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  1. Servicing Costs

    Torque Vectoring Differential
  2. Servicing Costs

    I was able to run a Hybrid Battery Health Check using Techstream. I understand that means nothing in terms of warranty, but to say it's completely different software is not the case. It's universal to Lexus and Toyota. Now perhaps they have some other special software and hardware to test it with, in addition or in place of techstream.
  3. Techstream

    You're right Chris. My mistake. 12.X is the latest.
  4. Techstream

    Looks fine. Version 10 is the latest. Coming from China though, assume you spotted that?
  5. No Keys.

    I purchased the cable on AliExpress and then obtained the software myself for free via Internet. The software that came with the cable was not the most recent hence me going online to look. Can't recall where I got it from, but I had to search a good amount first.
  6. No Keys.

    I got the cable in eBay and the dealer Techstream software running on windows 8. Managed to get it connected to car and changed some settings. It works. I haven't got software in front of me, so can't guide you. But maybe a video like this? Either do it yourself or ask the dealer (will be cheaper doing it yourself I imagine, cable is about a tenner)
  7. USB Port

    It charges my phone, but very slowly. I've instead purchased a 12v Cigarette socket to dual USB port and leave that in. At 2.4A output, it charges my devices much quicker. They cost about a fiver on Amazon.
  8. Ceramic brake pads.

    I am assuming fitting Brembo would void any extended warranties? That is, they are not Lexus original?
  9. That is a concern. Where should I put it? Any tips? Thanks, Rich!
  10. Thanks Martin. I'll give that a go!
  11. Dash Cam

    This is my understanding, yes. However, once the green 'ready' light is on, the hybrid battery takes over and power is supplied to accessories from that. At this 'ready' point, the car is on, and in a non-hybrid vehicle, the combustion engine would be running and powering all the accessories. If your hybrid has shut its combustion engine off, the hybrid battery is able to power and run all accessories that the driver is demanding. The hybrid in 'ready' state is a substitute for a running petrol engine. This is my understanding.
  12. Dash Cam

    I have the Thinkware F770. It actually has built in power saver as standard, no need for an additional bit of hardware. I set mine to 12.3 volts or 12 hours. Usually hits that voltage before the time does. Hybrids have small batteries and the dash camera won't feed off the hybrid battery when engine is not running. I've never had an issue starting the car for 8 months since having the camera on the vehicle.
  13. Hi all I've noticed it for a while, but have only thought to post today about it. When my driver window winds down, it has a rather loud squeaky noise. It only occurs if it has been raining / if the glass has been wet. Is there a seal problem somewhere? Is the rubber / felt seal at the bottom of the glass failing? Still under warranty, so may ask dealer to take a look. Problem is, throwing water on it doesn't seem to replicate the matter. Your thoughts appreciated matt8
  14. Not something I would undertake myself, I'm happy with what the car came with personally. I commend your efforts however, I'm sure someone else will want to do the same having seen you do so now.
  15. Interesting Jimmy. What version are you currently running, regular or premium nav? When did you get your update? The two files used for update appear to be called HASHLIST.DAT and LOADING.KWI. Anyone willing to share these files from their new maps card, so we can have the latest firmware, that was once free, but now chargeable? Not endorsing copying of maps, just want the latest firmware.