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Great Car Buying Tip...


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Well, The Mopster bought a car tonight, and heres a great tip for anyone looking at buying a second hand car...

1. Go private

2. Buy it from an obsessive..

Its a '96, and not only is it in great condition, it was 500 quid under book price...

2 previous owners, was a demo car for 6 months, then this bloke bought it, and for the past 7 years has cherised it...

It came with EVERY single reciept, stamp, previous MoT, previous Tax disc, service document, tyre reciept etc...

There is a folder full of its entire life, and all the original owners manuals, sales brochure etc is there...


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i always assumed dealer was better as if it was a dog you could take it back!

Well, at the price range we were looking, a main dealer was out of the question. But yes, if you can buy from a dealer, then you are much better covered.

An independent garage however, can be as risky as a private sale. (and after my experience over the last week, have a worse view on this)..

Independent dealers can put 'sold as seen' in the small print, and although normally you have a legal comeback, they could make it difficult and time consuming.

And as the experience on Sunday showed, (we rejected a car that we were going to buy from a garage) if we had driven it off the forecourt, then we had 'accepted' the car (even though it came with a 6-month warranty) and we wouldnt be able to refuse it after then.

Whereas, at least with a private sale, your paying less due to the 'risk', and if your lucky, can find a gem.

I've been around several independent dealers (and one affiliated with Ford), that I wouldnt buy oil from, never mind a car!!!

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I have always bought private to get a cheaper deal. However, a friend of mine bought a B*W 540 from a second hand car dealer recently. He took it for a service and as it was a bit lumpy on idle so they did a compression test.

Turns out it is either the engine block or something else expensive and B*W suggested he budgeted £2-£3k to fix it. Took it back to the SH dealer and whilst he tried to wriggle for a while, we got all his money back. I did have to remind him of the Sale & Supply of Goods to Consumers Act!!

Whilst he paid top end retail price for it, he had the protection if it went wrong. The same car could have been sold privately for a £1k cheaper but there would have been no protection.

with that said, money talks and I hate paying over the odds for something that I could get cheaper elsewhere. and you can always buy a warranty

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I always assumed these garage warranties were not worth the paper they were written on... just a way to make you feel better driving off.

I suppose it depends on the garage...

But of all the ones i have been around recently, i wouldnt of said the warranties they offered were worth anything...

And Pete... not on your nellie!

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