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  1. what about a volvo 740 estate antique dealers used to use them as they could get everything in them
  2. today i took a picture of the rear silencer / tailpipe assembly whilst i was at lexus i now understand how it all goes together. the finisher bolts on to the rear muffler
  3. if you an elm327 adapter either a bluetooth or wifi and use the carista app you can turn off individual seatbelt alarms. i have done it on mine,when we had a dog if he was sitting on the seat the alarm would go off.
  4. when you floor it ,it does become noisy but only whilst your accelerating ,the motoring press i feel are biased towards the bmw brand and if it doesn't have the blue & white badge then it isn't a good car,the motoring press need to review a car based on what its designed to do and not compare it to something it isn't i dont have a ct now but you will enjoy the car and love the quietness.
  5. is it an oil level light or an oil pressure light that come on the dash as they are differernt you can still have good pressure with low oil levels or low pressure with the oil at max.
  6. i wouldn't hold your breathe, the IS300h isnt the most common car on the road so the demand for a towbar wont be that high therefore it probably wont be viable for a 3rd party to make and supply a kit,there are loads of fitting centres around the somerset area for westfalia so you wouldn't have to go to lexus here is a a contact number from their website:- TOWBAR FITTING ENQUIRIES Please call us on 0117 955 1011 / 1022
  7. below is from pidu To remove the oem mirror simply pull away from the windscreen the bottom of the fitting and then move the whole part upwards. To remove overhead console - pull from the windscreen side first, there are 2 clips, then on the sides near lights - another two clips, unplug connector and remove console. Connect piece of two core wire to wires in console connector - ground is white with black stripe in the corner (pin 15), power - green in the middle (I believe it is pin 7, next to yellow one). At the back of the mirror we needed to connect pin 1 - power and 2 - ground (honda accord mirror wiring see attached image)
  8. approved used car is a car that come with a complete lexus sevice history lexus dealers will not sell a car that doesnt have the full lexus service history, this isnt to say the car hasnt been serviced just not by lexus. the recall i am thinking about is the canister recall in the fuel tank,as owners have complained about the smell of fuel in the cars for days after completion by having it done before you collect would save you putting up with the smell of fuel.
  9. i have found an is300h for sale on ebay they show an image of the tow hitch with a company name and part number
  10. i wouldn't of thought there would be an issue ,and you've done it before so you know what your doing give it a go you have nothing to lose. if it doesn't work here is a link for a breakers yard that have a few ct's in stock
  11. nothing to look out for on the ct really,i would make sure it has full lexus service history and any recalls have been completed,
  12. in the gallery there is an image saying there is just under £20k of factory fitted extras can this be possible as i thought the M sport had all the bells and standard.
  13. they will probably have to be paired to the cars system before they will work properly
  14. as the picture says "sorted" why didn't lexus think of that solution lol mosted suited to the car its on i think.
  15. with there being plastic glue on there i am sure lexus will say no as its had a non approved repair already they have some 300h in stock for breaking they also have a tesla for breaking if ganzoom is looking in not sure if its his model though