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  1. as long as it has full service history you should be able to buy a 2yr warranty from lexus for £495 inc AA breakdown for the 2 yrs
  2. i also have noticed a turbo whistle like sound when putting your foot down recently
  3. my only gripe with the rear view camera is that it isnt heated so the lens clears itself , the amount of times i get to work and find there is water on the lens that stops you seeing clearly behind you.
  4. just make sure the adapter is compatible with carista as many of the elm327 are not compatible. you will need the full version of carista to alter the dealer customisations,i had to use the app earlier this year to reset the airbag system when an ambulance (skoda octavia) rolled back into me and set the warnings lights / messages off. its a really useful app to have with you ,and don't forget you are not paying for access to just lexus the customisations are for any vehicle that supports the dealer options.
  5. colin the last time i looked at costco petrol prices it was about 8p / ltr cheaper
  6. when i say i've tried it in the past its been on comparable vehicles CT200h and my IS300h and also on our Auris hybrid and its made no difference, higher octane fuels normally works better with high performance engines.
  7. quite right rayaans, as the sales team should be able to answer any question thrown at them rather than just saying no as they dont have a clue, and dont want to look stupid.
  8. save your money just buy a good brand of normal fuel i have tried it in the past and it made no difference... well except to your pocket at fill up time it cost me more. on our hybrids we use normal shell fuel.
  9. ultimately its down to you ,no one can make that decision for you, as only you will know how far you want the wheel to move outwards. maybe get another set of wheels with a different offset,then you can have a winter & summer set of wheels.
  10. you will find the car park spaces are quite generous at lexus so you wont have any issues leaving your car and i am sure they will take good care of it in the service bay. if it makes you feel more comfortable do a walk around video of your car or ask the dealership to do a walk round inspection when you leave the car.
  11. i ask the dealership not to wash my car but i do let them give it a vacuum.
  12. i used dunlop sport maxx rt make sure its the rt version as there is a sport maxx aswell.
  13. i did have the opportunity to have a test drive last week in liverpool ,i didn't bother going as i wouldn't of wanted to drive my IS back, today i had my mot and had a sit in one the seats really hug you and hold you in place its a nice place to be ,they let me start it in the showroom what a roar it makes it does sound so good,dont know if it would annoy me on a long drive, lovely car though its a shame i wont be able to afford one ever.
  14. years ago michael winner used to be in the adverts for Esure insurance.
  15. i buy the refills from lexus at around £24 for the pair as i like the style of the oem blades with them being of a low profile style.