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  1. Thinking of an LS460

    You might want to search for Haylands LS460 to get a different perspective. Summing up, less build quality, more sportiness = less of a Lexus.
  2. I used money! I have a very good paintshop I have used for years and it is one of those things I happily delegate to people more talented than me. Interestingly, he said the design with all the chrome made it one of the best-looking headlamp restorations he had ever done. Jon
  3. Sorry no. I took it on faith from the paint shop man as he has done quite a bit for me over the years. I will try and remember to ask next time I see him.
  4. The paint shop man said I can clean them up and they will be the same in 12 months, or I can clean them and give them a new UV coat for a bit more, so I went for that.
  5. I can testify that 430 headlights respond well to a refurb. Sadly i don't have before pictures but they are transformed. I now have to get the dent away treatment as perfect paint work shows up all the little blemishes. Jon
  6. Good luck Peter, hope you find a gem. For reference, following your feedback, I put my 430 into my body shop for a grand's worth of cosmetic treatment on Monday. Now it's going to be my car for a very long time (no swap to your 460) I thought I would invest. Can't wait to see it when I get back from working in Spain next week. Jon
  7. I had the pleasure of meeting Malcolm at an MB get-together and he was indeed a lovely man who couldn't do enough for people. He was also a full-time carer for his ex-wife as she had no-one else. And he did regularly baited on the MB forums :( Jon
  8. I have never met old Baz, but I know he trades several Lexus cars per year. People are entitled to their opinions on that, good or bad, and we don't need a policeman on the subject, imho.
  9. What a shame! Thanks again for saving me from being on the end of this experience. Hope you didn't lose too much. I owe you a beer or two. Our exchange made me decide that my 430 is probably going to be a "forever" car, so it's booked in to my paintshop for a makeover, including a bonnet respray for the stone chips, and a refurb of the headlight covers including new UV protection. It's still a joy after a couple of years' ownership. My neighbour - owner of a new MB E class - had a lift with me the other night and his first words were "this is quiet". Thanks again and hope you find a nice Lexus. Jon
  10. 111,111

    Good question. The car will get past 200k I have no doubt. I will be in my mid to late 70s (all being well, taking nothing for granted), so maybe we will both get there. Nice thought! Jon
  11. This seemed like a milestone, so I thought I should share it. At my 7,000 miles a year I'm not sure I'll make it to 222,222.
  12. I think you are missing the point. If you are a trader, you are not, by law, allowed to pretend to be a private seller. From the AA web site. Buying a used car privately You won't have the same legal protection as you would if buying from a dealer It's up to you to ask the right questions and inspect the car thoroughly before you buy. It's a good idea to get a thorough car check to make sure there's no shady past. Because your legal rights are more limited, unscrupulous dealers may masquerade as private sellers: Be very wary if a private seller wants to meet you somewhere other than at their home, or if their name is not on the V5C registration document. A dealer pretending to be a private seller is committing a criminal offence.
  13. I would say that is pretty much normal Ebay procedure. The issue with OB is whether he is a trader who misrepresents himself. On the evidence of what I have read here, I believe he is a trader, as he carries out several trades of Lexus vehicles each year. Therefore he should be offering some comeback to his customers, not masquerading as a private seller who has no such responsibility. I would emphasise that this is based on member feedback, as I have never had any dealings with the man in question.

    I previously had a 25 year old Mercedes SL. Our packaged bank account with Nationwide for £10 a month included European breakdown with no limitations, worldwide travel insurance, and mobile phone insurance. Good value. HTH Jon
  15. Bumper Chrome.

    All compliments gratefully received. I loved the colour when i saw the ad for this car, and have never seen another. Jon