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  1. Dash Cam

    I have the Thinkware F770. It actually has built in power saver as standard, no need for an additional bit of hardware. I set mine to 12.3 volts or 12 hours. Usually hits that voltage before the time does. Hybrids have small batteries and the dash camera won't feed off the hybrid battery when engine is not running. I've never had an issue starting the car for 8 months since having the camera on the vehicle.
  2. Hi all I've noticed it for a while, but have only thought to post today about it. When my driver window winds down, it has a rather loud squeaky noise. It only occurs if it has been raining / if the glass has been wet. Is there a seal problem somewhere? Is the rubber / felt seal at the bottom of the glass failing? Still under warranty, so may ask dealer to take a look. Problem is, throwing water on it doesn't seem to replicate the matter. Your thoughts appreciated matt8
  3. Not something I would undertake myself, I'm happy with what the car came with personally. I commend your efforts however, I'm sure someone else will want to do the same having seen you do so now.
  4. Interesting Jimmy. What version are you currently running, regular or premium nav? When did you get your update? The two files used for update appear to be called HASHLIST.DAT and LOADING.KWI. Anyone willing to share these files from their new maps card, so we can have the latest firmware, that was once free, but now chargeable? Not endorsing copying of maps, just want the latest firmware.
  5. Rear Dash Cam

    Ha, sorry pal. Need the best to keep our cars safe!
  6. Rear Dash Cam

    If you're not looking to stick to a budget, the Thinkware F800 is now out. And in September, their cloud camera, which uploads video footage somewhere.
  7. GS 450H my first Lexus

    If you get the techstream software from eBay, you can do your own key programming I believe. If you're interested in all that...
  8. Lots of lightning strikes in the UK this past weekend. Blown something in your car?
  9. Rear Dash Cam

    Highly recommend the Thinkware F770. The time lapse videos store thirty minutes of footage when parked, inside a 2 minute video clip. I've done an installation write up within the Is sub forum too if you want to take a look.
  10. Tested today. Going down a hill on the motorway with cruise set, it remains at set speed with a tolerance of a few miles per hour. I can see the regenerative braking kicking in and charging the hybrid battery, in order to slow the car and store the kinetic energy. Sept 2013 F Sport.
  11. Cruise control is usable from 25mph for me.
  12. I'll have a go and let you know how I get on!
  13. I'm certain my Is300h F Sport slows down to set speed when going down a hill and exceeding set speed, whilst in cruise control mode. When at a set speed and I accelerate for an overtake, the speed comes back down to set speed quickly.
  14. What do you mean by 'tagged' batteries?
  15. Which Lexus dealer tried to con you of so much money for map updates?