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  1. We sold this from Lexus Stoke.. I'd stay clear can send photos of the vehicle over to anyone that needs them
  2. Lexus Stoke.. come see the LS500h F sport we have in too! Thank me later 😉
  3. Please please no May.. I'm in Canada😣😣
  4. I think I'll just keep my F if they try to insult me with a s**t part ex value.. we arnt stupid we know what they are worth both as owners and car enthusiasts.
  5. @Comedian I don't think I will change it for a few years yet.. Been around them isn't helping though😂
  6. @Big Rat too bloody right I do mate! Although the think you do have abit more room to haggle when coming in against something else no? Did you get a good price on your's when you swapped for the RCF? Hows that new fuel pump treating you? The LC500 shares the same problem apparently 🤔
  7. My ISF and Simon Pinkstones GSF getting acquainted... I'll be holding onto my F until I can get myself in a GSF for sure! Now I don't do silly miles to work everyday the F is now ny daily driver too!
  8. Count me and my old man in for that too! Sidenote Are HSV's allowed?😉
  9. @MNMJ thanks for your wishes buddy! Let me have a word and see if I can pull some strings for us F owners... @Big Rat we just had a Mesa red RCF in for a pump replacement aswell. We also took a Launch Edition LC500 in as a part ex against a LS premier and what machines those LC500 are!
  10. My apologies I didn't think you were actually after a space saver I thought you actually wanted a spare alloy.. this is still something I can follow up with lexus stoke if you'd like? Does anyone know if it will fit?
  11. Afternoon F'ers suited and booted this morning for my new job at lexus stoke and pitched the idea that some of you wanted spare alloys for your F's .. now the front and the back are both different sizes so which is it your prefer? Front or rear? Can also work on a price once I know who wants what and how many of them? Thanks C
  12. @BUG4LIFE i brought the one from Lexus Liverpool buddy, i waited for a long time before pulling the trigger, one is for sale on ebay for sub 15k with 87k on the clock ..
  13. I'll make sure there is paper in the printer for you @Comedian😉 @Big Rat if that's something you guy would be interested in I can definitely pitch that idea and get something arranged for us F members! C
  14. Seen this on the lexus fanatics Facebook page. Gutted for you man. Hope you get it sorted. Where abouts are you located?