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  1. Good question. The car will get past 200k I have no doubt. I will be in my mid to late 70s (all being well, taking nothing for granted), so maybe we will both get there. Nice thought! Jon
  2. This seemed like a milestone, so I thought I should share it. At my 7,000 miles a year I'm not sure I'll make it to 222,222.
  3. I think you are missing the point. If you are a trader, you are not, by law, allowed to pretend to be a private seller. From the AA web site. Buying a used car privately You won't have the same legal protection as you would if buying from a dealer It's up to you to ask the right questions and inspect the car thoroughly before you buy. It's a good idea to get a thorough car check to make sure there's no shady past. Because your legal rights are more limited, unscrupulous dealers may masquerade as private sellers: Be very wary if a private seller wants to meet you somewhere other than at their home, or if their name is not on the V5C registration document. A dealer pretending to be a private seller is committing a criminal offence.
  4. I would say that is pretty much normal Ebay procedure. The issue with OB is whether he is a trader who misrepresents himself. On the evidence of what I have read here, I believe he is a trader, as he carries out several trades of Lexus vehicles each year. Therefore he should be offering some comeback to his customers, not masquerading as a private seller who has no such responsibility. I would emphasise that this is based on member feedback, as I have never had any dealings with the man in question.
  5. I previously had a 25 year old Mercedes SL. Our packaged bank account with Nationwide for £10 a month included European breakdown with no limitations, worldwide travel insurance, and mobile phone insurance. Good value. HTH Jon
  6. All compliments gratefully received. I loved the colour when i saw the ad for this car, and have never seen another. Jon
  7. Very belatedly, here is the old girl complete with new chrome strip. Jon
  8. Bluetooth works a treat on my 2004 so I am sure it will work on yours. Calls only, not music on mine. Enjoy! Jon
  9. I believe one of the guys at Gas and go has done an LPG conversion on his own 430. First time I met Khalid at Osaka I showed him a large quote I had from Lexus for work on the locking as I acquired the car with just a sub key. He looked at the quote and laughed, saying "they got the wrong ecu". Checked with Lexus and they confirmed he was right (sheepishly). So I was confident I had found a knowledgeable guy and he did indeed sort my smart locking for a lot less money. He seems to keep Newport mobile looking after a fleet of Avensis taxis too :) Always liked the look of the XM, myself. Jon
  10. I imported my car two years ago from Ireland and the speedo clicked over 96,000 miles on the way back. Put some work into the cosmetics then last year got the talented guys at Osaka Newport to replace all the fluids and consumables. Big bill, but a glowing report. Only omission was rear discs and pads which they reckoned had 10,000 miles left in them. Yesterday that was put right at service, and I picked up a new MOT with no advisories. Next year's job will apparently be the shoes on the parking brake, which are approaching expiry. 109,000 miles now and I am a very happy 430 driver. Jon
  11. Is the 460 boot much smaller than the 430 then? My boot is enormous!
  12. Well that's the only response I have had to my dilemma, and it comes from the vendor! I would still like to do a "compare and contrast" test drive, but it may not be possible with this car as I am committed for the next few weeks. I think we would all like to see Peter at least get his money back. Jon
  13. So, forum folks, I need help with a dilemma. My plan, as discussed in this thread, was to let Peter fettle his 460 to the nth degree, then buy it off him once he moved on to his next project. Meanwhile enjoying my 430, which is lovely, and is coming up to 2 years in my ownership. Imaginary timescale - 3 or 4 years from now. But Peter is now selling his partially fettled 460, so should I buy it? Pros It's had the Haylands treatment. If you are this far through the thread then you know what I mean :) Many things are sorted It has no sunroof (very rare) Could be a good upgrade to a newer model 2007 instead of 2004 Cons It needs new struts - expensive It has (a few thou) more miles than mine Peter says it doesn't waft like a 430, so I might not like the driving experience either. It's a bit soon - I am just in the last stages of fettling my 430. One factor is that I have no idea what mine is worth. Anyone care to speculate? 2004 facelift 430. 108k miles with service history. All fluids replaced last year, along with timing belt (large receipt available) Bumpers resprayed, wheels refurbished, Goodyear F2s all round plus alignment. 3 keys. The only outstanding job is the front parking sensors. (I drive for a living and find sensors a pain personally. I would love ones that just bleep when you get within 3 inches of something, but that may just be me). Wheel goes in/out and up/down quite happily. All thoughts gratefully apreciated. Jon
  14. Well this tale had an unexpected plot twist! Peter is there not a "comfort" setting on your transmission? I believe some 460s do. I assume not or you would have mentioned it, but might it be possible to get a dealer to access the engine management to make it less responsive i.e. apply the equivalent of a comfort setting. I refer to my 430 as my "fat old man's car" which is a long way from your puppy on a lead scenario. (which is very descriptive, btw). And I never had your ambition to test the acceleration and top speed. Was this a test drive before ordering the air suspension replacements or had you already committed? So disappointing. I share (some of) your pain. Jon
  15. Chris Mullins tyres in Gloucester used to work with WiM and really know their stuff. When I told them I had an R129 SL some years ago the two guys both groaned, knowing what they were in for. After over 2 hours they said they could get the setup right, but they couldn't keep it right because of rust on the control rod threads. I said I would get replacement rods and they happily let me go off, only charging me when it was spot on. You're at it again! ;)