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  1. Forgot to say, if you know the original reg, you can get a history check on here One member car I looked at was registered as a hackney.
  2. If/when I sell it I hope I remember to ask you first.... Annual reminder set in Google Calendar - Message Haylands re LS460 ;) All day Repeat: Annually on January 20Edit All day Repeat: Annually on January 20Edit
  3. Congratulations Peter. You not only have a great-sounding vehicle, but the kind of project you thrive on! My 430 with no sunroof came from Ireland too - I went to fetch it. Annual road tax of £1500 makes for eager sellers. As a fellow 6'5" sunroof hater can I have first option on upgrading to your car when you get tired of it? You can name your price - no haggling. I read your CL project when I had an SL so I have a feel for your work. Enjoy!
  4. So as we know, riding in an LS is a blissfully quiet experience, insulated from the outside world. Sadly that means a bit of occasional creaking from the dash trim becomes more noticeable than in any other car. Diagnosis is difficult, but as far as I can tell it is coming from the general area of the cd player / central console. Has anyone suffered from the same, and ideally remedied the issue? Thanks in advance Jon
  5. Just wanted to echo the welcome back. I think I remember you from MB forums too. Was it a CL restore? Can't help with the 460 but I have an unusual 430 with no sunroof, which means my 6' 5" is surrounded by space in a way no other car has offered me. I share a new knee with you too, but have been lucky enough to not need the hips or spinal pins yet. Good to know it is al working for you. Jon
  6. Does that mean the performance of the bulbs deteriorates over time?
  7. Well, both strips removed today. Lots of sticky debris left in the channels. So far I have tried WD40, iso-propyl alcohol, degreaser and the pressure washer, plus scraping away with a plastic knife. At current rates of progress I should be finished around Spring 2018. Any more suggestions? Jon
  8. Hi Steve Thanks for this and apologies for taking so long to thank you. If I remember I will try and do before and after photos. Jon
  9. I am reviving this topic because both of my bumper trim strips are looking tatty. The "chrome" coating is detaching from the strip. In places it is slightly puckered, and in a couple of areas actually peeled off. I think new strips would transform the look and have ordered some trim strip from Amazon, but would welcome any feedback from anyone who has tackled the job on their car. Jon
  10. This is just guesswork, but I assume there are sensors front and back. You mention "sensor", but have you checked the other one? It may need the splicing treatment too. Good luck!
  11. From memory I think they are two different sizes, but please check.
  12. Programming a new key on the 430 can only be done from an existing master key. If you don't have an existing master you are looking at replacing the locking ecu, which is an expensive business. Jon
  13. Does anyone know what the attitude of breakdown recovery services would be if you called them to say you had a flat, but no spare as you have LPG in the tyre well?
  14. Interested to know how you know what was said in this phone conversation between two other people?
  15. You may well know this already, but you can replace the disk with a new one. I find it a very decent system.