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  1. Funny thing is they don't object or refuse to service my car every year?! Far from it. Love the folks at Lexus Canterbury. Just suddenly dawned on me they are fine with servicing a modified car, just not honouring their warranties! Hope none of you are using non-Lexus cleaning products?!?!
  2. Tricky one. I'm not cursed with the whole warranty issue thankfully. I'd agree with others that they'd struggle to deny a warranty claim for say your gearbox based on having aftermarket bushes fitted, but it's a personal choice at the end of the day. If we get 5 people interested, I'll speak to Simon and Rafi, if not, no drama. Cheers. Pete
  3. Umm, no, not stock! Lol. Think most people guessed that though!
  4. Reminds me, must do some new videos of mine now I have the PPE headers and tuned intake/remap from RR-Racing installed. Don't think you can really beat it in terms of the sound etc. I'll try and get something recorded soon!
  5. Congrats! Glad to see the car has arrived and settled in to it's new home ok. Arqum isn't far from me either, as he has had some bits done on his car by me over the years. I'm not far from London (under 30 miles) down the A2. Maybe we can organise another Bluewater meet? If not, how about a pub lunch and chat etc? Couple of nice boozer's near me that do food etc.... Would be good to get something in the diary as I'm done with work on mine till early October when the calipers are being re-painted. Car looks great though my friend. Cheers for now. Pete
  6. Nicely done Mark. Think that looks really good in all honesty. Plus, doubt you'll see another SGM rocking the lighter interior?! Makes your car even more unique (something I know a bit about!). Best of luck with keeping it looking like it does at the moment. Cheers. Pete
  7. Great stuff Kieron. So pleased you like the new exhaust. As I said, H&S do a good job with our cars in my opinion. When you consider there are hardly any off the shelf options available to us, and they come with a lifetime guarantee (provided you keep the car obviously), I don't think you can go wrong really! Now get out there and find some tunnels! Lol. Dartford tunnel is a favourite, but rare to get a chance to open it up through there these days! Seems to be traffic jams all the time! Can't beat manual mode and a nice stretch of tunnel though.... Enjoy! Cheers. Pete
  8. Very nice! Is that the Bayson R or whatever they call it? If so, meant to be a good bit of kit for not too much money. Just as well given the potholes, speed bumps etc! I could never justify buying anything carbon like the Wald or TOM's lips. Looks like a great fit? Did you get all the hardware you needed to fit it with the lip? Hopefully you didn't drill into the headlight washer lines behind the bottom of your bumper? Might have nicked one when I did my corner splitters! Lol. Have you had it colour matched? Looks very OEM from the photos. Nice addition.
  9. Hey Kieron, I upgraded my sidelight bulbs a while back. Tiny things (W5W), but look a lot better with my uprated HB3 main beams. We have dipped as well I believe? So three bulbs in total? If your sidelights aren't on, I'd be surprised if that's been turned off by the dealership? More likely the bulbs were removed, or are faulty? Happy to check them out for you at some point if you like? I'm in Kent, so not too far.
  10. Hey Craig, Sounds like a plan chap. You will have the OEM grill on your 2008. I had no issues with mine when that grill was installed. I also had no issues when I had the badge less carbon version fitted. The US grill is more like the badge we get on the boot? But the sensors clearly don't like it! Will be murdering out the OEM grill to replace it at some point. Shame as I liked how the US grill looks but can't be dealing with the PCS warnings and bings etc! Hope you get it sorted out soon fella. Cheers. Peter
  11. Indeed Mark, think we must share that birth defect! Lol. Diffusers are pricey I'm afraid! You can't get the Arkym version I am running anymore. Real shame as I would have loved to grab the front to match it up. Bison R lip looks pretty good for the money? Seen a lot of them on the US forum. Fit and finish aren't bad at all. You do get the odd diffuser come up on the for sale section of the US forum. Seen a couple recently. Be careful with the drop. Mine is quite clunky at the moment. Not sure if that's an issue with the BC's, or the fact it's too low. I'll probably raise it slightly when they swap them out for the RR-Racing coils.
  12. Hi Craig, Not sure if this helps you, but I have the same issue on my car using the US style front grill. This is down to the badge being different, and causes the PCS to flash up intermittently when I'm driving along. Your symptoms sound identical to mine, so if you are still running the UK OEM front grill, I suggest you remove it to see whether there is something blocking the sensor box located directly behind the grill. It may be worth asking your dealership to open up the sensor box to see if there are any signs of dirt/debris that might explain the false readings? It's clearly something blocking or inhibiting the sensors from gaining a true reading of what's in front of your car. Hope you get it sorted!
  13. Nice one Mark! Got some lovely additions there from RR-Racing. The USRS and AOS are a must in my opinion. Look forward to seeing the carbon tips you got with the Borla, always thought they'd look good! So you got these coilovers: In which case, I'm very jealous! Exactly what I am after for mine before I move up to the supercharger kit. Also looking to add the OS Giken LSD to the rear to help tame the extra horsepower. Do let me know how you get on with the new coilovers. Hoping to order mine soon, but won't be for a little while yet sadly! Nice to see another owner pushing ahead with the modified route.
  14. No worries Mark. Yes, currently running a set of BC BR coilovers with the uprated Swift springs. These will be going soon though so I can try out the new mid-range offering from RR-Racing instead. Rafi and Simon were very complimentary of my car after I sent them a copy of the magazine with my feature, but did give me stick about the BC's! Lol. Not a bad setup, but the new ones should be even better. No arch rolling on my car whatsoever. Had some rubbing issues with the front inner arch liners, but SRD seem to have sorted that out after they heated up the plastic and re-molded it away from the tires. What goodies did you get from RR-Racing? Have to say I've been really pleased with every one of their products so far.
  15. Hey Mark. Still going with the Wedsports SA67R's I have on the car at the moment. Just changing the colour from shadow chrome to black. Lugs I am considering are these ones: My wheel specs are: 19 x 9 ET 35 front with MPSS 245/35/19 tires, and 19 x 10 Et 42 rear with MPSS 275/30/19's. These are lighter than the factory BBS wheels, and are really nice. Only trouble is they are no longer produced, so only way to find them is secondhand! Just have to pray I don't do anything worse than curbing them (something I did the other week, hence the plan to change the colour on all four, and re-do my calipers etc).