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Extended Warranty and Calipers

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Car is in today at dealers, it is having new rear discs and pads and I also suspect a caliper might be seized. 

The dealer didn't fill me with confidence that it would be a mechanical failure.  He said the caliper could well be classed as wear and tear and not covered.

Can anyone tell me if you have had seized calipers replaced by lexus under the extended warranty?  It would be good to quote a few cases at him in case he says no...


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Just to finalise this, both rear calipers siezed and replaced under warranty.


Also got broken rear electric blind replaced, understand its a bit labout job but all done under warranty.  Which is nice.

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Had one of my rear calipers replaced a few weeks ago under warranty as well.

Got a video report from the dealer showing me it was seized.

Apparently, Lexus Warranty got back to the dealer in under an hour authorising the work.

Bonus was that the dealer had the part in stock, so picked up the car a couple of hours later.

From my experience, the warranty is definitely worth it.  I have certainly had my moneys worth out of it a few times over.

Although I am a bit surprised and pleased that they changed the rear blind for you.  I would have thought it was interior trim, which they claim isn't covered.  I asked about a possible rear view mirror replacement last time my car was in for a service, and I was told by the service guy that the warranty wouldn't cover it.

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Did the dealer ask the warranty company about the mirror or did he just say no. 

The dealer I dealt with didn't think I'd get the blind or the calipers done under warranty. 

I was preparing myself for a debate with him after getting evidence from here to show other people had calipers replaced under warranty!

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The dealer didn't ask the warranty company.  The reason was that, after investigation, they determined that the mirror was fine, but it was my non Lexus windscreen that was the problem.

Yeah, my local (Lexus Reading) also hedged on whether the caliper would be covered, but I was pretty confident it would be since, like you, I have heard of others getting it done.

Incidentally, within your warranty documents is a phone number to contact the warranty people directly.  I have spoken to them a few times and they are always very helpful.  If I suspect I might need something fixed, I give them a call first and they usual confirm whether it will be covered or not.  Of course, they can't guarantee it is covered because they need a report from the dealer, but that should be just a formality.

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