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  1. What do you mean by 'tagged' batteries?
  2. Which Lexus dealer tried to con you of so much money for map updates?
  3. I was thinking, perhaps broken due to defective manufacturing that causes substantially shorter life, but still working as it leaves the factory. Eg. 100 hours. Then again, I don't know how LED's work, perhaps it is not possible to have ones that'd perform as miserably as what I was thinking above.
  4. Thanks, @capese21 for the info. There will be occasions (how many I don't know) where LED actual lifetime is far lower than expected. Is it possible to change the whole cluster if a light were to fail? What other LED lights are on that cluster? Will change those reversing and indicator lights to LED when they eventually fail.
  5. What do you mean, non-replaceable LED, @capese21? If it fails, what does one do?
  6. That'll be a wheel arch corrosion customer service campaign. Yes, I also had the same with my dealer. I spotted it before they did. It won't be anything to do with your radio. Sorry
  7. Yes. However, I shared these numbers for illustrative purposes only. If you've consistently got 55 MPG then there is nothing you can personally compare it to, and no saving to be concluded. I posted the above in response to the figures Paul mentioned, and the typical differences people were noting between summer and winter. Bottom line, enjoy the drive and the experience, and don't worry about fuel economy too much! :-)
  8. Completely agree, Paul Over 10,000 miles, at 117.9 pence per litre, 40mpg will cost you £1339.96. 45mpg will cost you £1191.08. Total difference £148.88.
  9. It was 'OK', @200h? It was made out by my dealer that they would apply silicone as a precautionary measure. If on inspection there is corrosion, it'll be in the body shop for some repair work. I was told it's a 60 minute job, and that they'll keep it another half hour for a valet. Interested to hear what other people are being told.
  10. Nice feedback @MONTIMAR What car did you have before?
  11. Very interesting @PCM Where have you fitted it? Discreet?
  12. Thanks ryaans
  13. What issues were there with older systems, rayaans? Are we talking failures of them? I've a 2013 and am wondering what may present itself later on!
  14. It's been said many times, the biggest cost to consider is the cost of depreciation. As a 65 plate, you'll lose far more to depreciation than you will to any increased fuel costs over the next three years, perhaps beyond. If you've come from a Passat, you'll have far less headaches with Lexus reliability. Lower repair costs, less wasted time from breakdowns. Time is a cost. As has been said, just enjoy the car! Only if you're doing frequent long distance motorway miles might you consider looking at something else.
  15. Almost certainly a scam. He or she has got loads of items for sale. Randomly selecting one and doing a search for some text, returns this boat ad from two years ago. The eBay seller is selling a "1996 Ski Centurion 5.7L 19ft Wakeboard Boat" and the text matches the above ad from 2015. Shame. I'd have gone and purchased the above in a heartbeat otherwise (sorry)! Here was me hoping it's someone wealthy trying to sell off all they own, including numerous cars, boats etc. Scam!