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90-94 And Have Tired Suspension?


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For those of you with a 90-94 LS400 and your suspension is a bit tired.

I just picked up the car after the upper control arms were changed along with the rear axle carrier bushes.

It's made such a big difference. The car feels so tight now, and much more responsive around roundabouts etc. The old arms were quite worn out and the same with the rear bushes. Only point is that the factory rear bushes are normally rubber (which cost a small fortune to replace), and my replacements are made out polyurethane. This has the effect of making the ride much firmer in the back(more like a German car), but the upside is that they don't wear out like rubber, and the car handles much better.

Price if I didn't do my research = £1,900

Upper control arms bought in UK and fitted (£800 parts, £100 labour)

Complete rear hub units (£1000 parts and labour, so I've been told)

Price I paid (includes shipping cost from States) = £570

Upper control arms bought from USA and fitted (£300 parts, £100 labour)

Rear axle carrier bushes bought from USA and fitted (£50 parts, £120 labour)

I hope this helps other owners of older LS400s. It's definitely a result for me. :driving: :D :lol: :P

I'll give more feedback about the bushes once I have driven the car on different types of roads.

Pops - did you ever find out if you have the same issue as mine on the rear bushes? One of the symptoms is that the car will "jump" at bit from the back end when driving over a bump on a bend, plus the rear will feel twitchy too even on straights.

Where I got the parts.

Email - John @ Ozzis automotive. Based in Atlanta, USA.

Phone 00 1 770-552-5280 ($46 for the bushes, plus $60 for UPS shipping) (based in Texas, USA)

Got 10% discount by mentioning Lexus Owners Club

I contacted Darrel Diller on ($542 for both arms, plus $48 for shipping)

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Just so people know what can happen.

I never got a bill from Customs & Excise for the parts that I ordered. However, 2 months later, my accounts dept calls me and asks for a cheque, since the company I work at has been billed for 76 quid (VAT & 10% import duty) for the car parts I had delivered at work from the US..

So, the long arm of the law is entirely accurate.

Still worked out way, way cheaper than getting the parts from the UK. I'm going to get all my parts from the US from now on, even down to the oil filters. Makes running the car a lot cheaper.

Next time my friends go on holiday to the US and ask if I want anything, then I know what to ask them for!!!

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I've been away so only just caught up on this string. Yes, Maneesh, my car does seem a bit bouncy in the rear especially over speed bumps which are like a rash in my area (we wait since the Romans left for decent roads then the morons do this to them!) However, I don't think I'll be going in for expensive improvements any time soon - at least until I decide whether I like the post '95 model any more than my '94. What do people think on the pros and cons.

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