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  1. i used the Dunlop Sportmaxx RT tyres on on my CT make sure its the RT version and not just the Sportmaxx tyre as rayaans has said its the 67dB version that you want ,i can't understand why Lexus fits noisy tyres to an otherwise quiet car its the same story on my IS ,i've fitted the michelin cross climates on the IS and its so much quieter than the yoko's fitted at the factory.
  2. mine had the check completed and no extra sealant was needed this is why it was a 10 minute check i had enough time to drink my cup of tea and my car had been returned to me as i didnt want it valeting.
  3. i think your car is ok it maybe your right foot i used to average around 58mpg - 62mpg on a mixture of A roads & motorways in summer and around 6mpg ess in the winter months
  4. i feel motoring journalists feel if it doesn't have a BMW badge then its crap this is certainly not true,all cars make some engine noise when being pushed hard its just that with a cvt you get the noise straight away with a manual the noise levels increase with speed. personally i hate BMW's, if i won one it would be sold asap they are not for me.
  5. i've taken mine in for the 10 minute check and it was ok
  6. the dealer will complete a pre delivery inspection of the car before they hand it over to you so by saying a week they are giving themselves enough time to fit your car in to their schedule
  7. here is a link to an offer i have been given from lexus stoke
  8. lexus main dealers are as tight as a ducks ???? if they can get out of changing something they will. maybe buy a secondhand screen and have it fitted this way you will know its an oem screen here is a breakers that has a few ct's for breaking
  9. i have the 8 speaker setup in mine and it sounds fab i wouldn't change or upgrade any of it for a factory system it has clarity , good bass & has a decent volume level, the system is loud enough so you dont have to go more than 1/2 way on the volume ,sound distortion is more apparent when you are nearing the top of the volume range so staying mid way distortion in minimised.
  10. well bluesman he does have a day job in car sales aswell
  11. mike brewer does my head in on the show when at the end he comes in and says Oh Edd you've done it again it looks like new, alot of the time Edd hasn't done anything i.e. a full respray, a full interior retrim & refurbed wheels all completed by a 3rd party if you get someone to do these 3 jods then the car will look like new mike is to over the top for my liking , it will be nice for Edd to have his own show.
  12. is anyone else having issues with auto log in as soon as i click on my shortcut for the site it used to log in automatically for the last 2 weeks i have to put in my username and password each time i come to the, site the toyota owners club work just fine its only the lexus owners club that wont auto sign in, i have even gone to the lengths of wipe & reinstall of my pc but it still hasnt fixed it. i am runing win7 and firefox
  13. i dont actully use sponges i use wash mitts but i have 2 of them one for wheels and 1 for bodywork after every use i give the wash mitt a good rinse to make sure its clean for the next use.
  14. i use megauirs gold class shampoo although i make sure the wheels are the last thing to be washed i also use a different sponge to keep the bodywork sponge clean , if there is a lot of brake dust i sometimes use auto glym alloy wheel cleaner to help aid in the breaking down of the brake dust .
  15. put your window down hold the 2 sides of the seal and gently pull it and to refit just press it back in