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  1. i have left the protection on and i just live with it now,i have tried so many cleaning products and nothing has worked, the only other option would be to remove and replace the panels every now and then. i bought mine from lexus stoke ,i have been barred from lexus chester, they are arse holes of the highest calibre. i am surprised you bought yours from chester with your location showing Dublin.
  2. i would set it to +2 so you will be able to see how the light react at the other extreme moving up 1 notch maybe too small to see the changes.
  3. i think the answer you will be given is to remove the clear panels rayanns has done this.
  4. if your car gives you notice regarding your when your next service is due maybe they have done this to give you the warnings at the correct time ,would of been nice to be told what they had done still.
  5. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    each to their own.
  6. i had the same happen to my IS330h in jan this year a skoda paramedic rolled back into me and set the pop up hood failure alarm off annoying as you can only clear it for about 60 seconds before it comes back on,luckily i had my carista app on my phone and reset the 2 airbag alarms relating to the pop up hood, apparently its a common place alarm to see, even if your car is off you can still get the message if someone has knudged your in a carpark when the ignition is turned back on.
  7. HI Carl on point 1 the headlights dont go through a leveleing process they just come on
  8. Sport Mode Gauge

    from the setting screen you can turn the rev counter on & off look in your manual under customisations press the display button,select meter or vehicle cant remember which select tach from here you can select on,off or auto.
  9. have to agree also this is the best review of the IS300h i have listened to,although a few errors nice to se an unbiased review and comparing cars in the same sector.
  10. Media Display

    i am 95% certain the later models have a fixed screen
  11. i just think the motoring press are very biased towards the germans end of, the press say they dont like the noise they hear from a IS300h but if they sit in any M series and floor it they will say "listen to that noise" in an admiring way. when test diving a car the car should be driven in the manner it was designed for and rated accordingly,its like comparing the ariel Atom with a Bentley then stating you can hear a lot of road noise from the Atom they are both quick cars but have different markets to compete for.
  12. Infinity

    your correct infinity are part of nissan who in turn are owned by renault so thats 2 reasons why not to buy one and the 3rd reason would you spend £40k+ on a renault
  13. Independent servicing

    £180 seems very cheap for a major service are you sure everything has been carried out ??? what grade of engine oil did they use for your car and did they change the brake fluid.
  14. ct200h DRL on unlock

    i have an is300h with keyless entry and when i approach the car the interior lights alll come on and the drls also illuminate for 15 seconds. i am sure the time is a setting i have changed using carista ,this function maybe called welcome lights.
  15. Dealer servicing courtesy car

    i think it has an ugly back end