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Here's A Very Cheap Way To Add Mp3 To Your Car


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While looking around for things as you do, I found this Web Site and its got to be the cheapest way to add Hard Drive mp3 Playback to your Lexus :)

I think you could buy everything needed to do this for as little as £100.

I mainly use my in car PC for playing MP3's I might take it all out and do it this way as its much neater to install and could be easier to add new songs to it.

what do you tech guys think??

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I got myself a Nomad Juke Box and connected via the AUX on the head unit by wiring the Headphone from the Juke box to the RCA AUX, works a treat. Put the unit in the centre arm rest

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how do you load the mp3's on.. i suppose you need to put the hardrive in an accessable place and use a caddy... then you can pull it out and load from pc if you want to upgrade your music


It's very basic how it works, you could remove the hard drive from the MP3 unit and pop it in your pc and just transfer your songs over. or if you use a Notebook Drive you can get a USB to IDE adapter, remove the HD from the MP3 player and attach this USB lead and just plug it into one of your USB sockets and transfer the new songs that way.

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