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  1. Sorry, can't help have no experience of RX. Try posting in the RX section of Lexus Models. I am sure you will get help there.
  2. When and where can you drive for fun these days? During the daily commute its busy traffic and on Sunday's the roads are full of cyclists.
  3. I had a an issue with the "Radio" not playing any sound if I turned it on just as a passenger had got out of the car. Turn it off and on again and it worked. A recent firmware update seems to have fixed this so maybe it will on yours. Standard nav.
  4. Sorry can't help as I don't listen to the radio. Was it on DAB or FM. Could it be linked to traffic announcements?
  5. I take it you are no accidentally hitting the button on the steering wheel!
  6. I could open the sunroof for you if you really wanted to.
  7. The two cars in question. One of the last Rover minis to be sold new in September 2001. 1275 CC Multi Point Injection 2015 Lexus IS300h My opinion: For a 30 minute commute to work through town – Lexus, it’s easier to drive in town traffic and more economical. The mini doesn’t like going slower than 40 mph! For a track day – the mini, it’s more involving to drive. To go to the shops – Lexus, it’s got a bigger boot, although the mini may be easier to park. To learn to drive in – mini, no ABS/Power Steering/Traction control. It’s manual and you have to learn how to control a car without the driver aids. For a quick drive down an A road – Lexus or mini they’re both fun to drive. For a long motorway cruise – Lexus, it’s more comfortable and quiet on the motorway. To learn mechanics – the mini, there always something needs doing on it. To have peace of mind to know that it will work when you want it to – Lexus. To save money – the mini, it’s not going to depreciate if looked after and it cost £350 to get through the MOT but the Lexus cost £450 for a service and has depreciated a lot in value over the last year. To get to your destination relaxed – Lexus. To be told “You have the best car on the forecourt” when filling up – mini. Two very different cars and both have their appeal.
  8. I believe Lexus use a radar beam not a laser beam so not so susceptible to adverse weather. John Pity, if you could boost the laser beam strength you could get your own back on the idiots who cut you up.
  9. A quick look at FleetNews gives the IS about 60p per mile and the Tesla about 120p per mile. 4 years over 40,000 miles Is the Tesla twice as good as an IS? Only you can decide...
  10. Has anyone calculated the pence per mile of an IS300h v Tesla Model S including depreciation and servicing etc. Just wondering on the man maths.....
  11. You can press it again for another 20 minutes. I regularly do this, but I haven't tried more than one extra 20 mins at once. I presume if the battery got too flat it would not let you keep doing it. Anyway you should probably wake up and go back to work after 40 minutes or so.
  12. I have the old advance with camera, parking sensors and leather seats. I like the camera and parking sensors find them both useful. The leather seats are also nice. But is it worth £2k extra? What is the difference in monthly payment?
  13. Looks like my battery was supplied by a dealer in Honolulu. May explain the cost....
  14. Sorry, a bit random. Do you mean the 12v battery hidden behind a trim panel under the puncture repair kit in the boot ? Manual does not say and I can't get the part number without dismantling the car. Does the Halfords web site list a suitable replacement?