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I'm thinking of installing a back up camera on my Ls430 (2003). Mine didn't come with one. But there is an area near the number plate lights where I think the camera were to go if it was installed.

anyway.. I opened up the area where the navigation unit system is housed to see how I would go about installing the camera.

I found this cable (pictured blue) that wasn't connected to anything. What is it for?

Also would members recon I can simply get hold of an original LS430 reverse camera and just plug and play. Im sure Lexus must've left some connections for a camera.

Also I found a redundant cable when I took off the boot covers. It's next to the number plate lights. What's it for? Hope it's for the camera.

And finally, what goes in the black and blue sockets on the actual navigation unit? (pictured)





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I'm not sure how easy it will be for you to get answers to those questions.  I had a quick look at mine and every connector in the sat nav unit has a wired plug in it, but without a wiring diagram it's impossible to know what they do.  The backup camera is a tad complex as the lines curve with the steering showing safe distances etc.  I doubt that kind of technology would be installed and left redundant.  

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I can't be 100% certain but think that is the old Lexus link connector from memory. It was used for the phone connection.

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