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The rear bumper on my IS250 has developed a distinct droop. Investigations has shown that the arms of the recessed bolt bracket have broken fully on one side and partially on the other hence they're not supporting the weight of the bumper anymore. See pics below

Considering my options here, repair or replace?

Searching on you tube seems to suggest that removal of the bumper is pretty straight forward but when I've looked at mine, I can't get to the hidden clip at the rear of the wheel arch unlike the U.S based video's where it seems to be easily accessible. I suspect that I will have to remove the liner but I'm not sure how this is attached?

If I can remove the bumper I would imagine my options are flexible body filler or something like Milliput or perhaps fibre-glass sheet and hardner? Any other suggestions? Or should I ask a body ship for the cost of repairing / repainting my bumper (tbh it could do with a repaint)

I have looked at ebay for used spares, but they all seem damaged and in quite poor condition - and even then they want around £100 - then I'd need to pay for repair/paint and fitting.

I noticed that Autodoc (and the various sister sites) are advertising a pattern part for around the same price as the breakers but they don't have any in stock. Of course, this would still need painting and fitting  

Any comments or suggestions




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To be fair, i think if you have all the parts from the broken bit of the bumper then this should be an easy fix if you can get the bumber off?


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I've watched a fair number of cracked bumper repair videos now and I think I have a fair idea of how to fix the bracket

The big thing now is - can I get the bumper off? 


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