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  1. HI, If you connect the phone to the computer using the USB charging cable then you should be able to see the photos on the computer like a USB pen drive in file manager. May be in a sub folder DCIM or similar. Don't use i-tunes. Paul
  2. This is all I can find for my software version. It's an August 2015 car and has never been updated Settings. Navigation. Map data.
  3. Not sure of the difference. Presumably the 13CY and 15CY refer to the year of manufacture. I have not been able to find a version number for my software.
  4. Nice review. Welcome to the enlightened minority.
  5. Snap. I have a mesa red advance 2015. The satnav is the standard not premium. I think map updates is dealer only for the standard nav.
  6. It's Marshals Tegula blocks in harvest colour. It's a bit dull at the moment as it hasn't rained in it yet and the builders sand is still on the blocks.
  7. For those interested, this is what I went for.
  8. I was traveling from Middlewich to Stone. Three junctions on the M6 18 to 15, which at the moment is a pain. Apparently there has been a accident on the M6 in Cheshire nearly every day for 5 years. I don't like motorways as you are constantly looking out for lorries moving from lane 1 to 2 and the BMW brigade who own lane 3. I found the A51 much quieter, more interesting and fun to drive. It was also more economical. It took a few minutes extra than the M6 on a good day but less stressful.
  9. That would have to be a very good job to get me to spend 3 hours a day fighting with the motorway traffic. The motorway is not the best place to take advantage of a hybrid. The battery/electric motor is best around town or on A roads. At motorway speeds (70+ mph) the motor is not used and you are just carrying a heavy battery in the boot. The claimed mpg figure is a lot higher than reality. Having said that the IS is a nice place to spend time. I think you will not save as much as you think in petrol, plus the depreciation etc. Have you thought about electric? Is there an alternative route to the motorway? I spent a few months commuting 90 miles a day and found it much more economical and interesting to use the A roads. Got 65 mpg in the summer months. May be better to get a diesel for the commute and keep the Lexus for the weekends.
  10. Just wondering how accurate the new safety system works. My wife has a new Jazz with similar safety kit on and it often gives false beeps for collision detection and gets the traffic signs wrong. Does the Lexus system work without giving false warnings?
  11. I am currently getting about 45 mpg on the dash. Using normal mode and a 7 mile commute that takes about 30 minutes. Usually sitting in traffic for 10 minutes to start. Mpg varies with driving style and temperature. It can be 10 mpg lower in the winter as you need the engine in to warm up the car etc. In the summer when I was doing an hour drive down the A51 I was getting 65 mpg on the dash. Mpg will drop significantly on motorways especially if you are doing 80+ mph. It's best around town or on A roads. Car is 18 months old with 18000 on the clock. Lifetime average is about 55 mpg. But it's best to forget about mpg and just enjoy the car.
  12. I have a set of these on mine.
  13. It seems like there is a difference in service levels between buying private from a Lexus dealer and leasing via a company car. One of the best parts of buying a new car is picking it up from the dealer and them showing you how the car works, setting up the hands free phone and radio etc. The ceremony of the keys is you want. This is one aspect that puts Lexus above the rest. Now I have never had a company car so don't know how it works, but it seems that the lease company drops the new car off and throws you the keys then runs off. Leaving you to struggle how to set the hands free kit and radio up etc. I would much prefer the personal experience picking up from a dealer. For a lease car can you collect from a dealer and get them to set the car up for you? Do they treat you differently as the profit margins are squeezed by the lease companies? Discuss...
  14. There is one. It's called the IAM. They are sometimes asked to comment on road safety issues. But not general motoring issues.
  15. Is the ecvt different to a cvt with an electric motor on then?