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  1. Change to RCF

    LC-F, not that will be an interesting addition as and when it's finally launched. Didn't think much of the LC500 to be honest. My F in current spec is faster and more nimble. The LC500 seemed really wide to me, always worrying about clipping other cars or being over the centre line on the road! I'm sticking with my IS-F for a while, especially now I've forked out for a supercharger kit! Glad you're sticking with your IS-F Jon.
  2. Potential New Owner - Few Questions

    Hi and Welcome! Think everybody has covered off most of your questions, but in terms of the handling, these are very competent even in the wet. I came from Supra’s, which are great in the dry, but very tail happy in the wet! Not the IS-F. Been on some very wet roads, but never felt scared of the grip etc. You can drive these very calmly, but flick to manual mode, and apply sport button when you want to have lots of fun! Mechanically these are bulletproof, but make sure it’s had all the servicing it should. Should be every 10k or per annum, so an 08 example should have 8/9 services. Not sure where you’re based, but SRD in West Sussex are getting very familiar with these now, so servicing shouldn’t be an issue. Highly recommend the USRS kit from RR-Racing, just tightens up the front end and gives a more solid feel. Best of luck, and let us know if you have any more questions. Happy to help. Cheers. Pete
  3. Calipers painted

    Freshly cleaned after our long drive back from Nottingham yesterday. Have to say I'm mega pleased with the work BCS did. Worth every penny and the long drive up North! Just in the Emirates lounge about to go to Dubai, then Dubai to Auckland in New Zealand! Long flight!! Hope you guys like them as much as I do.... Cheers all! Pete
  4. USRS RR Racing

    Thanks Matt, it'll be going to Lee P at SRD once the kit arrives. RR-Racing say 3-4 days to install it right. Will need re-dyno'ing first, then install along with the brake upgrades I've got sitting in my garage. Then we need to add the new tune, and back on the dyno. I'm guessing a week at least. Should be pretty special once it's all done.
  5. USRS RR Racing

    Hi Guys, So, good news is I'm pulling the trigger on my supercharger kit. Apparently RR-Racing will have the bits together for me next week, so will ship it over once after that. Better news for you lot, should be room in my supercharger boxes for the USRS kits, so Simon will put those in to arrive with the supercharger kit. Current order is for 3 kits in total, so anyone else wanting in has a week's grace to place their order, and get the discount using the code 'USRSUKDEAL' at the checkout on RR-Racing's website. Once the kit arrives and clears Customs etc, will be in touch with each of you for address details so I can whip them up to my local Post Office to send out. Cheers all. Pete
  6. USRS RR Racing

    Nice one Dan. Should have a fair few sets coming over soon in that case. 4 in total so far. Keep them coming guys, you honestly won't regret it.
  7. Would I need Cats for this Exhaust

    Hence why I didn't change up the H&S for a titanium system! Lol. Not sure the weight saving would warrant the extra cost, plus you'd be hacking it about to add the cat's, so might be better off getting a stainless steel exhaust to start with.....?? Let me know what you find out though.
  8. Would I need Cats for this Exhaust

    Hey, no, don't believe you can weld steel to titanium....... I'd imagine you would end up having to cut off the front section of the Greddy Ti system (ouch! ), add a mid-section like I have with your cat's welded in, and add flanges to connect that mid-section to the PPE headers and the Greddy Ti exhaust..... Otherwise you need titanium cats which I don't believe they make, and if they did, ouch on what they'd cost!!!!
  9. Would I need Cats for this Exhaust

    Hi Maz, If you have OEM exhaust, they may have let you through the MOT on account of the secondary cats still being in place. My understanding would be you will lose those when you fit the Greddy Ti exhaust, and with no primaries in place, you will be cat-free which will fail the MOT. I bought a set of hi-flow race cat's from PPE that were welded into the mid-pipes. These are hopefully enough to pass my next MOT due in a couple of weeks time..... You won't pass without some form of cat's fitted, that's for sure.
  10. USRS RR Racing

    No worries Matt. Happy to help out my fellow F'er's!
  11. USRS RR Racing

    Interesting. It's finding someone I can trust enough to roll mine without damaging the paint. I'm sure there are people out there more than capable of doing it, just finding them!
  12. USRS RR Racing

    Cheers Guys. So I make that 3 orders placed so far? Any more for any more?! Don't know if Simon/Rafi actually set any sort of cut-off date, but we will need to agree one in order for me to arrange delivery to you fine folks. Simon will be putting these orders to one side ready for collection by me, or one of my mates over there. I don't want anyone to miss out on this great opportunity to buy a solid product that will actually add a lot of value to your F's handling, but appreciate those of you who've ordered don't want to wait forever........ Let me know when you think we should close the door on this (maybe end of October?), and I can then start making plans to get these over here to distribute. All the best, Pete
  13. Defratos IS-F Build

    Cool. You and I need to chat! Lol. SRD / Lee and his team are my go to shop for IS F work. They did my PPE header install, coilovers and a few other bits. 100% faith in them doing a good job. They do some serious Supra and GTR builds. Great guys. Have you seen these new Wedsport wheels? Really like them! Guess I'm thinking the same in terms of added rubber to compensate for the blower, but not sure I want to roll my arches?! Not much room to go a lot bigger otherwise though......?!
  14. Defratos IS-F Build

    Nice! All good mods I have on mine (plus a few more! Lol). Just cool to have another modified F roaming the streets. Any more plans for yours whilst it's over here? Just about to pull the trigger on the RR-Racing supercharger kit. That should be a noticeable game changer hopefully! Sticking with OEM wheels?
  15. USRS RR Racing

    Not sure Paul. I was already running slightly bigger tyres on my current wheels...... If I do any bigger on the wheel size to accommodate larger tyres, will need to roll the arch lips which I am not keen to do if I'm being totally honest. Will see how it goes once the blower is in place and singing sweetly!