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  1. Tried the app. First thing it wants to scan the barcode on the VIN, but no barcode on my VIN. Tried typing the VIN in (!), but not recognised. App deleted. Had more success with the web site, after registering and finally working out how to log in could not find my car under its current reg number, however did under its first reg number. Great, now I can see the service history, and that it had a dent in the roof repaired and a slow puncture repaired before I bought it that I did not know about. I suppose the fact I only found out by looking at the history means it must have been repaired well. Perhaps next time I will buy brand new rather than an ex demonstrator as I don't think I got a better deal anyway. Car is great but the dealer I got it from are a load of money grabbing ........
  2. I have not tried putting a bike in the back of a CT but I suspect it won't fit. When I had a CT I found the boot small and we used the wife's Jazz to Carry the big items. Could he hire a car?
  3. If you decide to buy. Don't forget to ask for a full tank of petrol. I didn't and had to fill up on the way home from picking it up. Still annoyed about that.
  4. My work has just built a new car park with three charging points. Sadly no one uses them. My ideal would be to charge whilst at work. If you are charging at home on the drive or street can you prevent mischievous kids from unplugging it?
  5. Nice car, let us know how you get on. A lot of us would be interested in a Tesla if we could get the man maths to make sense. Enjoy
  6. Sorry, I have had another look but can't find it. I have looked on the sat nav screen and the screen in front of the driver but can't find any version apart from the grace note version. I have standard nav. I don't think it has been updated since new. I don't mind I am not one for being on the latest firmware if the existing works for me. I do have one slight niggle though. Start car in morning, music starts playing from usb1. I turn off music at the radio button (son does not like Iron Maiden). Drop him off at school. Turn on radio at the radio button. No music. Turn off radio then turn back on hay presto music (if you can call heavy metal music)
  7. I tried to find my firmware version at lunchtime but could not find it. What menu is it in?
  8. Checking the mats are secure is a service check. Something I am sure they put in place after the problems with the mats getting caught in the accelerator. Funny enough in my wife's Jazz only the drivers mat is secured. Cost cutting to the extreme.
  9. I don't think the rubber mats are supposed to go on top of the plush mats but instead. They need to be secured down and Toyota had a lot of trouble with mats not secured and getting caught up in the accelerator with terrible consequences. That's not to say that the rubber mats were not on top of the plush mats when I bought mine. But the salesman did point this out and say just use one set. Back on topic. Wet rubber mats can be slippy wether secured down or not. Thanks for the warning
  10. I've had this message recently. Didn't know the sat nav had an sd card.
  11. They patched it. £28 Funny I could hear the tyre hissing when I cleaned it before I went. Pumped the tyre up to 2.5 bar then drove to the tyre repair centre. No tpms warning. Waiting for the tyres to get cold then I'll check the pressures and reset the tpms
  12. It's probably marketing. Good news we'll give you a good trade in if you buy a new one. Or it could be. Good news you car tax stays at £10 if you don't buy a new one.
  13. Actually noticed my reversing light today. First time I have seen my car reverse, or move without me in it.
  14. Tyre repaired. Quite funny watching the mechanics trying to work out how to move the car though. [emoji3]
  15. I've got Yokohama Blue Earth E51A (complete with optional screw) at the moment. They are the original tyres and have done 17k miles and have 6 mm front and 5 mm rear. I have been happy with them, but I am no expert on tyres. Others think the Dunlop Sport Max are good. How many miles have they done as I think mine are wearing well?