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Ok Yet Another Supercharger Question. Individual Price Of Parts And Co

James Trendall

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As the titles says. I'm looking for a complete list of parts from pipes, tubes, blower, cooler etc...

I've managed to blag myself a supercharger from a 230. I've got just the supercharger on its own. What exactly would i need to fit this to my IS200?

I understand i need a new pully to run the belt to the charger,

Air pipes,


I'm guessing an oil line,

Could anyone give me a complete list of parts i'd need to fit the charger and what is needed to get it running (Unsure if i need an ECU or if it can be run just from the engine as standard with lower boost gains)

I'm fabricating myself the cradle so no need for that.

Each time i see any questions it's a simple reply "Get the TTE kit"... That's as helpful as telling someone to sell the car and get one already fitted.

I'm not after MASSIVE gains **** i'd be happy with a round 160 if i get the nice whine sound to enjoy while driving. Just enough to increase my driving pleasure a little.

So please if you can just give me a nice list of parts like 90* air pipe, 45* air pipe x2 etc.. and I'll be sure to buy you a pint if our paths ever cross.

Thanks in advance.

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heres what in the tte kit


compressor - 1

bracket, compressor - 1

tube, bypass, 38mm -1

tube, I/C to inlet manifold -1

tube, compressor to intercooler -1

valve,assy, bypass, cable operated- 1

cable,compressor bypass,

housing, bypass to compressor - 1

housing, assy, airfilter - 1

insert, airfilter - 1

intercooler assy - 1

tube adapter for throttle body- 1

Pulley 20 dia= 130mm -1

ECU Extension - 1

tensioner - 1

belt 21 5PK800 -1

housing,compressor outlet - 1

bracket, airfilterbox - 1

silentblock Air-box 20X20 M6X15 -1

kit, hoses 1 -1

hose 1 38-46-50 -1

hose 2 38-46-70- 1

hose 3 50-59-110- 1

hose 4 50-59-80 -5

hose 5 60-70-80- 1

support, compressor bracket - 1

stay, compressor bracket- 1

bracket, intercooler - 2

silentblock intercoolerbracket- 2

extension,P/S cooling tube bracket - 1

got a file with all the pics and parts and how to fit a tte kit if you want pm me your email and i''l send it to you.
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Yeah i got it. Thank you loads for that. I think i've got most of it but the cradle, intercooler, bypass valve. I've got a ton of clean steel tubes i could try to fabricate a cradle with.

I don't suppose you know what the ECU connection is for? The M62 charger i have has a 4pin type connector attached i'm guessing that's to connect that to the ECU correct?

Superchargers are completely alien to me so will be fun to learn as i go. This is the charger i have altho mine was free so that's £200 saved already.

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the ECU connection is for connecting the piggyback black box you can get one with instruction if you contact P.Lindblom and ask if he still makes them it cost about £70.

as for the charger no the 4pin connector does not connect to the ecu the charger you have has a magnetic clutch in the pulley so you'll need to test to see with pins will activate the clutch when a power source is added or you can open the pulley and remove the cable and tap and drill and lock the clutch like the TTE chargers as they don't have the 4pin connection as there clutch in lock or screwed down.

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Ok i understand now. I'll most likely lock the clutch like the TTE version and remove the 4pin wire. I'll try and get in touch with P.Lindblom and ask. Thank you. for the info once again. Once i've got the parts and start fitting i'll create a nice guide on how to SC an IS for less than £800 (Might be optimistic) sourcing the parts separately seems to be the cheapest option just not as easy as a pre-made TTE kit.

Thanks once again for the help. I cant wait to get started on this project soon.

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Hey Shekie,

I don't suppose you know if "" is legit? I've tried to contact Mr P.Lindbom on various websites but he's not been online for a few years and it wont let me message him at all.

I found that website and before i buy from there i just wanted to confirm this is correct.

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Yeah i tried to sign up to that site last night but it kept giving me a loop. Put in my details etc... Click register and it put me on to the "You cant access this page without signing in" no email, password/username wont work etc... thats why i looked around online to find otherplaces.

I'll keep trying. Thanks again. Also i don't suppose you know anyone with a Cradle that could give me size, angles, etc...? I'm currently mocking up drawings to fabricate my own but it seems to be a pain unless i have everything on the car inplace already.

Thank you once again for the help.

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