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  1. I'm also new to Lexus, I've had my IS300h for almost 4 weeks, its great, mines a Mesa Red Executive, a couple of years old, its like brand new. I came from a diesel Honda CRV, though the car I had previous to that was my favourite, a Saab 9-5 Aero Auto, this Lexus may not be quite as fast but its not far off, and in many ways its reminding me what it was like to drive my Saabs (I had 3 altogether), I hope you like yours as much as I am liking mine. Vince
  2. Well this is partly why I chose the IS300h over the alternatives I was considering, which was mainly BMW 320d, in all honesty I was preferring the Lexus over the BMW anyway, but with more and more anti-diesel sentiments it made the choice easier. I have taken quite a while to choose my new car, and there's very few cars out there that I like, in the future there may be something alternative to my Lexus, but so far I'm liking it a lot (only had it 2 weeks), it reminds me a lot of my Saab I had before my Honda CRV. Vince
  3. After trying to decide for probably 2 years what car to get to replace my diesel Honda CRV, I always seemed to come back to the Lexus IS300h. I was definitely wanting an auto, having previously had a Saab 95 Aero auto, that was a very nice car which I put 100,000 miles on. Now they don't make Saabs any more, and I'm not massively a fan of BMW, Mercedes even though they were always on my radar. I think the final nail in the coffin for me getting one of the German cars was that if I had one of those, it would have been a diesel, and its increasingly obvious that diesel is falling out of favour. So yesterday I picked up a 2 year old IS300h in Messa Red, nice drive home trying to get used to the low driving position having come from an SUV. Drive down the motorway in the CRV averaged about 38mpg, the drive back, 58mpg, so I'm certainly liking that and its a lot quieter than the CRV too, just like being back in one of my Saabs. Vince