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  1. Umm, hate to say it Dav, we were the only 3 guys there! Lol.
  2. Hi Guys, Late to the party (as always!), but I presume everyone is now fully familiar with the offerings from Rafi and Simon over at RR-Racing in Pennsylvania? I use these guys extensively on my IS-F, and wanted to make sure you all know they have similar mods available for the RC-F platform as well. Seems like the oil in the intake is also an issue for the RC-F, so I would certainly recommend the AOS kit even if you don't do anything else. Preventative maintenance that will offer peace of mind for sure. With prices on the RC-F now in the mid-30's range, it's getting to be a tempting step up from the IS-F. I'm guessing they may drop to the high 20's by this time next year. Not good for current owners, but good for those waiting to take the step up to a newer platform. No one can argue the interior is certainly a much nicer place to be than the IS-F. Having spent some time with a few modified RC-F's in the States, I should add they are very tuneable, and have a few nice additions that would be welcomed over the IS-F. Do we know how many RC-F's were sold over here in the end? Guessing not many with the harsh reviews (same thing happened with the IS-F). How about tuned RC-F's? Anyone know of any terrorising UK roads?!?! If you guys ever want any help on the tuning front, please let me know. Happy to try and help get you guys whatever you need in terms of support from the US market. All the best, Pete
  3. And finally here: Good luck!
  4. Or here:
  5. Hi. This may help?
  6. Sounds like a good addition to the fold for sure. Hopefully he'll get on here at some point soon to introduce himself.
  7. Nice! Glad to hear we may have another F in the neighbourhood soon. Hopefully he'll want to join us at some future events.... Congrats on the sale, and all the best for the future.
  8. Good times Matt and David. Shame it was just the three of us, but hopefully the drive out in mine made it more than worthwhile! Lol. Goes without saying, we've left now guys, so save your petrol. Hopefully organise another meet soon. Cheers for now. Pete
  9. Hi Chaps. I'm here. Follow signs for iMax Plaza, then Upper Plaza. Go up the ramp, take first right by House of Fraser. I'm parked at the back, row T. See you soon. Cheers. Pete
  10. Of course! More the merrier! All are welcome. See you soon!
  11. Would be lovely to have you join us if you can. More the merrier.
  12. Nice one! Which LC? Guessing the V8?! Did a test drive in one at Lexus Canterbury the other week at it's launch day. Very nice! Think I'll wait a few years though, let the prices come down! RCF prices are getting temptingly close nowadays. Hopefully catch up soon chap. Cheers for now. Pete
  13. Hi Ben, Think the ones we did were 52197A and 52198A. Think they come as a set? Weren't overly expensive from memory, less than £20.
  14. Hi Ben, Do you mean the fixing that sits inside the rear wheel arches under the liner at the very corners? If so they are I believe white on one side, and yellow on the other..... Only reason I mention it is Roheel on here sourced two sets when we decided to replace ours a few months ago. Maybe drop him a PM to ask for the part numbers? Know he had them. His username on here is: Arqum.
  15. Ok, seems like we have enough to keep this on the cards for Sunday. Hopefully a few more will join today and tomorrow as well. Look forward to seeing everyone at Bluewater on Sunday. I'll aim to get there a bit earlier, that way I can add meet point details. If anyone gets lost, call or email me. 07976773854 Cheers! Pete