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  1. Morning All, Guessing some may already be aware of the big tuning/Time Attack round this coming Sunday at Brands Hatch? Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone is planning to attend? I’ll be showing my car in the Kleers show ‘n’ shine competition again this year (won best of show in 2016, which was before the supercharger kit and a few other bits and bobs!), so if you do attend, please feel free to pop along and say hello. 👍 It’s normally a good turnout with plenty to see and do including a few trade stands, food stands, racing etc. I’ll be arriving nice and early to get mine all finished up (around 8am or so), so hopefully see some people there throughout the day. Cheers all. Pete 😎
  2. Hi Jay, As Gib has stated already, I'd also opt for the full system. If you find it too loud, can always add some extra silencers which is what I did. Now I am running PPE headers and the supercharger, noise is inevitable! Lol. I'm actually ok with how loud mine is as a weekend/show/fair weather car. If I had to daily drive it on short journeys I'd probably be ok (although neighbours might get annoyed if I fired it up early every morning!), but the drone/loudness would be an issue if I had regular long distances to cover. Maybe consider the electronic valve setup others have opted for? That way you can flick a switch for the loud moments you crave, and keep them closed for the more regular/early starts? Just some thoughts. Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi, I’ve probably owned or tried most things over the years, so happy to help. Do need to know your budget though? I know Rafi over at RR-Racing is about to launch a new setup, but for me you can’t go wrong with the H&S systems. Yes, not cheap, but lifetime warranty if you decide to keep the car, and fit and finish on mine was spot on. I do think you get what you pay for in this case, and the sound is intoxicating. Best of luck with your mods, and let me know if you need any help. Cheers, Pete
  4. Sorry to read this, not what I want to see. 😢 Must admit I’ve taken the plunge this service, and not booked the car in with Lexus. Will be getting a full service from Lee P at SRD in West Sussex. Lee and his team as most will know have done a lot of work on my car including the supercharger install. Not only did I feel the costs were excessive for the actual parts/work involved when dealing with Lexus, I also had zero confidence in the technicians. Had phone calls asking how things worked, asked for parts prices which they wouldn’t provide etc. I know Lee and his guys will baby my car, they are all likeminded petrol heads who really enjoy working on something unique and different. In other exciting news, car is going in Monday for a service, and for the MoTeC guy to start developing a full standalone ECU package. Should be fun! 😎
  5. Not this year, but been a few times myself over the years. Early days we camped at Porsche curves through Travel Destinations like others on here (spooky thinking we may well have been there at the same time, but didn’t know!). Highlights for me would be the brutal sounds of the Corvette’s and Aston Martin’s, plus meeting Johnny Herbert and doing a short video with him that went out on Eurosport! We did a shocking homage to ‘you’ve lost that loving feeling’ and had some beers and bbq with him. Top fella. 😎
  6. Hey Etienne, I would imagine the car and the new gearbox would need to be paired up for things to work properly, but you shouldn't have to buy the gearbox ECU from the donor car in my opinion..... The fact you can generate a CEL from not screwing the petrol filler cap on properly does make me wonder though...... I'd look towards the US forum for some more definitive advice, think they have had a few gearbox swaps due to heavy use with drag racing etc. Hope you can get it figured out soon. Cheers, Pete
  7. Going back to the op's question, seems like a good price. Worth a look and a test drive for sure. Do have a good look around the car for any damage or alignment issues, fit and finish should be pretty good. I'd also want to see a complete service history, so should be at least 11 stamps/services given the age of the car. Check the tyres as well, hopefully they are all good brands, and match front/back if not the same on all corners. Good luck!
  8. Hey Alan, Indeed they do, but I didn't find it juicy enough! So mine is actually a 5L V8 supercharged IS-F pushing out a dyno proven 640hp. Who said Lexus were boring! Lol.
  9. Here’s mine. It’s s 2002 Honda HR-V. Done just over 74k miles, and was a bargain in my opinion at £700. Has very basic 4WD, and is a reliable 1600cc 5-speed manual. Does Kent to Essex every other weekend when I have my son. Good on fuel, and should help me to keep the IS-F for fair weather use or shows/special occasions. It’s surprisingly spacious, and good for the dogs, tip runs and large items. I also enjoy the fact 80mph is possible, but takes a good while to achieve! Makes my time in the F feel like warp speed! Lol.
  10. Morning All, As suggested, thought I’d start a new thread to document the progress by SRD on my supercharger install. Hoping they receive the replacement auxiliary pulley today, as it’s holding things up! I won’t try posting the video of the knackered pulley again, but here are photos from day one, mostly stripping everything down, with one of the two new coolers fitted, and the rather lovely ATI custom harmonic crank damper pulley.
  11. Hey Gib, Thanks for this. It is a very decent bump in performance. Not cheap, but I honestly feel the difference is night and day. Hopefully I will have a chance at some point to take part in some sort of trial which would allow direct comparison between a stock IS-F and my car. I know Banzai were looking at getting a few cars together for something along these lines, so would be fun to see how it stacks up in it's current guise. Driving is very nice in fair weather (not so much in the wet!). You can still drive sensibly with minimal difference in the MPG return provided you aren't using the supercharger all the time! 8th gear at 80 or so is hardly any different. If you kick down in sports mode and find the sweet spot with the rev's, not many things can keep up (including GTR's). Traction is an issue, hence my desire to get the OS Giken LSD and some wider wheels and tyres. Should help to lay the power down from launch, and maintain it at the top end where I have also had some issues in the past! Will of course share any stats if and when I do them. Should be a noticeable improvement with most things (0-60, 0-100, top speed). Hope to see you back where you belong with a new IS-F soon! Cheers, Pete
  12. Peter P18

