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Rx300 Satnav Screen

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Yes. My screen is completely blacked-out (not even background lighting) although power is going into it. There's two possibilities:

1) the screen itself


2) the signal fed to it from the radio unit.

So, I would just like a quote for a price. Do you deal with such things?



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Probably the screen, although I guess just the backlight/backlight circuit. May even just be backlight fuses which have a habit of blowing. Worth trying to get your one fixed - may be something simple.

I just fixed an 18" LCD monitor for a friend who was told it would cost too much to repair. £4 of sub minature fuses and a couple of hours work and it's fully working again.

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The touch-screen on my '95 Mark 3 Celsior is playing up, but in a rather odd way.

As anyone who has one of these screens in their car will know, various functions are displayed via this screen including the audio controls and, more significantly, the heating/climate control settings.

Whilst everything else seems to be functioning as normal, when I press the climate button on the dash in order to display the heating/ventilation and air-con settings, the screen simply goes blank (i.e. light grey). In other words, power is still going to the screen, and all the other screen displays are continuing to work as normal, but there is now no means to adjust anything to do with the climate control/heating.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be the cause or - more importantly - the solution?


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