connected my bought one into that. Power lead fed around window and under dash and standard 12v push plug into new socket. Again not ideal but i knew how to do that rather than fusebox lol. Been running a year no issues. everyone does it differently but i wouldnt run without one now.
  7. Internal fuse box

    Always place a cloth over the screwdriver to soften any contact. These panels are usually tight so a firm careful hand required. heres mine in place. I wired mine from the 12v supply in the center console so its all out of sight.
  8. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    As said be honest. Your an existing customer , rules are made to be broken and they wont want to lose a sale. As a compromise offer the salesman accompany on the test?
  9. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Well the ct had its first service just now. I apparently had nothing to worry about. The service went smooth on time and completed with no issues. Had a look round the showroom and enjoyed the coffee. . I still think its appropriate to mention what you expect when you hand the key over wether its a 20k car or 100k rather than have a problem later. certainly wont be worried over next years visit, very happy with lexus plymouth today
  10. 2018 Lexus NX Facelift

    Well i like it a lot ,as i never have the same car twice in a row the ct will go and this will fit the bill as the mrs wants a higher up suv type style next.
  11. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Good to see most of it done to satisfaction, be interesting to see their thoughts on the valet. I imagine it will be apology and done correctly as you enjoy a coffee . Post up their reply...... im definatley skipping the valet and will be reiterated again on service day.
  12. Cars sent to wrong dealer?!

    Unfortunately believable, surely as their aware it should be easy to re arrange/? Meaning inly a day or two delay? . I know its not an ideal world and will take longer. my new ct got lost in the system even though i recieved the v5 ,breakdown cover started and finance ready to take payments the car was lost in the system with no one able to trace its location. When found it arrived about 10 days late. Great introduction to a premium brand it does happen
  13. Black isf ,plymouth

    Passed me going up crownhill rd. Sweet. If the owners looking for swaps im local
  14. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Thats good to know
  15. Ocd and main dealer servicing

    Well, got a service reminder txt in the week so went in to frighten the service manager today. Cars booked in 22nd sept first car of the day. Service manager very good at dealing with concerns and also confirmed 0/20w oil will be used not 5/30 so thats perfect. Not so worried now its booked.