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I bought couple of bikes for occasional cycling in country side (not planning to use them on the road for commuting... that is madness) and just realised I have a problem to solve. Never though about that before... There is really no good way to mount the bicycle rack on IS.

I got the cheapest rack just to get home and although it covers number plates and partially rear lights as well it is otherwise good quality and securely fits 3 bicycles. Obviously, I took chances driving back, but it was 3.7miles from the shop... however if I use it as intended to say take bicycles to Scotland, then it won't work.

The number plate is kind of less of an issue - I could get separate one ordered and find the way to mount it to be visible. Much bigger problem is lights - they kind of gets partially covered and based on some people vision or police officer discretion it could be argued I need repeaters signals. Obviously, both could be solved by getting "Lighting board" - but where do you plug it in?!

In summary - does anyone have rear mounted bicycle rack on IS (don't want roof top one.. for "reasons"), which is legal and one could recommend or how do you connect repeater lights? Thank you for suggestions in advance.

I am aware of these, but they require tow bar fitment and still - how do they connect lights?

Here are instructions as well... I am either a bit thick or it isn't very clear where they plug-in the lights: holder_PZ41B-00500_2-00_AIM 002 530-1.pdf

Certainly, owner manual doesn't have this as an option - contrary it actually states that car is not designed for "Tow hook", towing or any "tow hook mounted accessories". Am I missing something here?

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I think from a previous discussion the Saris Bones carrier was the closest anyone had gotten to acceptable on an IS.

Its a good piece of kit stability and fitting to the car wise...... but still has some restricted view of rear lights and needed a second plate.

The tow bar carriers have become very popular and come down in price....but still needs a tow hook fitting which are available but not cheap. When I last looked at this there was a 13 pin electrical supply option with a swan neck hook that could be rotated / removed when not in use and did not require any cutting of the rear bumper.

This would be the connection to the cars power supply I think that is in diagram 7/8 of your post.

I guess one of the tow hook companies might be a place to ask how a power supply ( pin socket ) could wired without a tow hook that could be underneath the car out of sight to connect to a lighting board as and when.......would have dangling wire from rack to undercar which would not be that pretty but cycle carriers by nature are all a bit wires & straps etc.

hope helps


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