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  1. I collected mine from Derby (to Doncaster) so not as far as you, but they had the colour I wanted, doesn't seem to be a lot of Mesa Red ones around here. Had mine since February, nice relaxing car to drive, but Sport mode wakes it up. Enjoy, Vince
  2. I can understand why you checked your main car battery, I had similar issues with one of my Saabs, getting different errors popping up, but nothing major, a few weeks later the battery died, after putting in a new one, all random errors stopped happening. Not sure of these batteries in the Lexus hybrids as they are a bit smaller than standard car batteries, the nominal voltage on car batteries would usually come back at 13.8V, so 12.5 sounds a little low. Vince
  3. All cruise controls I've ever used only coast back down to chosen speed thus wouldn't put on brake lights. Also, my hybrid (IS300h) doesn't seem to slow down too fast when you disengage the throttle, so I would put it down to the driver behind you just being a a little stupid, after all you are supposed to stick to the speed limits. Vince
  4. I had a recall letter about drivers airbag for my Honda CRV (also Takata), then a few months later for passenger airbag, then several months later again to say that they hadn't forgot about it, just getting the parts is taking quite a while. I've seen various numbers from 4 million to 5.5 million just for Honda, so I would imagine this is going to take quite some time to sort out. Not my problem anymore as I switched to Lexus back in February. Vince
  5. I've had 2 Saab 9-5s, the second one was an Aero which I put 100,000 miles on, I must say that I find the ride in the Lexus only marginally firmer than the Saab, its not as quite as quiet, but handles much better. Now I did have a Honda CRV for 8 years, so its a while since my last Saab, but I see my Lexus as the perfect substitute for a Saab. The only thing I would like is maybe for quieter tyres, I know I had various tyres on my Aero and there was a vast difference in road noise. Maybe the road noise is more noticeable here because the hybrid engine is so quiet except when driven enthusiastically. I've only had my IS for 2 months, but must say I'm loving it. Vince
  6. Ha, thats how I ended up with my first Saab 9-5, I went in to test a 9-3 having previously had a 900. The 9-3 was out on another test drive and I was admiring a 9-5, so they took me out in that first, then I went in the 9-3, same engine but faster in the smaller 9-3 but much nicer to drive the 9-5. I did contemplate a GS, but found an IS in the colour I wanted at a reasonable price so never went in a GS... yet. Vince
  7. Thanks Ala Larj, just tried this on my 2015 IS300h, now have 5 flashes instead of 3, always felt 3 a little too short. I'd tried it before but my '5 seconds' must have been too quick, so I tried your method of counting to 8 and it worked first time that way. Only had my IS for 2 months, loving the car, you never know, the next one could be a GS Vince
  8. Don't know what my last car had, but my Saabs only had one rear fog light, but had a space for a second, I didn't bother on my first but I did on my second as I had a spare bulb. You had to break a plastic tab out to fit a bulb, the tab probably to show you that it doesn't have one fitted as standard. If I remember correctly, they did have 2 reversing lights, for symmetry. Most cars I would assume have only one fog and one reversing light to save costs. This may be the case for Lexus too, but the sleek lines do give rise to quite small and sleek lighting clusters. Vince
  9. I like those ones, are they on Aliexpress?
  10. I've had my 2015 IS300h for just 7 weeks, and the dash is showing 44mpg, mainly an 8 mile commute with some stop-start. I did reset the trip when I picked it up and on the 50 mile journey back up the motorway, it showed 58mpg running at 70 on cruise control. It does seem to like the 60-70mph for economy. Had my last car from new in 2009, Honda CRV diesel, and it was a nice car,but this Lexus is making the Honda look a bit agricultural, and the Honda diesel engine is quieter than others I've had ie Skoda (VW) and Ford. Hopefully mileage on these hybrids should be okay, I'm hearing about Prius's being used as taxis with 200-250k miles going strong. I've mentioned in another post that my favourite car that I have owned was my Saab 9-5 Aero Auto, this Lexus is potentially going to become my favourite, need a little more time to decide on that though. Vince
  11. If you sit in the drivers seat, reach back and put your hand over the air vent to the rear seats, with S-flow on, there is no or very little coming out of here, with S-flow off you will feel air coming out. I think its to help save energy, which is what the hybrid system is all about. I believe that the compressor is electric via the high voltage batteries rather than the usual engine driven type but I may be wrong, sure I read this somewhere. Vince
  12. All the controls will still work so switching to recirculate or no and it will do it. So yes it will make a difference. By turning the AC off, the computer will not try to do anything automatic, the compressor won't run so the air will not be chilled / de-humidified. Also opening the windows will provide a better route for the air, so yes I would expect more throughput, you're just setting the paths of the system. It may be more efficient to do what you're doing at low speeds but at higher speeds the AC system will be more efficient. Vince
  13. I'm also new to Lexus, I've had my IS300h for almost 4 weeks, its great, mines a Mesa Red Executive, a couple of years old, its like brand new. I came from a diesel Honda CRV, though the car I had previous to that was my favourite, a Saab 9-5 Aero Auto, this Lexus may not be quite as fast but its not far off, and in many ways its reminding me what it was like to drive my Saabs (I had 3 altogether), I hope you like yours as much as I am liking mine. Vince
  14. Well this is partly why I chose the IS300h over the alternatives I was considering, which was mainly BMW 320d, in all honesty I was preferring the Lexus over the BMW anyway, but with more and more anti-diesel sentiments it made the choice easier. I have taken quite a while to choose my new car, and there's very few cars out there that I like, in the future there may be something alternative to my Lexus, but so far I'm liking it a lot (only had it 2 weeks), it reminds me a lot of my Saab I had before my Honda CRV. Vince
  15. After trying to decide for probably 2 years what car to get to replace my diesel Honda CRV, I always seemed to come back to the Lexus IS300h. I was definitely wanting an auto, having previously had a Saab 95 Aero auto, that was a very nice car which I put 100,000 miles on. Now they don't make Saabs any more, and I'm not massively a fan of BMW, Mercedes even though they were always on my radar. I think the final nail in the coffin for me getting one of the German cars was that if I had one of those, it would have been a diesel, and its increasingly obvious that diesel is falling out of favour. So yesterday I picked up a 2 year old IS300h in Messa Red, nice drive home trying to get used to the low driving position having come from an SUV. Drive down the motorway in the CRV averaged about 38mpg, the drive back, 58mpg, so I'm certainly liking that and its a lot quieter than the CRV too, just like being back in one of my Saabs. Vince