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  1. There is something to be said for 'Winter blues' when it comes to these things I reckon. I'm chomping at the bit to get mine out to enjoy the new supercharger setup, but the cold weather is a real fun killer in that respect! I'm sure it will be worth the wait, but do see why people lose interest or think about selling up. A few years back I bought a Navara because I thought it would be useful with snow etc, that's fine, but in reality how many snow days do we get each year?! Not many! Don't buy a car for the wrong reasons, don't sell a car on a whim, you only live to regret it I find.
  2. Hey Mike, Indeed, made the same mistake myself when I sold my UK spec with a nice small single conversion! Would be worth a small fortune in comparison to what I got for it nowadays! You live and learn I guess!
  3. Stick with the F, just my 2p worth. Funny to see the link you posted is the same garage where I bought my F almost 4yrs ago! Small world!! Literally just got back from a trip to LA yesterday. Saw these a lot over there, but I get the appeal, just think that would wear off pretty quickly when your shelling out the same on fuel for a barge like driving experience. Each to their own obviously, but think you’d regret parting with your F. Almost everyone does it would seem, one guy in the US has come back 3/4 times! Lol. Cheers. Pete
  4. Cam Chain Wear

    Yikes! I’d personally fork out the cost to get the car over to Lee Perryman and his team at SRD in West Sussex..... Still think they’d come in better in the long run than the gamble you’d be taking with the main stealer! It’s ultimately your decision, but the lack of belief and uncertainty mixed with their higher costs would worry me.... Best of luck whatever you decide.
  5. Thanks Sean. It's below 7 degrees, that much I know! Think the night drives I've been doing are between 1-3 degrees, maybe 4 at best....... I'm sure they will work better in the Summer, but still think I need more meat to tame the beast! I've already adapted my driving style to factor in the added power and possibility of lighting up the tyres, but still seeing the traction control light up at least once per drive!
  6. Cam Chain Wear

    Hi Andy, First I've come across for this (that's across both UK and US forums) particular fault. I'd 100% be looking for a second opinion if I was you. I'd also look to source a replacement engine if those costs are accurate. There were some for sale in the States which you could probably buy, import and pay all the VAT/duty/tax etc, and still come in cheaper than the local dealer quote! Other option would be to ask if Lee Perryman over at SRD in West Sussex is willing to work on it for you? Lee recently completed a supercharger installation on my car, so is the closest we probably have to an independent specialist on these rare cars. You would need to appreciate this would be their first engine strip down, but at £60+VAT an hour, they will easily come in under main stealer prices..... I'd have a vested interest in this, as I may one day look to go down the forged/low compression pistons route. You can get it trailered over to SRD easily enough, think there is a guy who can do it for you with a proper enclosed trailer etc if you want me to ask Lee? Whatever you decide, best of luck, and sorry to start here on such a low! All the best, Pete
  7. USRS RR Racing

    Very welcome David. Look forward to hearing from you guys on how you find them. I certainly felt a big difference once these were fitted. Turn in seemed more precise, and I really notice it under hard braking or pushing on through the bends. A lot less vague and woolly than the OEM setup.
  8. This, I have 275’s on the rear at the moment, not working! Lol. Hoping we can get the 305’s out back, with 265’s at the front. I’ve messaged Ken from the States, plus working with CCW. They do stunning custom wheels.
  9. Hey Big Rat, Indeed, my running costs will hardly change, may get an additional oil change each year for added peace of mind, but otherwise it’s bus as usual. The mechanical LSD and bigger wheels and tyres will certainly help get the power down, something this colder weather is highlighting as a weakness at present! The supercharger itself is only running at 0.5bar boost, hardly anything in other words. The added oil and gearbox coolers are keeping operating temperatures nice and low, so won’t have issues there either. Acceleration from around 70mph is incredible, honestly don’t think many cars would keep up. The fact my boost is instant versus the turbo cars means you just take off, literally! Lol.
  10. USRS RR Racing

    Hey Etienne, Great stuff! Glad it arrived safe and sound my friend. Look forward to your review on those rear camber arms, may need a set myself soon! Think I’ll be investing in some bigger wheels and tyres! Lol. Enjoy! Cheers. Peter
  11. Very good Big Rat, I’ve not seen that for ages!
  12. So after my second outing, it’s official...... I need wider tyres! Lol. Seen more of the traction control light tonight than I have in the last 3/4yrs of ownership! Think the mechanical LSD will also help tame the beast! Better start playing the lottery!
  13. Is it?! Hadn’t noticed! Lol. I’ll sleep, need all my senses to be tip top!! Honestly doesn’t sound that different to before, you get the hiss of the blow-off valves when you’ve built some boost (remember it only goes to 0.5bar, which is nothing really!), but otherwise it’s pretty quiet..... I’m loving that though, will be easier to catch out some exotics! Lol.
  14. Hi All, Forgot to upload the dyno results from the last run we did before the supercharger was added. This was achieved with PPE headers, H&S exhaust, RR-Racing tuned intake and suitable remap of the ECU.
  15. Indeed, guess it’s important to remember Lexus took a big gamble with the IS F, performance cars weren’t their thing by any means, so I guess they played safe by sticking to some of their inherent qualities. One being the quietness of their cars. They’ve certainly improved with the soundtrack for the RC F and GS F, but I agree the stock exhaust on our cars is too quiet. The exhaust manifolds are also very poorly designed as Lee was telling you today. As for your spreadsheet, if it’s any consolation I’m still nowhere near done with mine yet! Lol.