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  1. Hi Chris. I travel from Gloucester to Newport for my annual service. Osaka are extremely knowledgeable and fairly priced, imho Jon
  2. "Press the starter button and, like all hybrids, there's the sound of silence. Nothing to begin with from the 388bhp 5.0-litre petrol V8: just the almost imperceptible sound of the 221bhp electric motor, part of what must be the most seamlessly integrated hybrid drivetrain yet created. Of course, with over two tonnes of luxury limousine to shift, the electric motor soon needs assistance but the switch in power is seamless, part of a thrust of acceleration that arrives in one smooth linear surge, courtesy of a combined 439bhp power output. " From the RAC review. HTH
  3. MyTyres

    Looked at them, thanks. £546 for 4, so a decent price but still £80 more than I am paying (if my tyres turn up)
  4. So I am hearing a tiny rumbling noise on the car. Hear it best at about 25mph with no revs. I am thinking wheel bearings, maybe driveshaft, and then the thought occurred that I am due to change the tyres and I should do that first. Call my usual supplier and they quote me £565 for 4 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s. Including 4-wheel alignment? No, that's separate. Time to check the price is right so look online and find Mytyres will supply them a fitter for £108 each, and the fitter will put them on for less than a tenner each. Total saving £100. The 3 is a failry new tyre, so it's not old stock, I am confident. Put the order in. Online tracking tells me they have been delivered Friday afternoon. Call the fitters to book an appointment. "We haven't seen them". Call the delivery company who check the signature and then the driver's log. He has only delivered them to another tyre place nearby. They will "try and get them back and redeliver". Watch this space. Jon
  5. Hi Phil When I bought my car the vendor warned me the TPMS light would probably come on, and showed me how to reset it. On the 430 I believe it measures rotation, not actual pressure, looking for an anomaly between the wheels. It did come on, regularlly, until I bought 4 new tires. I haven't seen the warning in 20,000 miles since. So it's not just tyre pressure. HTH Jon
  6. It’s Snow Good!

    Not very balmy round here at present Pete, and Nettleton Bottom is taking it's usual toll* Our cars have stayed on the drive yesterday and today. *Nettleton Bottom is the point at which the dual carriageway from Swindon to Gloucester briefly becomes single lane to go down a steep hill. When it gets icy, not every vehicle can make it up the other side. Well done, Highway Planners!
  7. Exercise extreme caution here. Lexus told me that without a master key they could not programme a new key. So it may be the lock / key / ecu combination that you need to replace - I don't know. But find someone who understands the issues before you start shelling out. Good Luck!
  8. Maybe check out the brake fluid too. . .?
  9. Thinking of an LS460

    You might want to search for Haylands LS460 to get a different perspective. Summing up, less build quality, more sportiness = less of a Lexus.
  10. I used money! I have a very good paintshop I have used for years and it is one of those things I happily delegate to people more talented than me. Interestingly, he said the design with all the chrome made it one of the best-looking headlamp restorations he had ever done. Jon
  11. Sorry no. I took it on faith from the paint shop man as he has done quite a bit for me over the years. I will try and remember to ask next time I see him.
  12. The paint shop man said I can clean them up and they will be the same in 12 months, or I can clean them and give them a new UV coat for a bit more, so I went for that.
  13. I can testify that 430 headlights respond well to a refurb. Sadly i don't have before pictures but they are transformed. I now have to get the dent away treatment as perfect paint work shows up all the little blemishes. Jon
  14. Good luck Peter, hope you find a gem. For reference, following your feedback, I put my 430 into my body shop for a grand's worth of cosmetic treatment on Monday. Now it's going to be my car for a very long time (no swap to your 460) I thought I would invest. Can't wait to see it when I get back from working in Spain next week. Jon
  15. I had the pleasure of meeting Malcolm at an MB get-together and he was indeed a lovely man who couldn't do enough for people. He was also a full-time carer for his ex-wife as she had no-one else. And he did regularly baited on the MB forums :( Jon