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Any thoughts on winter prep?

I've topped up my anti freeze - with the Red concentrated one.

'Silicone' the door rubbers so they don't stick?

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Oh dear, I still haven't finished all my summer ones!!

Winter ideas:

1) find some great windscreen washer that is highly concentrated so you have it ready, frozen washer jets suck!

2) clean all alloys thoroughly (use Dodojuice Ferrous Dueller/Iron-X/Bilt Hamber Korrosol etc), preferably take them off the car when doing so, including the spare, and use wheel wax afterwards. Whilst doing this, clean, de-rust & lubricate spare wheel winch mechanism

Good idea about the silicone around the doors, I keep forgetting to do this and especially on my MR2, the door freezes shut and takes forever to open!!!

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"Whilst doing this, clean, de-rust & lubricate spare wheel winch mechanism"

Stupid question ... which is under the car, in the boot?

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Yep that's right.

Fortunately you can slide under there without jacking the whole car up (make sure car has been left off overnight and keys aren't in ignition so air suspension doesn't activate) with a blanket or towel on the ground after you unwind the winch and take off the spare wheel. Some wire-wool would be useful to run up and down the length of the cable to get the loose rust off, pay attention to the bit of the cable where the wheel bracket is (wire brush/wool).

Run a rag with WD40 or white grease along the cable, maybe 3-in-1 could work on the wheel bracket so the surface metal isn't bare....

When I get round to mine, I'll probably prep the bracket then use a half-inch brush and pot of black hammerite...

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Id say -

Wash and sealant - wax won't last too long, sealants are generally better for the winter.

Alloy wheel protection - again a sealant is best

Clean the arches thoroughly and seal them too with a sealant/protector depending on material

Make sure you dont leave parking brake on in freezing conditions after travelling in rain/snow- mine froze lol - needed a tow to Lexus to get it off.

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Good call re: parking brake, I have to do this on my MR2's too - notorious weak spot an accordion style rubber boot where the parking brake cables enter the brakes at the rear on each side.

Moisture gets in and freezes and won't let the brakes release.

Good old Toyota brakes! ;)

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By the way, what sealant do you use Rayaans? I've only ever used autoglym wax a couple of times a year...

Honestly depends. I drive 10k miles a year and motorways albeit short journeys, about 10 miles takes a toll on protection. I use Soft99 Fusso. It's advertised as a wax but lasts 6 months or so on bare paint with 2 coats. I like it to bead tight so I usually remove at 6 months before its actually dead so should do more. I like how it goes on wheels without fuss either.

I do keep sonax BSD handy though just in case!

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