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  1. Cheers @Big Rat Just having a look and it seems they encourage club meets but with driver training sessions and timed events between club members. I'd imagine it would be quite pricey.
  2. Found another one @Big Rat but 175mph in the wet lol. Do they do open days there? Would be an interesting ISF meet.
  3. @lotusdaveThey stop the water running off the roof or windscreen straight onto the door card when the windows are open. I like having the drivers window cracked open alot of the time and i was getting fed up with the water coming in plus the ceramic coating made the problem much worse. And as @Big Rat says it can rain for days up my neck of the woods . @scudney Not sure how much they are new mate I bought these 2nd hand.
  4. I'll let the gratuitous blue pictures do the talking Loving my first mod to the is F
  5. Lol it's terrible mate Upstairs is abit of a TV / music room. All my old AV gear lives up there and me piano lol Mind you this time of year the burner needs to be on full blast for hours then the wife comes home from work with her car and let's all the heat out.
  6. @NothernDan no issues really. The front ones were stopping the windows going up when I first fitted them but I helped the windows go full travel and kept them closed overnight. Not had any issues since. The ISF has anti trap windows so they kept getting so far and jumping fully open.
  7. I wasn't allowed one in the house lol
  8. I thought it was only fitted to GT 86s
  9. Yeah they look crap. Must have bought them out of halfrauds or nicked them off a saxo.
  10. Yeah mine was through the insurance thankfully but still an amazing cost. One thing I didn't know at the time but got away with it was that the gel from chromatic glass eats paint.
  11. Not sure about the LS but when a bus whacked the wing mirror on my last Rx450h Lexus wanted £400 + vat for a replacement heated / chromatic glass. Something around £1500 for a complete unit
  12. Nice looking Volvo that
  13. Here's mine after another attempt to find some. Just a short video but I'd been playing for a bit beforehand along with a five series who decided to join me lol. I didn't know that the traction control button has off and really off settings. You gotta be quick to catch the rear end in this setting VID_20171230_132817~3.mp4
  14. @Big Rat lol used to be a formidable sight in the rear view mirror. And to think they said they had trouble catching me in my Supra one day ... that's not what i saw lol.
  15. @Flytvr enjoy. best of both worlds for me
  16. proper old school volvo that. Have you ever seen Bjork Busbils volvos?
  17. @Big Rat cheers I'd read that article a while back but still a good read. I had a snow shovel in the boot just in case as I'm well aware it's a fine line between fun and totally stuck.
  18. Aye it was good fun, the TRC really does well then when you think it's off it lets you play, really off is suicidal lol
  19. I did going back because the snow had come on heavy. It dulls the throttle quite abit. In the video the traction control was completely off. Push and hold the button and two orange lights appear.
  20. Try this, not the most exciting but we had fun lol.
  21. Ahh cheers mate I'll have a go.
  22. Well there was a little bit of snow between the carpark and the road
  23. Went in search for snow yesterday up Glenshee ski centre. Not enough for doughnuts but made a good job of covering the F in crap.
  24. Arghh my credit card can't take this awesomeness. I love the roof spoiler and the carbon boot spoiler.
  25. I like it very subtle mods but make all the difference. Nice work