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  1. Think I may purchase access and download all of them for record purposes. Anyone ever paid for a subscription? Easy to download for future reference?
  2. Thinking of going independent myself here forward. Does anyone have a full checklist of what each service interval entails? There's been talk of what Lexus publish on their site in pdf form, and what is on their checklist in the workshop. I'd rather be more through of course, so the more comprehensive the better.
  3. Hi iwonder Do you have the full checklist?
  4. Hi iwonder Do you have the full checklist which you've shown a section of in your post please?
  5. So what do we prefer? 5 or 7? I think more than 3 is good, but 7 too many. I'll probably set mine to 5. What have you all changed yours to?
  6. I keep one of the small dehumidifier bags in the car and that has helped reduce the misting a great deal. My biggest issue is defrosting, which a heated windscreen would solve. Yes, I believe this is a Ford patent. Not seen it on any other model of car. Not keen to use deicers or similar, so it's scrape and heat till glass is warm enough to prevent any more water re-freezing. Anyone got any better ideas?
  7. Switch the heating element on and touch it after a few minutes. You'll feel the warmth of it!
  8. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    My dongle came from China, nothing expensive. Works well on my Windows 10 Laptop. That's a nice key cover. Where did you get it?
  9. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    You'll want to try techstream, not Carista.
  10. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    Welcome Andrew. Great vehicle choice! I am sure you'll bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forums. As Steve says, look forward to reading your posts.
  11. £400
  12. Abit of urgent help please

    Hi Bluenose If you're struggling to get the trims that run down the windscreen (A pillar I believe they are called), they are a right pain. There's some black clip that must be rotated 90 degrees at the top, and if memory serves me correctly, the bottom too, before the trim effortlessly detaches. Getting this off is a faff and took me ages. It's important however, it keeps the trim in place if airbag deploys. Stops it hitting you in the face at high speed. Would getting the above trim off help at all? If so, it will come off if you persevere. Maybe you can see things a bit more clearly. If your fitter did what I did, I fixed the power cable in place at this point, so the air bag would not deploy with a thick cable running in front it. Could be dangerous otherwise. Any clues here? Sorry I can't be of much further help.
  13. There's an option in the manual that details disabling keyless entry (stops the key broadcasting a signal, therefore requires you to press the unlock button on fob) but I'm unaware of any option for disabling keyless start. Are the two being mixed up? There was mention here the other day about holding key over start button, which could be deemed as disabling keyless start perhaps?
  14. Abit of urgent help please

    There's a fuse box in the passenger footwell, I'd have assumed that was the easiest to access for powering dash cams. One of my first posts explains how I removed the panels and other things to get to the fuse box. Have a search. There's a possibility your fitter used the same cable routes I did. In which case, you have some fairly comprehensive instructions.
  15. Servicing Costs

    Torque Vectoring Differential