    Insurance for the F

    Give John Roberts at Keith Michaels a call, tell him Pete Payne suggested you call him for a quote. Been with them 20yrs now, never felt the need to go anywhere else! Don’t think I’ve ever paid more at renewal, only when I’ve had to add mods like a dirty great supercharger kit! Lol. He’s a good bloke, so should be able to give you a good benchmark...... I’d tell him your best quote so far, just helps make sure he’s not miles off! Best of luck! Cheers, Pete
  13. Good for you Tom. Yes, whilst you can source parts from Japan, I find it generally easier and less expensive to buy from the States. They have a much bigger tuning scene than we do over here (obviously), so you should check out the Club Lexus forum and sign yourself up. Seen a few really nice modified RC-F's, some of which are running the supercharger kit I have on my IS-F. Even if you don't want to go crazy with mods, they do some nice subtle pieces that would help make your car even more unique and individual (something I personally like). I actually toned down by carbon bonnet by painting the majority of it, and left the vents in carbon (with an extra coat of clear to protect the weave). Given yours was a factory option, I say leave well alone and enjoy!
  14. If it's just the tin of boiled sweets Stuart, nothing whatsoever. If you can say yes to 3 or more, that's when I have some concerns!
  15. Congrats Tom, I personally LOVE carbon! Have lashings of it all over my IS-F, so nice to hear of another F owner getting involved with the good stuff! As you can imagine, Lexus owners cover quite a broad demographic, so don't be put off by the 1980 AA road map, tin of boiled sweets, travel rug and driving gloves brigade! There are some younger owners who actually enjoy modifying their cars (not many I know!), so please let me know if you need any help sourcing any parts from the States. I spend a lot of time over there, and have good relations with Simon and Rafi at RR-Racing. It's a good forum with plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had (mostly at Big Rat!), hope you enjoy your new toy mate. Cheers, Pete
  16. Ouch! Not looking forward to the feedback from you lot when I get some photos up of my reworked headlights! Admittedly no colour changing option, but do have halo rings for dipped and indicators are now built in as led’s on the faces. Turned out there was a nasty hole in my passenger side, so had a fish tank style feature that killed a ballast! Anyway, I like what Pedro has done, hopefully won’t be chased with torches and pitchforks! Lol. As long as they like it, it’s good with me.
  17. Peter P18

    Post your Pics

    Stick with it Stevie, I'd considered updating mine (given it's an 08 example) before adding the supercharger, but there really isn't a lot of difference spec wise... Know you're more concerned with the colour, but I really think you're current car looks exceptional, especially with the white Recaro's. At least you know your current car is well cared for and maintained..... not something you can really guarantee with other cars unless you know the previous owner.
  18. Peter P18

    Check VSC

    Hi Matthew, Any news on this? Hopefully you're 300 mile drive went without a hitch? If not, let me know mate. You're spot on about it possibly being something as silly as not screwing the fuel cap back on properly. Doesn't take much to throw CEL's on these, but, normally doesn't take much to clear them off either thankfully! Be interested to hear how you got on when you have a moment..... Cheers, Pete
  19. Good stuff. Just checking with Mrs. P, but may try to do the whole weekend, and stay at a local Travel Lodge on the Saturday night? It's a good 3hr drive for normal cars, so maybe an hour for me?!?! Lol. Look forward to seeing some new faces. Will confirm plans as soon as possible. Cheers, Pete
  20. Sorry to see this Etienne. Personally, I'd probably go with removing both the engine and gearbox. Good opportunity to give it a once over and also do the sparkplugs whilst it's out of the engine bay. Don't believe there were any fundamental changes to the gearbox design throughout the entire production run? I'd ask over on the US forum to be sure, but I am sure you should be ok fitting a post 2009 gearbox to your car. Hope you get it sorted out my friend. All the best, Peter
  21. Horses for courses with things like this, uprated my Supra engine mounts and loved them. I’m willing to try it if Rafi and Simon have endorsed it. Sure, could be a $200 mistake, but maybe not...... If it does cause me issues, will buy a new set of OEM mounts. Given my car is an 08, and under added strain and stress, probably good to start buying up and changing out the rest of the bushes. If their USRS are anything to go by, I’m confident these will be beneficial.
  22. Like you honestly have to ask?! Lol. I’ll happily carry on being the RR-Racing UK test dummy!
  23. Hi, planning to do mine soon. Probably go with the more cost effective Cusco LSD offering from RR-Racing, or pay a bit more for the more commonly used OS Giken offering. Lee at SRD in West Sussex will be tasked with the swap (re-use your existing diff casing etc). He didn’t think it would be too tricky to fit, apparently the Supra and IS-F diff’s are very similar.
  24. No, I don't agree. More because I can't understand the stigma/issue over an extra 10/12p a litre over regular unleaded? If you get 40 litres of V-Power at £1.50 a litre (not accurate price as I can't remember what it is near me at the moment!), that's £60 all in. If you have a 20p off a litre coupon or voucher, that equates to a life changing saving of £8. Now personally the additives and R&D I know Shell put in for their fuels is worth the extra to give me peace of mind. Each to their own, but I see it the same way as with tires, wouldn't run remolds or budget tires on my high performance car, so why would I run cheap/normal fuel?!
  25. Yes, religiously use V-Power in both our cars. In fairness, wife’s Juke has to have V-Power (Nissan Juke Nismo RS), and with the supercharger on mine, I’d never use anything else unless it was life or death......