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  1. Yeah, but by using the paddles, you will see that the car goes into regen too. I did see somewhere, it may even have been on this forum that once the battery is full and can't take any more, the car will spin the engine to have actual engine braking, but that would be a pretty big hill, maybe something like the Applecross road in Scotland, but I'm pretty sure I'd be using my brakes on that one. Vince
  2. It is useful, a few weeks back I took my son into the peak district for his Duke Of Edinburgh walk. As I was descending into Hathersage, it is quite a steep hill, and its 30mph, so I 'dropped it down' a couple of gears, as one wasn't enough and it held it at 30mph all the way down. I may get to try this again soon as a visit to Scotland is on the horizon. Vince
  3. Yeah, I think I'd agree with that too. Vince
  4. I'd say groaning brakes are common on Automatics in general, I find my IS300h to be quite similar to my Saab 9-5 Aero in respect to slight groaning of the brakes, but maybe its my driving style where I've always been light on the brakes as I always try to ease off the gas rather than brake aggressively, this resulted in reasonable mpg from the big Saab,. Vince
  5. Running a 32Gb memory stick here, it is pretty full, takes a wee while to scan it. There are several reasons for not seeing all the tracks, the first one is the number of folders, I believe there is a 256 limit on folders/files in the root directory. I have mine with folders for artist and sub-folders for each album. Vince
  6. Yeah, my teenage son decided he wanted to stay in our car (IS300h) when we were at the supermarket a few weeks ago. When we got back, he said that the car makes all sorts of weird noises after it was switched off :-) I've heard a few myself too. Vince
  7. Don't go for a car if you think it has issues with the chain. My wife had a Nissan Micra which had a new chain at 40k ish miles before she bought it but the problem came back. It caused so much problems that the car was eventually scrapped as it needed doing again at £1k+. She went back to a Ford (Fiesta) which has had some issues but nothing as bad as the engine not working. She now has now been considering a new car and I suggest a Nissan Leaf, but her view on Nissan is now tarnished. Vince
  8. I follow someone on YouTube who runs a Tesla, he has pointed out several times that the energy consumed on a journey is significantly affected simply by the fact that the roads are wet. Over the past few days it has been wet and my average mpg has dipped, apart from wet roads I have used the heated rear screen and mirrors and notice that when they are turned off the average goes up a little. I think there there are many factors that all add up to give better mpg in summer over winter, I noticed in my previous car, a diesel Honda CRV, but I used to just put the drop in mpg down to the fact that winter diesel isn't as good as summer diesel, they change the blend to prevent waxing in cold temperatures, maybe all cars are affected. Vince
  9. I collected mine from Derby (to Doncaster) so not as far as you, but they had the colour I wanted, doesn't seem to be a lot of Mesa Red ones around here. Had mine since February, nice relaxing car to drive, but Sport mode wakes it up. Enjoy, Vince
  10. I can understand why you checked your main car battery, I had similar issues with one of my Saabs, getting different errors popping up, but nothing major, a few weeks later the battery died, after putting in a new one, all random errors stopped happening. Not sure of these batteries in the Lexus hybrids as they are a bit smaller than standard car batteries, the nominal voltage on car batteries would usually come back at 13.8V, so 12.5 sounds a little low. Vince
  11. All cruise controls I've ever used only coast back down to chosen speed thus wouldn't put on brake lights. Also, my hybrid (IS300h) doesn't seem to slow down too fast when you disengage the throttle, so I would put it down to the driver behind you just being a a little stupid, after all you are supposed to stick to the speed limits. Vince
  12. I had a recall letter about drivers airbag for my Honda CRV (also Takata), then a few months later for passenger airbag, then several months later again to say that they hadn't forgot about it, just getting the parts is taking quite a while. I've seen various numbers from 4 million to 5.5 million just for Honda, so I would imagine this is going to take quite some time to sort out. Not my problem anymore as I switched to Lexus back in February. Vince
  13. I've had 2 Saab 9-5s, the second one was an Aero which I put 100,000 miles on, I must say that I find the ride in the Lexus only marginally firmer than the Saab, its not as quite as quiet, but handles much better. Now I did have a Honda CRV for 8 years, so its a while since my last Saab, but I see my Lexus as the perfect substitute for a Saab. The only thing I would like is maybe for quieter tyres, I know I had various tyres on my Aero and there was a vast difference in road noise. Maybe the road noise is more noticeable here because the hybrid engine is so quiet except when driven enthusiastically. I've only had my IS for 2 months, but must say I'm loving it. Vince
  14. Ha, thats how I ended up with my first Saab 9-5, I went in to test a 9-3 having previously had a 900. The 9-3 was out on another test drive and I was admiring a 9-5, so they took me out in that first, then I went in the 9-3, same engine but faster in the smaller 9-3 but much nicer to drive the 9-5. I did contemplate a GS, but found an IS in the colour I wanted at a reasonable price so never went in a GS... yet. Vince
  15. Thanks Ala Larj, just tried this on my 2015 IS300h, now have 5 flashes instead of 3, always felt 3 a little too short. I'd tried it before but my '5 seconds' must have been too quick, so I tried your method of counting to 8 and it worked first time that way. Only had my IS for 2 months, loving the car, you never know, the next one could be a GS Vince